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house painting

House Painting

Do base coating bare substrates to prevent bleeding and blistering, and color matching and cross hatching to ensure coverage mean anything to you? We’re guessing “no!” But fear not, that’s why you got us. From exterior painting to the most intricate interior project, no job is too large, or too technical for our savvy brush wizards!

services commercial painting

Commercial Painting

If you’ve ever sat down for a burrito, picked the kids up from school, stayed at a hotel, or gazed up at the Sistine Chapel (ok, maybe not the Sistine Chapel) chances are, you’ve seen our work. With robust crews that specialize in all things paint, our commercial clients know that projects will get done on budget and on time, every time!

services new construction painting

New Construction Painting

A lot goes into any  construction project and as painters, our #1 job is to wrap the finished product in a beautiful bow! We LOVE doing this and who doesn’t like getting presents?

services interior painting

Interior Painting

Tired of looking at those dark cabinets, magic eraser streaks, or water stains on your ceiling? So are your dinner guests. Let us paint them so all that your guests will complain about is your ill-fated attempt at Crème Brulee.

services exterior painting

Exterior Painting

Remember that house painting project you promised the wife you’d get done this summer? Three years later, half your house is “sorta painted” and mice are getting high off the paint fumes that have taken permanent residence in your garage. With our ability to paint most houses in less than a week, your house will look brand spankin’ new and your wife will probably want to renew your wedding vows.

Drywall Repair

Whether ice dams have gotten the best of your living room ceiling, or sibling rivalry ended with a fist size hole in your basement wall, we got you covered. What we can’t prevent, however, is when little brother exacts his revenge on that same basement wall. But hey, look on the bright side. You’ll have our number!

Wallpaper Removal

Some things get better with age. 1970’s wallpaper decor is not one of those things. Luckily for you, we can remove that too, and before you know it, your house will no longer look like the set of Three’s Company!

services pressure washing

Pressure Washing

We might not be Rhodes Scholars, but one thing we do know is that paint doesn’t stick to dirt! A clean surface ultimately promotes maximum adhesion and a longer lasting paint job. That’s our story and we’re STICKING to it.

services deck staining

Deck Staining

Ever been grilling out only to get a skewer size splinter in your foot from your deck floor?! Regularly staining and sealing your decking areas goes a long way in preserving your deck, AND your feet.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn belongs in a bowl. Or if you’re at the State Fair, on a stick wrapped in bacon. Not on ceilings. If you covet flat ceilings as much as State Fair food, then give us a holler.

Skim Coating

Other Trade Services

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