Pike Lake Manor – New Brighton

Pike Lake Manor – New Brighton

Final Door Painting – TBD

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for this year’s painting project at Pike Lake Manor in New Brighton. We are thrilled to be onsite with you!

May 2024

Route Map – Pike Lake Manor

Friday, June 5th: Good afternoon! 

We are knocking on doors to paint both your front and rear doors. Please open up your door if you are home to have them painted while in the open position. Or you may schedule using calendar tool above. 

Aside from the doors, the crew has completed your painting project along with their touch ups. Thank you for having us, It has been our pleasure sprucing up your buildings!

Thursday, June 4th: Greetings! 

We’ll be knocking on doors in your neighbor hood tomorrow and Saturday. If you are home, please open your door so we can paint it in the open position. You may also schedule a specific time using the calendar tool above or call our office 763-559-5296. After tomorrow and Saturday, there will be one more opportunity to paint the doors. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Wednesday, June 3rd: Good afternoon! 

We are prepping and painting on the garage siding areas and wrapping up areas on the final few buildings. They are anticipating to be done today as well! Will return to complete any areas needing touch ups in the next 1-2 days.

Please use the calendar tool to schedule door painting for Friday, 6/5 or Saturday, 6/6 – thank you!

Tuesday, June 2nd: Greetings! 

We are picking up today at Building 1476. Just to note, we’ll be painting the garage siding tomorrow and request you move your cars from the spots near there as we’ll be spraying the siding. We are anticipating to wrap up in the next 1-2 days as well. Thanks!

Painting meters.

Prepping the garage trim and doors.

Ready for the paint.

Painting the vents and misc. items.

We’re resuming

Monday, June 1st: Good morning! 

The crew is back onsite and we are prepping and painting, resuming with the 1494 Building today as well as prime and painting the garage siding. Thanks!

Refreshing door frames.

Painting along the piping.

Friday, May 29th: Good evening- we will be canceling the door painting scheduled for tomorrow at Pike Lake for the safety of our crew and community. Thank you. 

Thursday, May 28th: Greetings!

The rain has cleared and the substrates have dried completely. The crew is back onsite! 

They are making their way around the 1461 Building and then keeping along the route. They are also painting front doors as able – kindly open your door if you are home to allow them to paint while in the open position. You may also use our scheduling/calendar tool above to make an appointment for tomorrow or Saturday. Thank you!

Painting the vents.

Painting along the upper trim.

Going up to paint the roof line.

Refreshing the meters.

Wednesday, May 27th: Good morning! 

We’ll be pressing pause today with all of the overnight rain. We’re hopeful to return tomorrow. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 26th: Good afternoon! 

After allowing the surfaces to dry out, the crew is onsite this afternoon. They are beginning at the 2150 Building and continuing along the route. 

We will be painting doors on the 2110, 2120, 2130, 2140, and 2150 Buildings ONLY on Friday, 5/29 and Saturday, 5/30. On these days, the crew will be knocking on your unit doors, if you are home, kindly open your door to be painted. Once painted, the door should remain in the open position for at least 2 hours. We will not be responsible for doors closed too soon and damaged. Thank you! 

Please use the sign up tool/calendar if you prefer to set an appointment time for door painting. We will be taking appointments on the hour and have limited spots per hour. You may also call our office to schedule – 763-559-5296. Thank you! 

Painting a section of the gutter.

Sprucing up your meters with some fresh paint.

Friday, May 22nd: Greetings! 

Thanks to those who gave their lives in service to our country and those who continue to serve.

The crew has made it to the 2140 and 2150 Buildings, however, if you notice all areas are not complete, do not worry. We are continuing to work on aspects of the first several buildings. Thanks!

Prepping and scraping the garage frames.

Tackling one of the door frames.

Freshening up your vents.

Thursday, May 21st: Good afternoon! 

The crew has started at 2140 Building today and continues around the route posted – we are loving the spruced up entry pillars, railings, and gutters!

Ladders up to paint the posts.

Refreshing the pillar bases.

Wednesday, May 20th: Greetings! 

Beautiful and busy day at Pike Lake Manor! We are working on entry pillars, signs, gutters and the other misc. areas – thank you for your patience as we maneuver around your entries. The crew is painting at Building 2130 and we also have a crew member out ahead of the painters, prepping and scraping areas to be painted. 

Refreshing one of the entry railings.

Dynamic Duo working on this entry.

No gutter balls here… refreshing the gutters.

Tuesday, May 19th: Good morning! 

It’s a beautiful day and the crew is onsite and beginning their prep work and painting of gutters, select soffits, entry support pillars, gas meters, frames, address plaques, garage siding, and then entry railings. Thank you!

Double duty on the entry pillars.

Scrape, spot prime and paint.

Thorough prep is underway on your entry posts.

Prepping your entry posts – scrape and prime.

Friday,  May 15th: Good morning and happy Friday! 

We are off an running… or more like humming with the buzz of the pressure washers!

The crew is making their way around your buildings and garage block and washing the included areas for this year’s painting. Thanks in advance for moving any small items from the outside of your homes! 

We’ll see you back onsite on Monday to begin our prep and painting.

Washing your garage units.

Spraying your door frames.

Starting from the top and spraying your frames.

Wednesday, May 13th: Good afternoon! 

Welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at Pike Lake Manor in New Brighton. We are thrilled to be onsite with you! 

We’ll be getting started on Friday, May 15th with pressure washing. We kindly ask that you close your windows at this time and remove any small items from the exterior of your home to allow unobstructed access for the washing. Once we’ve completed the washing you may return any items to their place.

Once the substrates have had time to dry, we’ll begin prepping and painting your gutters, mansard soffits, entry support structures, gas meters/piping, front doors and frames, building address plaques, garage siding, wrought iron entry railings, misc. vents, electric meter banks, mailbox stands, AC sleeves, and overhead garage doors. We anticipate to return on Monday, May 18th to begin our prep and painting.

We’ll be starting on the 2100 Building and working clockwise along 23rd Avenue and then down 21st Avenue. We will finish then in the inner circle on your garages. 

Towards the end of the project, we’ll be painting your resident doors in the open position, which will require participation from each homeowner. We will set ‘Door Painting Dates’ and post a scheduling tool here on the blog that will allow you to sign up for a timeframe that works best for you to be home to have the door painted while open. Look for those details in the coming week or two. Thanks!

In total, we are projecting the project to take about 3-4 weeks to complete, but our work should have little impact on your daily routine. We’d like to thank the Board and all the residents for having us onsite. We are looking forward to sprucing up various areas of your buildings. 


Dana Clark

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296


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