Summit of Mendota Heights

Summit of Mendota Heights

Tuesday, October 13th – 2 days until project complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the upcoming deck staining project at Summit of Mendota Heights. We’re thrilled to be onsite with you.

This is the projected pressure washing and painting route for Summit of Mendota Heights.

Tuesday, October 13th: Well, sufffice it to say, fall is in the air. With temps hovering in the mid 50’s, and the leaves changing, it all makes for a beautiful way to wrap up the year. The guys have consistently stayed ahead of schedule and right now we are projecting a completion date of tomorrow, October 14th. Of course, as is standard operating procedure, crew supervisors Jesse and Jaime will be performing a series of walk-throughs to address any touchups our outstanding items and we certainly invite any interested parties to participate. 

We can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to work with/for you and we look forward to the opportunity of working together again in the future. 

Have a great afternoon!

Go, go gadget arms!

Friday, October 9th: Happy Friday residents of Summit of Mendota Heights. After rains rendered us unable to stain yesterday (we still began pressure washing throughout Aspen Way, we are back at it today to wrap up pressure washing and continue working our way through Phase 2 of the deck staining (see above map for reference). Should the weather cooperate the rest of the way, we are forecasting a completion date of next Thursday, October 16th.

The crew is happy to be back outside staining decks on Friday!

Wednesday, October 7th: Staining is underway in the inner cul-de-sac of Riverside Lane and the crew is making their way counter clockwise around the circle, and completing about 2-2.5 buildings per day. Rain is imminent tomorrow, so it’s likely work will halt, but we’ll be back out as soon as we are able to resume work! And who knows, maybe it won’t rain…meteorologists have been known to be wrong on occasion!

Even if it does rain tomorrow, at least it’s an excuse to invoke the great Bill Withers!!!

Monday, October 5th: In the midst of a disappointing, shall we call it Vikings “moral victory” we’ve pulled our boot straps up and are back at it at Summit of Mendota Heights. Fall is setlling in, which means that the guys will be a little chilly as they wrap up Phase 2 of the pressure washing on the interior circle of Riverside Lane. Thanks again to all of you for your terrific cooperation. Work continues on the east side of Riverside Lane and we are hoping to wrap that up before the prospect of rain descends on Thursday. 

Have a great Monday!

Jesse and Jaime look at the map for Monday’s game plan for deck finishing and pressure washing.

Mariano tackles the top of a rear deck handrail.

Friday, October 2nd: The fellas have taken advantage of great weather all week and are making their way east across Riverside Lane, having completed 6 decks on 3 buildings total. This will continue today and through the weekend, and Phase 2 of the pressure washing will commence today on the inside circle of Riverside Lane and will continue through Monday. We want to thank everybody again for their incredible cooperation as you have made our job much easier! 

Have a great weekend everybody!

Preparation is the key to any successful painting project and the guys are prepping diligently away at Summit of Mendota Heights.

And THIS is the end result!

Monday, September 28th: Right now, after weather delayed scheduling the better part of last week, we are scheduled to return onsite to begin staining rear decks on Wednesday, September 30th. Though temperatures are getting cooler, we are still in pretty good shape to complete the project with time to spare before it gets too cold.

Friday, September 18th: Perhaps you’ve found your way to our humble little blog by way of blue notices being posted onsite. If that is the case, welcome! You’ve probably also gleaned from the notice that we intend to star pressure washing next Tuesday, September 22nd. After pressure washing, we will be painting/staining the decking areas including the railings, spindles, wood deck floors, stair treads, deck skirts, and pillars. 

We intend to complete the project in 3 separate phases beginning with pressure washing the decks on the North Side of Riverside Lane and making our way clockwise up Riverside Lane ending at 1322 Riverside Lane. Shortly thereafter, we will begin finishing these decks. 

This will be followed by pressure washing the areas on the inner circle of Riverside Lane, followed shortly thereafter by finishing these areas. 

Finally, we will make our way down to the the south section of the assocation where will be pressure washing and completing the decks down in Aspen Way. 

You can follow the progress right here on the blog- we are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates.

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