Priscila Lugo

Priscila Lugo

Office Manager 

Priscila joined the company in June of 2019 as office manager and has quickly acclimated to the day-to-day pace of working in the construction services industry. With a background in both property management and Montesori education, Priscila brings a unique combination of skills to help manage both the office and field staff. Born in Dallas Texas to parents of Latin American origins, Priscila also possesses a vital cultural perspective that greatly enhances the company’s ability to authentically connect and communicate with the field. When not helping us with our Spanish verb conjugation, or directing office traffic, Priscila enjoys spending time with her husband of 14 years, Phinees, shopping, and doing various craft projects. In her short time with the company, Priscila has greatly enhanced company operations and even more impressively, created the very first piece of “bedazzled” company apparel. She wears it well!

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