Private Residence, Dell Rd – Eden Prairie

Private Residence, Dell Rd – Eden Prairie

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for the residential home transformation in Eden Prairie. We are thrilled to be showing you the project from start to finish!

Wednesday, January 20th: Good morning! 

The crew is wrapping up with painting the 2nd coat on the walls and also doing clean up and touch ups. We’ll be sharing some photos of the completed project tomorrow! We can’t wait!

Rolling out the 2nd coat.

Cutting in along the ceiling.

Lightening up on the doors, baseboards and walls.

This might be one of our favorite colors – Ocean Floor, Benjamin Moore.

Touch ups & clean up.

Sneak Peek!

Monday, January 18th: Good morning and happy Monday!

The crew is working on freshening up the walls in the stairway and lower level rooms. Lots of the plastic, paper, and tape has come off the windows and millwork so it’s really starting to brighten up!

Rolling on the wall paint.

Working on the extensive refresh on the walls.

Painting up the staircase.

Closets need some love & a refresh too : )

Friday, January 15th: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew finished up spraying the white enamel yesterday. 

Next up is spraying the ceilings and then completing the wall painting. We’ll share more photos once we get them from the crew. Thanks!

Ceilings are a go!

The refresh on the ceilings will have a huge impact on the final look.

Systems are a go for spraying the ceilings.

Brightening up the ceilings.

Spraying baseboards.

Coating the window frames with Benjamin Moore White Dove.

Wednesday, January 13th: Greetings! 

We’re nearing the finish line! The crew is completing more filling and sanding before they spray the 2nd and final coat of white enamel on the millwork, trim, and doors. They’ll then complete the included ceilings and paint the walls. 

We’ll then begin to remove plastic, paper and tape and also reinstall cabinet doors and drawers. 

Spraying the 2nd coat of enamel on the window frames.

Last coat on the door frames.

Lightening and brightening the doors.

Spraying the baseboards.

Ocean Floor is done and covered.

Covered and protected while we are spraying the white enamel color.

Plastic barrier for the lower level.

Monday, January 11th: Good afternoon! 

We are seeing deep gray … and we are transported to the beach and the ocean with this beautiful and rich color – Ocean Floor by Benjamin Moore.  

The crew completed spraying the primer and worked on filling wood graining and sanding it smooth over the weekend. They also sprayed the 1st coat and 2nd coats of enamel with the gray color. Lots of changes over the weekend and we are just loving the color choice!

Once the gray is done, they’ll move onto the millwork, trim, doors, etc with the White Dove color.

Spraying the trim with primer.

Spraying primer on built ins.

Spraying bathroom vanities.

Bondo and sanding on the windows.

Working on filling wood graining on windows.

Spraying 1st coat on enamel.

1st of Ocean Floor is going onto the build in cabinets/bar area.

Spraying the 2nd coat of Ocean Floor.

Smooth and steady with the sprayer.

A work in progress in the basement bar area.

Friday, January 8th: Good morning and happy Friday! 

The crew is cruising along. Later in the day yesterday they started to spray the primer on all of the millwork. Next up with be letting the areas dry and then beginning to fill in wood graining and sanding it down. After filling and sanding, they’ll spray the 1st coat of enamel. 

Spraying primer in the basement bathroom.

Action shot!

Spraying the basement mantle.

Spraying the cabinet doors.

Wednesday, January 6th: Greetings and happy New Year! 

After the holidays, we are back onsite and ready to completely transform the basement areas of this home. Most of the millwork – baseboards, frames, doors and built in cabinets are getting a major refresh. We’ll also be painting more walls and several ceiling areas. We can’t wait to share the process and progression of this project. Stay tuned for updated and photos. 

We’re back!

Can’t wait to see the transformation of this bar area.

Covering ceilings and removing cabinet doors.

Taking off the built in cabinet doors and drawers.

Prep, prep, and more prep.

Tuesday, December 22nd: Good afternoon! 

The crew is continuing to paint walls as well as complete touch ups, clean, and move back furniture. They’ll be wrapping up today aside from final touch ups. We can’t wait to share the full before and afters. 

Touch ups in the office.

Wall painting in the laundry room.

Touch ups to the window trim.

Ooo – aaah. We are loving the brightness the white brings to the room.


Cleaning up & Touch ups.

Trim touch ups.

Friday, December 18th: Good morning and Happy Friday!

The crew is continuing in the upper level – master bedroom and bathroom, hallway, bedrooms, and laundry room. The primer is sprayed and they are working on filling the wood grains – using Bondo and then sanding it smooth. They’ll vacuum the dust before they spray the enamel coat. 

