Mount Curve Condominiums – Minneapolis

Mount Curve Condominiums – Minneapolis


Welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at Mount Curve Condominiums in Minneapolis! We are looking forward to working with you!

Friday, April 20th: Hello and TGIF! 

So it wasn’t just a dream – the warm weather and sunshine are sticking around and we couldn’t be happier! 

Trade in your winter boots for your walking shoes – it’s going to be a Heat Wave.

The crew is wrapping up Stairwell C today, which will conclude our painting project at Mount Curve Condos. We wanted to extend our thanks to the residents for having us and for your cooperation in closing the elevator and stairwell for a short period of time. It’s been our pleasure working for you and we hope you have a great weekend!

You won’t be getting your extra steps in today, but good news is they’ll be up and running for tomorrow!

Thursday, April 19th: Hello residents of Mount Curve! The crew is onsite, your project is underway, and the sun is shining! We’re not sure what could be better?! Except maybe if it was Friday. 

The crew is prepping and painting in Stairwell C as well as the adjacent elevator door and frame. We’ll be onsite today and then finishing up tomorrow – quick and painless!

Sprucing up your elevator doors and frames.

Henry rolls on the paint to the block walls.

Thanks to our crew for putting up Wet Paint signs.

Wednesday, April 18th: Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the painting project at your condo building. This spring’s project entails the prep and finishing of the stairwell walls and metal subtrates for Stairwell C – railings, doors/frames, handrails, and risers. We’ll also be painting the elevator door/frame across from Stairwell C. 

We’ll be occupying the stairwells on Thursday and Friday and in doing so will need full access. For you, this means that we’ll be closing Stairwell C to allow the crew to complete the project efficiently and safely. 

We want to say thank you in advance for your cooperation in closing the stairwells. We’ll see you tomorrow!

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