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Winterwood Villas - Burnsville

Winterwood Villas - Burnsville

Friday, August 7th: Work completed - pending final inspection



Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Winterwood Villas in Burnsville. We are thrilled to be working for you! 

Friday, August 7th: The crew wrapped up the project late in the day on Wednesday.  We plan on performing a quality inspection early next week BEFORE walking through the property with the manager or asssociation board.  Thanks!  

Tuesday, August 4th: Another fine Minnesota weather day and the project is inching closer to completion.  The crew is working on building 15345 & 15349 today.  


Francisco & Jose (above) are working on painting of the frames.  


While Bryan (above) works on removing the mailboxes so we can paint all the surfaces in between the posts. Special thanks to resident Carolyn for pointing this out!   

Monday, August 3rd: The crew returned to the association today and kept prepping & finishing frames.  



Thursday, July 30th: Two consecutive beautiful days and the guys are making some great progress out at Winterwood Villas. We've completed the trim areas on approximately 5 buildings and we also will be pressure washing the decks on 6 units, to clean off dirt/debris in advance of re-staining them. We'll see you back onsite tomorrow! 

Tuesday, July 28th: With rains halting painting progress at Winterwood Villas in Burnsville, the guys still managed to get some prep tasks done-mainly caulking the included trim areas. Painting will resume tomorrow, weather permiting. 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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Onsite Job Supervisor

Ph: 651-497-4571

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