Prairie Ridge – Hastings

Prairie Ridge – Hastings

Friday, July 3rd – Project Completed

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Prairie Ridge. We are delighted to be with you! 

Above is the color guide and painting schedule at Prairie Ridge…color coded and everything!

Monday, June 29th: The painting project is essentially completed out at Prairie Ridge, but not before our Job Supervisor Jesse heads your way tomorrow (Tuesday) to perform a thorough inspection. He will be marking areas designated for touch-ups and/or clean-up with painter’s tape. We ask that residents please refrain from removing tape as they indicate to the crew what areas need extra attention. Thanks SOOO much everybody!

Job supervisor Jesse will be onsite Tuesday going over Prairie Ridge with a fine toothed comb! 

Thursday, June 25th: Not too much to report out at Prairie Ridge as the guys approach the finish line on shutter painting. Your job supervisor Jesse was onsite earlier this week and with his eagle eyes an assist from your Board President, Mr. Dan Schmitt, the fellas have been doubling back and cleaning up any areas where there were instances of shutter paint on the siding. Thanks Dan!!! Not to sound like a broken record, but we don’t deem any project complete until YOU say so, so we appreciate feedback just like this! Upon completion of the project, we will be scheduling a final walk – through, at which point we will create a final punch-list where all outstanding items will be addressed. 

Thanks again everybody! 

As of Thursday morning, guess how many buildings remain for shutter painting at Prairie Ridge? That’s right…TWO!

Monday, June 22nd – Rain Delay

Thursday, June 18th: Now that the siding areas have been completed, the fellas have gone back to the start to begin painting the shutters. Our crew supervisor Jesse will be onsite tomorrow performing the first of a series of quality inspections to designate any areas for touch-ups and/or clean up. As we always say, we don’t deem any project complete until YOU, the client says so! Thanks for those residents that have reached out with questions…they are greatly appreciated!

Shutter painting is in full swing at Prairie Ridge

Tuesday, June 16th: The fellas took advantage of mostly good weather in Hastings today and managed to get the siding areas on all but 2 buildings completed. With rain in the forecast for Wednesday, it’s unlikely they will be completed tomorrow, but we will keep you posted. Thanks! 

Monday, June 15th: Rains have delayed the painting project at Prairie Ridge.

Friday, June 12th: After rains halted progress at Prairie Ridge yesterday (broken record alert), the guys are back onsite working through Buildings #11/12/13. We are hoping that the weather holds again tomorrow so that we can continue to work our way down south of West 13th Street. We will update the project blog on Monday to reflect the weekend’s progress. Thanks! 

Prepping is in full swing on Building #12 @ Prairie Ridge.

Thursday, June 11th: No work today at Prairie Ridge due to rainy conditions.

Wednesday, June 10th: If yesterday was a little too warm for everybody, then today is just what the doctor ordered…an absolutely pristine June day! As a result, the guys are holding the schedule almost to a T and they are working through Buildings #11, #12, and #13. Though there’s rain in the forecast for tomorrow, after those buildings are completed, they will then shift gears down to Building #14 south of West 13th Street, as soon as the weather allows. Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, June 9th: Another gorgeous day and what will certainly be another day of significant progress at Prairie Ridge. By day’s end yesterday, the crew put the finishing touches on Buildings #7/#8, and after they wrap things up on Building #9 today, they’ll be jumping up North of Sierra Drive and being working their way West through the 4 buildings leading back towards the starting point. Then we’ll be jumping to the far east portion of the association and wrapping things up with Buildings #14-18. We are completing 2-3 buildings per day so that will give you as homeowners a decent idea of when we will be at your building. 

Monday, June 8th:  Sunshine and 80 degrees make for PERFECT PAINTING CONDITIONS down in Hastings at Prairie Ridge. After some very well deserved R & R on Sunday, the boys in white are back at it and making their way through buildings #7-#10. We’ve been completing approximately 3 buildings per day and we anticipate that as long as the weather continues to cooperate, we will keep this pace.

A beautiful scene at Prairie Ridge. Blue skies and work getting done!!! It’s summertime!

Saturday, June 6th: After a slight deviation from the route on Thursday and Friday (the guys painted Buildings #1 and #4, so as to not have to clean out the sprayer for different colors), we are back on schedule and the crew is following the prescribed route above. With rain in the forecast for the latter part of the day, we will get things underway this morning and monitor the weather. Obviously rain and paint don’t play nicely together, so we will do what we can.

Covering the soffits ensures clean, crisp cut lines and NO overspray.

Thursday, June 4th: Rains have subsided which means the boys in white are back on sight getting things rolling on Building #1. As you can see, there is a lot of Pretty Paper required for prep, and this will result in your building looking like a Pretty Woman!  

That’s right…2 ROY ORBISON REFERENCES IN A SINGLE BLOG POST. But wait, when we’re done with Building #3, will have that baby looking just like a Blue Angel, and that folks, is the Roy Orbison Trifecta! 

Lauro, Carlos, Bryan, and Benito have been busy prepping all morning at Prairie Ridge! 

Wednesday, June 3rd: Good news comes in bunches! Not only have colors been approved at Prairie Ridge, but it also looks the rain missed us, save for a few sprinkles here and there! We are proceeding with painting this morning and of course, we will be carefully monitoring the weather. The guys will be starting on the west end of Sierra Drive and making their way counter clockwise between Sierra and Terney. Then they will jump down south of 13th street, and then finally wrap things up north of 13th street. You can monitor the progress daily right here on the blog. Thanks!  

Tuesday, June 2nd: First of all, thank you to Dan for grabbing the color matches from Sherwin Williams. Its sounds like the board is huddling up this evening to review the colors and hopefully, approve them. If that happens (and it doesn’t rain, the guys will be back onsite tomororw to begin prepping and painting).

In the meantime, Jesse has created a color guide, which will not only come in handy for THIS project, but for future projects and records as well! It can be referenced below. 

Monday, June 1st: When’s the last time the Twins were in first on June 1st! What a month for the Ol’ Twinkies! Equally exciting is that the pressure washing at Prairie Ridge will be completed today! As indicated on the above schedule, the fellas will be washing the areas in and around West 13th street, so we ask that residents please be mindful of any small personal belonging around your homes. Of course, we will alway exercise the utmost caution, but just want to make everybody aware. After pressure washing, the only thing remaining prior to painting commencing is color approval, which is still pending. Stay tuned right here for scheduling updates. Thanks!

Saturday, May 30th:  What. A. Day! Gorgeous weather has equated to great progress being made on the pressure washing front. At this rate, we should be done with the exception of 4 buildings which will be completed Monday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 

May 29th: Good morning Prairie Ridge residents. Welcome! We will be onsite for the next three weeks or so painting your gables and shutters onsite. The pressure washing is underway and we anticipate that this phase of the project will take about 3 days. As long as there’s no lightning, the rain shouldn’t impact this, but obviously when we get to the painting phase of the project, we will need dry conditions! We will keep you updated on the project progress right here on the blog! Thanks for having us! 

Omar applies a cleaning solution with a garden sprayer prior to pressure washing to render the surfaces clean for painting. Clean=Adhesion!

Wednesday, May 27th:  Greetings residents of Prairie Ridge. We are excited to work with you this coming Friday!

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