Aberdeen Condominiums – St. Paul

Aberdeen Condominiums – St. Paul

Project Complete

Greetings and welome to the official project page for the interior painting project at Aberdeen Condos in St. Paul. We are thrilled to be onsite working with you! 

RESIDENCE DOOR PAINTING: Beginning this week on Thursday, 4/12 we’ll begin painting your residence doors. We will be painting on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors on Thursday, followed by the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors on Friday. For the floors listed on each day, the crew will be knocking on doors, and if you’re home, kindly open your door to have it painted in the open position. Our working hours will be from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm each day. If either of these days does not work for you, we’ll be onsite this Saturday, 4/14 to paint doors as well. 

If you would prefer to schedule a specific time to be home and have your door painted, we can accommodate that as well. You may schedule a time between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm on your respective day. We will take 3 door appointments on the hour, i.e. at 9:30 am. 

For all doors, once they are painted, they’ll need to be left open for a minimum of 2 hours. This is to ensure adequate dry time for the doors. 

Please comment below with your unit, date/time if you’d like a specific appointment time or if you have any questions regarding the door painting. You can also call our office at: 763-559-5296. We’ve posted a schedule below to reflect availability for appointments. Thanks!

4th, 5th & 6th Floors

Time Thursday, April 12th
8:30 am FULL
9:30 am FULL
10:30am 2 spots available
11:30am 3 spots available
12:30pm 3 spots available
1:30pm 2 spots available
2:30pm 1 spot available
3:30pm 1 spot available
4:30pm  2 spots available

1st, 2nd & 3rd Floors

Time Friday, April 13th
8:30 am FULL
9:30 am FULL
10:30am FULL
11:30am 2 spots available
12:30pm 1 spot available
1:30pm 1 spot available
2:30pm 3 spots available
3:30pm 2 spots available
4:30pm  1 spot available

Make-up Day

Time Friday, April 13th
8:30 am 2 spots available
9:30 am 2 spots available
10:30am 2 spots available
11:30am 2 spots available
12:30pm 1 spot available
1:30pm 3 spots available
2:30pm 2 spots available
3:30pm 2 spots available
4:30pm  1 spot available

Monday, April 16th: Good afternoon residents of Aberdeen Condos. We hope you all had a safe weekend and survived through our spring blizzard. With such poor weather conditions we had to cancel our Saturday afternoon painting to allow our crew members to travel safely home. We appreciate your understanding. We are going to schedule make-up door painting for this upcoming Saturday, April 21st from 10 am until 2 pm. We’re working on contacting those homeowners with unpainted doors to get them scheduled or comment on the blog below or call our office: 763-559-5296. Thanks! 

Saturday, April 14th: UPDATE: The afternoon door painting has been cancelled due to weather. We hope you’re all staying warm and being safe if you have to leave your home. We’ll let you know as soon as we can when the make-up day will be for the remaining doors. Thanks so much and we appreciate your understanding. 

Friday, April 13th: We are in for another April snow storm and not a more fitting day than today, Friday the 13th. Today’s rain will turn to snow late -afternoon and the Metro could see between 6″- 12″ of snowfall. Fingers crossed this is the last snowfall Mother Nature throws our way. Stay safe and have a great weekend!

The crews are back at it today with more residence door painting. They’ve transitioned to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors and will follow the schedule of appointments made and also knock on remaining doors. Again, if you’re home, kindly open your door to be painted or sign up for a time tomorrow, the make-up day. Thanks!

Thursday, April 12th: Good morning! It’s a great morning to be a Timberwolves fan; the 48 minutes of regulation play wasn’t enough for the team to seal the deal, but they brought their best in five overtime minutes to beat the Denver Nuggets. With this win, the team has earned their first play-off appearance since 2004. They’ll first face the top-seeded Houston Rockets, but the team is all heart and will keep it going as long as they can!

Today’s the day, we’re starting to paint your residence doors with the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors up at bat, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors on deck, and any make up doors in the hole. 

Thanks so much for your cooperation in opening your door for our crew and also for making an appointment in advance!

Another day, another door @ Aberdeen!

Wednesday, April 11th: Hello residents of Aberdeen Condos! 

Another day and another floor at your building. The crew has completed the 1st floor and has moved back up to the 6th floor. They’re prepping areas – tape, patch walls and ceilings. They’ll then begin painting. Tomorrow is the big day – we’re beginning the door painting portion of the project. We’ve had a ton of residents reach out via the blog to schedule a time for painting and we greatly appreciate your participation. We’ll begin with the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors tomorrow and then the 1st, 2nd and 3rd on Friday. Saturday will be the make-up day if you’re unable to be home on your designated day. Please reach out with any questions – Thanks!

The perfect ‘Painting Power Stance.’

I wish I was a little bit taller – c/o Skee Lo

Tuesday, April 10th: Good afternoon! You’ve likely received a notice on your door regarding the upcoming door painting portion of the painting project at Aberdeen. Above, is a video that highlights all door-painting info as well as several tables that indicate times available for scheduling. 

Thank you to those residents who have commented on the blog to schedule a specific time for painting; it is much appreciated. If you’d still like to request a time, please comment below. Thanks! 

