Private Residence – Orono

Private Residence – Orono

Project Complete

Welcome to the official blog for our project at a private residence in Orono. We are looking forward to completing our project of painting and enameling throughout this home and cannot wait to see the transformation.

Thursday, June 29th: As we near the end of the month and get closer to the 4th of July, this family is about ready to move into their ‘new’ home. It has been our privilege to work with and for you and we really love how everything has turned out. We’ll post some ‘after’ photos as we’re able. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey and transformation of a newly painted, enameled, and redone home!

Monday, June 26th: Good afternoon and happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend! 

Most of the flooring is being installed throughout, so we’ve been working to paint around those areas and stay out of their way. WE’re hoping to finish by week’s end and will be back next week to complete touch ups and other misc. work.

We are loving the bright pop of color in one of the kids’ bathrooms!

Letting the shelves dry.

One of the basement areas we are enameling.

Friday, June 23rd: TGIF! The crew is working on the main level off of the kitchen and also finishing the remaining areas in the basement. Sorry we didn’t get any pictures today– we’ll have some progress photos Monday. We hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 22nd: Hello! We hope you’re having a great week thus far! Things are really taking speed at this Orono home as we near the end of the project. We are finishing the area off of the kitchen also in the basement- the bar area and one of the rooms.

One of the girls’ bedroom and the bright wallpaper.

This is just Darling.

The first coat of enamel is sprayed.

Another view of this freshly enameled room.

A matching accent wall in the other girls’ bedroom.

Wednesday, June 21st: Good morning! The crew is prepping walls- patching, filling holes, etc on the main level off of the kitchen as well as painting/prepping door frames and window frames.

Justin works to patch the walls on the main level off of the kitchen.

Tadeo paints the window frame.

Herson gets creative to patch the bathroom walls.

Gerardo preps the door frame.

Monday, June 19th: Good afternoon. We hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Father’s Day! 

The crew is sanding on the main level and also spraying in the basement. 

Tadeo sands the bondo off of the kitchen.

Gerardo puts the bathroom cabinets back together.

Ciro sands the wall and bondo on the main level.

Andres paints the ceiling in the basement.

Friday, June 16th: TGIF!

The flooring has been installed on the main level and the cabinets are being installed in the kitchen! Here are a few pictures our Job Supervisor jesse took while onsite this morning. Things are looking great as we’re nearing project completion!

Kitchen cabinet progress!

They are looking great!

We don’t usually have a toilet in the shower, but when you’re installing new flooring, you do!

One of the bedrooms complete in ‘Borrowed Light.’

The Billiards Room is complete.

The flooring is installed in entry way.

She’s a beaut!

Flooring is installed in the office.

Kitchen Cabinets in progress.

Thursday, June 15th: Good morning! 

The crew is completing enamel and wall painting in the basement as well as finishing up enamel detailing. 

Tadeo sands the cabinetry in one of the bathrooms.

The basement walls have been sanded and prepped for the 2nd coat.

Painting the detailing on the office cabinetry.

Tuesday, June 13th: We have an NBA Champion- the Golden State Warriors took the title last night. And Kevin Durant won the NBA Finals MVP, scoring at least 30 points each championship round game. Congrats to the Warriors!

The crew is working on some clean up today- putting outlet covers back on, attaching doors, and removing the plastic from the ceiling spraying on the 2nd level. 

Gerardo puts one of the door back on the hinges.

Monday, June 12th: Good afternoon!

We have a new back-to-back reigning Stanley Cup Champion – the Pittsburgh Penguins! Last night’s game was back and forth with many, many shots on goal and they went almost 3 periods without a score. It was in the last few minutes that Pittsburgh got the puck to bounce in after a shot on goal. The Predators couldn’t align their players to score in the final minute and Pittsburgh ended up scoring into an empty net.  And now the 2016-2017 season has come to a close…we await on the NBA Finals results as Golden State (3-1) plays at home against Cleveland. 

The crew is spraying ceilings on the upper level, hence no pictures…everything is covered with plastic. Here are a few pictures of some finished and prepped areas on the main level.

The gel stain is applied to the handrail. 

Billiards Room.

Office is prepped for the flooring.

The office and mantle are complete.

Friday, June 9th: Happy Friday! James Corden is always up to something and that something is usually pretty funny. He recently put together a surprise for Tom Cruise while he was in London. Corden pitched the idea of ‘Tom’s Cruise on The River Thames Cordon.’ This included puns of all kinds relating to all things Tom Cruise and James himself while aboard the “cruise” ship. The duo even karaoke’d to ‘Lovin’ Feeling’ from Top Gun! Check out the video to get your Friday started off with some fun! 

We’re working on getting pictures from the crew and will hopefully post today/tomorrow. