Oak Ponds – Chanhassen

Oak Ponds – Chanhassen

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the deck staining project @ Oak Ponds in Chanhassen. We are looking forwarad to being onsite with you!

Route map @ Oak Ponds

Monday, July 10th: Good afternoon Oak Ponds. We hope you all had a great weekend!

The crew wrapped up your deck staining project on Saturday. If you haven’t already, feel free to move your furniture and plants, etc back onto your decks. We hope you enjoy your newly stained decks and have a great rest of the summer!

Friday, July 7th: Good morning! The crew is continuing to stain your decks today. They’ve made their way to 27 decks yesterday and will wrap up by Saturday. We advise once your deck has been stained to allow 24 hours to dry before moving your furniture back onto your deck and using it. Enjoy!

If we stained your deck floor yesterday, we’ll be back today to stain the top handrail. We’ve had a few questions about this and don’t worry, they won’t get missed. Thanks!

Peace out to the work week! TGIF

All business for Santiago as he stains the deck boards.

Thursday, July 6th: Good afternoon! It’s going to be a hot one folks- so keep hydrated and try to stay out of the sun. 

The crew is back onsite and making their way to your decks. They are starting on the west end of the association on Kimberly Lane and will then move over to Kelly Court.

Manuel stains the deck floor.

90 degree heat is no sweat for Omar!

Wednesday, July 5th: Good morning! We hope you all had a great weekend and a happy 4th of July!

With all of the rain, we’ll be resuming your deck painting project tomorrow to ensure the decks have dried out completely. Thanks!

Thursday, June 29th: Good morning residents of Oak Ponds. You may have seen that we are delaying your project until after the holiday. With the rain we had yesterday and there is more rain forecasted for tomorrow, we want to make sure the decks have dried thoroughly before we start. Also, without the stop- and -go, the crew will be most efficient in getting your decks completed so you can enjoy them! So if you’d like to put your furniture back onto your porch for the long weekend- go ahead. Just remember to move it before we’re back onsite on Wednesday, July 5th. 

Thanks so much! Have a great weekend and holiday!

Wednesday, June 28th: 

Tuesday, June 27th: Good afternoon Oak Ponds! 

While we wrap up pressure washing… it seems there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow and Friday. With that being said, we need your deck surfaces to be completely dry to stain them. We’ll keep you fully updated on project status and when we will be onsite to stain your decks. Thanks!

Manuel makes sure the decks are debris free.

Santiago clears the way or cleans the way before staining.

Monday, June 26th: The day is here! The crew is pressure washing your rear decks. They’ve started at the west end of the association on Kimberly Lane and will then head over to Kelly Ct. The pressure washing will take the crew through tomorrow 6/27 tom complete. Once the substrates have dried out, they’ll begin staining the deck floors and also the top handrail. They’ll follow the same route as they did to pressure wash.

Omar washes one of the rear decks.

No dirt or debris stands a chance against the power of Manuel’s pressure washing skills.

Tuesday, June 20th: Welcome to the project blog for your deck staining project @ Oak Ponds! We are looking forward to working with and for you.

Your project entails the staining of your rear deck floors and also the top handrail of the deck. We’ll be onsite on Monday, 6/26 to pressure wash the deck floor and handrail of your rear deck. We’ll begin at the west end of the association on Kimberly Lane and then work our way over to Kelly Court over the course of Monday and Tuesday. 

Please remove all personal belongings and furniture from your deck for pressure washing. Once the decking has had adequate time to dry, the crew will return to begin staining the deck floor and top handrail in the same order in which they were pressure washed. We’re anticipating staining to begin on Thursday, 6/29. The entire project with take about a week to complete, weather permitting of course. 

Please continue to check back right here on your project blog for daily updates with job progress. We’ll also post a finishing schdeule and route map in the next few days as the project nears. 

We’ll see you in about a week!

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Project Manager
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