The Aberdeen crew is continuing on the 1st floor with painting of the hallway areas. The door painting will begin on Thursday. 

Cutting in around the mail room edges.

A steady hand from Antonio to execute a crisp edge.

Monday, April 9th: Hello and Happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend. Just as we were hoping to catch a break in the weather, Mother Nature has graced us with yet another dusting of snow. I think we can all agree that we are ready for spring, but in the meantime we can take note of the Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want and search for the silver lining. 

And today that silver lining is at Aberdeen Condos, with our crew finishing up the 2nd floor and moving down to the 1st with prep and painting of the ceilings. 

Looking at the remainder of the project, the crew will move back up to the 6th floor once the 1st is complete and we will also be painting your residence doors. This will take some cooperation on your part as we will paint your doors in the open position, but more details to follow on those logistics. Thanks! 

Elmer tapes off the door hinges.

Carefully removing your artwork prior to starting the ceiling painting.

Friday, April 6th: Good afternoon and TGIF! The sun is shining and warmer weather is in sight…

Slowly, but surely Minnesota is warming up!

While it remains winter outside, the Aberdeen crew is bring the heat and cruising through painting on the 2nd floor and is also working in the East stairway. We hope you all have a great weekend! 

What goes up must come down. Rolling on the paint!

Working for the weekend @ Aberdeen!

Thursday, April 5th: Bundle up for Baseball. Yes, today is the Twin’s home-opener and we’re rivaling for the record-setting low temperature for the opener. To date, the lowest at Target Field was in 2013 with a low of 35 degrees for the first pitch. Target Field has been buzzing with extra help to clear snow, melt ice, and ready the stands and field. If you’re headed to the game, be sure to bundle up! 

The Aberdeen crew has wrapped up the 3rd floor and has moved down to the 2nd floor to begin their prep steps- taping off corners, lights, doors and also making any needed repairs to the ceiling. 

Different floor, same thorough prep work.

Obed patches up an area on the ceiling in preparation of spraying.

Wednesday, April 4th: Hello residents of Aberdeen Condos. It’s hard to think of anything green with all of this white snow covering the ground, but for all you golf fans, that iconic ‘green’ Masters jacket is on the brain. The players tee off starting tomorrow and by Sunday a new champion will be prized with the coveted green jacket. 

We’ve got our crew finishing up the hallway painting on the 3rd floor today. They’ll also be continuing to clean up and get the areas looking prestine and fresh. 

Obed and Elmer are putting the finishing touches on the 3rd floor hallway walls.

The paper is off the carpet and Jose is standing in as Mr. Clean.

Tuesday, April 3rd: Greetings! We hope you’re staying warm and avoiding the roads with the ‘Spring Snow’ we’re getting. Hoping that’s not something we’ll have to mention again this spring. 

Alas, the crews are persisting at Aberdeen. They’ve moved down to the 4th floor and are painting the walls and wood trim. Then this afternoon they’ll begin their prep work on the 3rd floor with covering floors and taping off fixtures and edges. 

Elmer paints the trim at the base of the elevator lobby.

Monday, April 2nd: Good afternoon residents of Aberdeen. We hope you all had a great weekend. Unfortunately, the cold weather and forecasted snow is not an April Fool’s Day joke… someday sooner, rather than later hopefully spring will come! 

In the meantime, the crew is keeping busy at Aberdeen. Today, they’re painting the walls on the 5th floor and also beginning prep work – covering fixtures, taping off door frames and seems, and completing wall repairs, and then getting started on spraying the ceilings as well.

Patching up the walls prior to painting.

Another floor and another round of prep work.

Thursday, March 29th: Good afternooon Aberdeen! We hope this message finds you well. Work is underway and the crew is spending the first day primarily focusing on wall/ceiling repairs, and will most likely get as far as spraying the 5th floor ceilings. Please keep in mind that there will be obvious signs of work being performed (i.e. plastic on floors, sheetrock mud, dust, wet paint, etc…) so we kindly ask that residents be mindful of this as they traverse the hallways and stairwells at Aberdeen. You can stay tuned right here for ongoing project updates…we are excited to be getting things underway!

Obed, Orlando, Antonio, Alfredo and Elmer get ready to roll (literally!) at Aberdeen on Thursday morning!

The crew scans the hallway and the work that lay ahead in pose reminiscent of the cover of Reservoir Dogs

Wednesday, March 21st: With spring officially sprung, but temps still too cold to paint outside, we are thrilled to be getting things underway at Aberdeen on March 29th! 

This year’s project includes prep and painting of your hallway walls/ceilings, your stairway walls/ceilings, your residence/common area door frames, and eventually your resident doors. 

We anticipate that the project will take approximately three weeks to complete, with the last phase of the project being door painting, which will require cooperation from homeowners to ensure the doors get painted in the open position. As we near that phase of the project, we will provide more detailed information as to how to schedule your door painting by either contacting the Roell Painting offices by phone, or scheduling your door painting right here on the blog! 

Stay tuned right here for a video greeting, and daily project updates once the project commences. 

We look forward to being onsite to beautify your property a week from tomorrow!

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