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Wallington – Berkeley ~ Blaine

Wallington – Berkley ~ Blaine

Door Painting Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog! We are thrilled to be onsite as we complete your trim painting in the Villas and Row Homes!

Villas – shown in Blue; Row Homes – shown in Red.

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Monday, October 14th: Good morning! 

We hope you all had a great weekend and stayed warm while Mother Nature threw us for a loop with a wintery mix on Saturday and Sunday. But the good news is that this week is warming back up and we’ll be wrapping up your painting project as well! 

The crew will be painting the remaining doors this Thursday, 10/17, Friday, 10/18, and Saturday, 10/19. Thursday and Friday will be from 12pm – 5pm and Saturday will be from 9am – 2pm. 

Please schedule an appointment using the calendars above. Note* they are separated by areas of Wallington Berkeley: Blue- Villas and Red-Row Homes. Thank you!

Thursday, October 10th: Hello! 

The crew is onsite and painting door AND dodging some of the heavier rain from their cars currently. We’re going to keep painting as there is a break in the heavy rain soon. But please know they may need more time between appointments with breaks from rain, etc. Your patience is appreciated!

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 9th: Greetings! 

The crew is making their way along the route on both the Villa and Row Home sides of the association. They are projecting to wrap up the trim painting tomorrow and will only have the resident doors remaining. 

Hermes paints one of the resident doors.

Saul paints the entry pillars at Building 11.

Tuesday, October 8th: Good afternoon! 

Another beautiful day and we are enjoying every minute of it… the weekend forecast is not looking good. 

The crews are making their way around the route in the Villas and Row Homes – for the Villas they are at Buildings 8 & 9 and the Row Homes they are at Building 7. Thanks!

Osmin paints one of the garage frames at Building 8 of the Row Homes.

Santiago paints the entry door frame.

Saul paints the entry pillars at the Villas.

Monday, October 7th: Good morning! 

We hope you all had a great week! Yesterday was beautiful and we couldn’t be happier to see the sun! 

The crews are jumping right back in and painting starting at #4 of the Villas and at #6 of the Row Homes.

Prepping and painting the entry pillars.

Painting garage door frames at Building #4- Villas.

Painting the garage frames at Building #6 of the Row Homes.

Saturday, October 5th: Good morning! 

12:15pm-  We are painting doors this afternoon at Wallington- Berkeley. Thanks!

We’d like to apologize for the back and forth with information regarding the door painting today. We wanted to give it a shot, but the rain and wind were too much. We are going to reassess around 12pm to see if we can keep the appointments for the afternoon. Thank you for your patience!

Thursday, October 3rd: Good afternoon!

After the last few days of rain, the crews are back onsite.

Villas- the crews are starting at Building #3 with prep and painting. 

Painting the entry pillars.

Garage frames on Building 3.

Row Homes – Starting at Building #1 with prep and painting. 

Caulking one of the garage frames.

Painting at the entry way.

Wednesday, October 2nd: Good morning! 

The crew is prepping and painting the front door side lights – starting at Building 1. 

These Buildings will be part of Phase I for door painting this Friday, 10/4 and Saturday 10/5. We recommend making an appointment for a specific time on either of these days using the calendar scheduling tool above – thanks! They will also be knocking on doors during these dates/times if you are home and can open your door to have it painted. Thanks!

Villas: Buildings 11358. 11386, 11378, 11386, 11394, and 11383 

Row Homes: Buildings 11304, 11314, 11330, 11339, and 11323

Tuesday, October 1st: Hello and Happy October and it certainly feels like it today! 

The crew will be posting notices regarding door painting tomorrow. 

For the Villas: Buildings 1-6 will have the opportunity to schedule on Friday and Saturday. 

For the Row Homes: Buildings 1-5 will have the opportunity to schedule on Friday and Saturday. 

You may schedule and appointment using the calendar tool above — date/time/ and address are required. We are keeping this first phase of Door Painting to select buildings so the crews are efficient with their time and not having to traverse the property back and forth. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and participation and keep an eye out for notices with detailed door painting info. 

Monday, September 30th: Good afternoon! 

We’re cruising into October as we begin your painting project. Today the crew will be painting in areas that are covered as it was a bit rainy overnight and into this morning. They’ll be starting at Building #1 for both the Villas – in blue above and the Row Homes – in red above. Thanks! 

Osmin preps and paints garage door frames on Building 1.

Hermes paints one of the garage frames.


Thursday, September 26th: Greetings! 

We’ll be getting started on Monday, 9/30 with prep and painting in both sections, Villas and Row Homes, starting with Building 1 in each section.. 

We will be painting your resident front doors as part of this painting project. This will happen towards the end of the project and we’ll post more notices as that time approaches. We are anticipating this is occur for select sections/buildings as early as Thursday, 10/3. Door painting will require some homeowner participation as we prefer to paint the doors in the open position. Look for the notices in advance of the door portion or keeps eye out out here on the blog. Know that you’ll be able to schedule a specific day/time on those provided for door painting days. 

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

Wednesday, September 25th: Good afternoon!

Welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at Wallington-Berkely in Blaine. We are looking forward to being onsite and completing your painting project this year. We’ll be prepping and painting select areas of the Villas and Row Homes. These areas include on Villas: front entry frames, select unit patio door kick plates, select unit entry brackets, garage door frames, select unit pillars, mail box posts, and fire room doors/frames. And on Row Homes: front entry frames, garage door frames, fire room doors/kick plates, pillars on select units, eyebrow trim on select units and wood pillars on select front entries. 

With all of that being said, the skinny of it is we’ll be painting various areas on your Villas and Row Homes. We’ll soon post a route that we’ll follow for each of the areas, as we’ll have one crew on the Villas and one on the Row Homes. The project should have little impact on your day to day activities aside from being mindful of wet paint. 

We’ll be posting updates here on the blog regarding progress, alert you of any weather delays, and try to have some fun along the way as well! 

We’re looking forward to getting starting later this week. Thanks! 



Jesse Maki

Production Manager
Ph: 612-363-4586

Nick Roell

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296



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