Private Residence – Interior Repaint, Minnetonka

Private Residence – Interior Repaint, Minnetonka

Prep & Painting IN PROGRESS

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for this residential repaint. We’re thrilled to share the transformation process! 

Tuesday, November 19th: Greetings followers! 

The crew has wrapped on this wall painting project aside from any remaining touch ups. And we just have to say the crew has knocked it out of the park! This home has been updated to one neutral color palette. We’re looking forward to sharing more ‘after’ photos soon!

We can’t wait to see the rest of the home!

A section of the kitchen all brightened up with Accessible Beige.

A glimpse into the master bathroom.

The ‘After.’

Finishing up this curved wall.

Monday, November 18th: Good morning! 

We hope you all had a great weekend! The Vikings took a crucial win over the LA Rams in the final seconds of the game; however our Golden Gophers couldn’t stop the Hawkeyes and are now 9-1. 

The crew is continuing to move through the home and updating the walls to a neutral on-trend palette. They should be wrapping up later today or into tomorrow a tad. Thanks! 

Lighter and brighter already!

Brush and rolling around the window frames.

Ladders up up and away.

The master bathroom is underway.

A sneak peek at a completed area.

Getting closer to the finish line.

Friday, November 15th: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew is moving quickly through the home and continuing to prep, paint the 1st coat, prep and then paint the 2nd coat on a majority of the wall space. We are unifying the space to one color to allow for a lighter and brighter to space with continuity. 

Continuing to prep the walls.

Go-Go Gadget arm!

Ladders are going up to reach the peaks!

Thursday, November 14th: Good morning! 

Afternoon Update: We’ve started to apply the paint and it’s looking so much lighter and brighter in the space! 

Accessible Beige is going on the walls!

Cutting in along the ceiling.

We are in full swing! The crew is making their way through the main level and select lower level rooms. They are prepping the walls – filling, sanding, and smoothing areas with imperfections before they’ll begin painting. They are also taping off edges and covering carpets and flooring. 

Wall prep to allow for smooth and seamless paint finishes.

Ladders go up to complete more wall prep.

Signs of prep day —plastic, tape, and wall repairs.

Taping off the window frames.

Sanding and smoothing in progress.

Covering the flooring.

Wednesday, November 13th: Good afternoon! 

This residential interior repaint project is underway! We are prepping and painting most of the main, upper and lower level walls in this home. 

We’ll be using a favorite Sherwin Williams color, ‘Accessible Beige’ to make the rooms more cohesive and allow the space to be more fluid.  This color is a neutral that will bring the home to a more on-trend color aesthetic throughout. We’re looking forward to seeing the transformation! 

You can continue to follow along here as we’ll post frequent updates and progress photos. Thanks so much!


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