Carrollwood HOA – Apple Valley, MN

Carrollwood HOA – Apple Valley, MN

Buildings north of Glenda Court in Progress- Completed by 6/23

Tuesday, June 21st: Now that the weather has finally started to cooperate a little bit, we are on the homestretch at Carrolwood. Wilmer and the gang have jumped north of Glenda Court and if the sun keeps on shining, we should be putting the finishing touches on the project by this coming Thursday. Of course, as is customary, your crew supervisor Wilmer will be performing a thorough inspection of the project to make sure any touchups are taken care of and the property looks nice and crisp! 

It’s been a privilege working with/for you! 

The only thing better than Wilmer’s looks is his attention to detail! He’ll be performing a thorough inspection before we deem the project complete! 

Thursday, June 9th: We spoke a little too soon, as rains have once again stalled things at Carrolwood and throughout the metro. However, with the storms seemingly moved on, the crew will be coming onsite to do some prep work before we can get painting again tomorrow. Prep will be underway on the 7896 Building. 

Tuesday, June 7th: With the rain in the rearview mirror (hopefully we didn’t just jinx it!), the fellas are making some headway out at Carrolwood. They’ve completed work for the most part on Building #4 (7822 Glenda) and prep is underway on Building #3 (7814 Glenda). We will continue working through Saturday where the crew will stay out ahead of things by prepping three more buildings. We are projecting that each building takes about an average of 2 days to complete so at that rate, weather permitting, we should be done @ Carrolwood in approximately 2 weeks. 

How we feel about the rain so far this year! 

With the sun shining, it’s almost like Glinda is on Glenda now at Carrolwood!

Friday, June 3rd: If we had a dollar for every time we’ve had to  write on the blog that there’s a rain delay, we’d be able to buy more than a few Mickey D’s value meals! Nevertheless, rains have halted progress again out at Carrolwood so now we are just in a holding pattern for some consistently good weather. 

The weather looks favorable for the foreseeable future so we are optimistic that we will get a full week in next week. The good news is that there was a far amount of carpentry work that preceded painting so we shouldn’t be stepping on each other’s toes as the project progresses. 

Thanks everybody! 

Alvaro displays impeccable balance while painting at Carrolwood. 

Tuesday, May 31st: Hopefully everybody had a great holiday weekend! The guys are doing their best to combat the rain and we are doing what we can from a prep standpoint. However, we are always very conservative when it comes to painting in bad conditions, so we will continue to monitor the weather closely and begin painting at our first opportunity. 

As always, you can follow the project progress right here.

With the rains throwing a wrench into the standard rhythm of the project, the guys are getting done what they can despite the conditions.

Friday, May 27th: The guys took advantage of rare favorable weather yesterday and managed to get quite a bit of prep work done on Buildings #7 and Building #4 at the end of Glenda Court. Of course, it’s raining again today and with rain in the forecast again tomorrow, it will be pretty slow sledding at Carrolwood. We’ll watch the weather tomorrow but if it rains as the forecast suggests, work won’t resume until after the holiday on Tuesday. That is, of course, if it doesn’t rain! 

Have a great holiday everybody! 

Wednesday, May 25th: While pressure washing has been completed at Carrolwood, Mother Nature has thrown a wrench into our plans. The fellas did manage to get some prep done near the end of Glenda Court before the rains swept in. With the forecast promising more rain through Sunday, it’s highly likely that any significant progress won’t be made until after the holiday. Stay tuned right here for project updates. Thanks! 

Thanks for visiting our project blog for Carrollwood Country Homes in Apple Valley.  We are so happy you found us!

Friday, May 20th: Likely a blue notice afixed to your garage door frame led you to our little website, we will utilize this page as a communication tool to let you know about our progress through the HOA.  


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