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Village Brownstones - Minneapolis

Village Brownstones - Minneapolis

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the railing painting project at Village Brownstones in Minneapolis!


Monday, August 28th: Good afternoon! We hope you all had a great weekend!

The onsite crew is wrapping up your railing and touch up painting across the building and should wrap up today. Thank you again for having us and have a great rest of the year!

Friday, August 25th: Hello and TGIF! The overnight rain and forecasted rain for later today has put a halt on painting the railings. With weather looking similar and rainy tomorrow, they'll likely resume on Monday. Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 24th: Good morning and we're back! After just a brief pause in work to finalize railing colors, the crew is back onsite at Village Brownstones. 

They're completing pressure washing of the garage doors, vents, and service doors. They'll also begin painting the railings. 

Village brownstones pressure wash

Victor pressure washes the garage doors. 

Thursday, July 27th: Greetings residents of Village Brownstones in Minneapolis. We hope this message finds you well. You may have noticed that we’ve been onsite today prepping and painting a couple sample metal railing sections at your community. Dating back to March, we’ve been working with your management company and HOA board to determine the best course of action to address rusting/flaking areas on metal railings.  It was determined that the focus for this year would be addressing the areas exhibiting the most prominent failure. In order to perform these isolated touchups, it was necessary to get 2 color matches, as the existing finishes age differently depending on the elevation. Southern exposures typically exhibit higher degrees of color fade so a “1 size fits all” approach wasn’t going to work for this particular project.

Today, Victor and Francisco focused on some concentrated areas, extensively scraped/sanded, primed and topcoated the areas, and the completed sections are marked with orange tape for the board’s review. What we are hoping to achieve through this first step, is color approval for both the “non-faded” and “faded” colors, so that the resulting aesthetic is acceptable. While the color matches won’t be perfect, the objective from the outset was to make them more seamless than historical attempts at similar touchups by other painting contractors.

We will await confirmation from the board and look forward to coming back onsite to get those railings into tip-top shape.


Village brownstones crew

The Village Brownstones Crew: Victor, Mauricio, and Francisco

Village brownstones victor scrape railing

Victor thoroughly scrapes a section of the railing. 

Village brownstones scrape railing

A close up of the action. 

Village brownstones primer

The primer is applied

village brownstones difference btw 2

The sample coat is painted on the left-side railing.

village brownstones section marked

Orange tape designates the sample section. 

Village brownstones different area

Another area of the railing is primed and painted with sample.

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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