Filling in the wood grains on the doors and frames.

Transformation in progress.

Getting ‘spotted’ with the red wood filler.

Bondo and sanding in the master bathroom.

Vacuum & ready for enamel.

Wednesday, December 16th: Good morning! 

The crew has wrapped on the main level refresh project. 

They are now prepping on select areas of the upper level. They’ll be refinishing the millwork and select bedroom vanities. The crew will also be refreshing the walls of most bedrooms, hallway, and laundry room. We can’t wait to share more progress. 

Next step – spraying the 1st enamel coat. 

Shining bright in the kitchen.

White Dove by Benjamin Moore is lightening and brightening up the kitchen.

The family room mantle is complete.

White refresh on the baseboards, built ins, and chair rail in the office.

Completed on the main level and now we’re moving up.

Entry is refreshed!

Prepping and covering in the master bathroom.

Rolling out the plastic and covering the carpet.

Furniture, ceilings, and floors are covered.

Friday, December 11th: Good afternoon and happy Friday!

The crew is finishing spraying the enamel and today they are cleaning up, taking down paper and plastic, and putting the drawers and doors back on. They are also installing the hardware. 

They’ll begin to paint the walls tomorrow. So many changes and everything is looking so good! 

Installing the hardware.

Clean up and touch ups to enamel work.

Drawers are back!

Removing plastic, paper, and tape.

Double duty on the hinges and hardware installation.

Wednesday, December 9th: Greetings! 

The started spraying the 1st enamel coat yesterday afternoon and they are continuing today. Once the enamel is sprayed and dried, they will begin another round of wood filling. This is a finish requested by the client to fill in the wood graining so it is not visible through the primer and enamel coats of paint. 

Spraying the 1st enamel coat on the windows.

The windows get a coat of enamel.

Reaching for that perfect shot.

Spraying the mudroom cubbies.

Now you see the wood filler.

Now you don’t.

Tuesday, December 8th: Good afternoon! 

Wood filling, sanding, and caulking continues at this home. The crew is working on filling in the wood graining and prepping for the first coat of enamel. 

Caulking along the window trim.

Day 2 and we are continuing to fill and sand millwork.

Monday, December 7th: Greetings! 

The primer is sprayed on baseboards, window and door frames, and cabinet boxes. Our next step is to use a wood filler, Bondo to fill in visible graining and then sand it down. This will yield a smooth and seamless finish without graining showing through. After they’ve completed the Bondo and sanding they’ll spray the 1st coat of enamel. 

They are also spraying primer on the 2nd side of doors. Take a look at the progress!

Bondo and filling on the windows.

Bondo going on to fill in wood grains for a smooth finish.

Before spraying the enamel, we will use Bondo to fill and then sand down.

Filling in the mudroom.

Caulking seams on window trim.

Filling wood grain on the front door.

Spraying primer on the back side of doors.

Friday, December 4th: Good morning! 

The crew is onsite and continuing to spray the primer on all working surfaces. Doors, drawers, trim, and windows. 

Really reaching for it!

Spraying the window frames.

Doors and more doors.

Prime coating the drawers.

Thursday, December 3rd: Greetings! 

And the spraying has begun! 

Spraying the doors and then moving onto the boxes and built ins. 

Stacking the doors.

Steady hands to spray the primer.

First up – spraying the cabinet doors.

The crew is finishing their prep and covering and will begin to spray the primer today. Here are a few more photos of the extensive prep work being done. 

Taped off and covered in the living room.

Nearing the end of prep in the dining nook.

Wrapping up in the kitchen… with prep.

Extensive prep will yield that crisp finish.

Day 2 of prep.

The covering and taping off continues at this home.

Tuesday, December 1st: Good afternoon! 

Happy December! We have a new month and a new project to share. 

We will be prepping and finishing the kitchen cabinets, den built in cabinets, select bathroom vanities, and the office built ins and desk area. The main level and select upper level baseboards, window frames, door frames, and doors will also be refreshed from existing wood to an enameled white finish. 

The changes are going to be immense and we can’t wait to take you on the journey. The journey begins with two full days of prep work – this will include lots of covering, taping off, and removing doors and drawers from the cabinetry. 

After prep is complete, they will spray a prime coat on all millwork and included cabinetry. From there, sanding and filling of visible wood grains will occur before spraying the 1st and 2nd enamel coats. After the millwork and cabinetry is complete, the wall painting can be rolled out. 

We’ll share photos and progress updates throughout the project so stay tuned here on the blog! 

Thanks so much for following along!

Prep, prep, prep.

Floors & furniture items covered.

Prep day – Plastic and covering. Repeat.

Covering furniture items in center of the room.

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