Casteel Place HOA – Richfield

Casteel Place HOA – Richfield

JOB COMPLETED – Walkthrough Pending

Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for the Casteel Place in Richfield!

Monday, May 16th: It’s amazing what a little sunshine will do! The fellas put the rains behind them, put their nose to the grindstone and wrapped things up @ Casteel Place on Saturday! Our job supervisor Jesse will be onsite tomorrow going everything with a fine tooth comb and will mark any areas designated for touch-ups. Thanks everybody for your cooperation as we battled the weather!

If you see this fella traversing the grounds at Casteel, it’s just our “gentle giant” Jesse making sure everything looks tight as a drum!

Friday, May 13th: The weather is looking about as grim as this guy by the 10th sequel! Despite the rains throughout the week, the crew did manage to steal a day of work yesterday, completed two buildings, and if the rain subsides as it appears it is going to do, we will return onsite tomorrow to hopefully finish by the weekend. There may be a little work left to do early next week, but as of right now, the plan is to wrap things up on Saturday.



Monday, May 9th: 

Lucky for us, there was plenty to accomplish today with the rain moving in around 11 am.    We were able to complete the pressure washing of the front entry decking.   

The crew was also working on caulking prior to the rain moving in around 11 am.   

Our hope is to be back onsite tomorrow but it looks like that is a grim outlook.    

Friday, May 6th: Likely a blue notice taped to your garage door frame brought you to our little website.    This is a vehicle we use to communicate our progress and any delays to the residents of your association.      

The tentative plan will be to have the work begin on Monday, May 9th at which point The crew will begin pressure washing the entry decking.

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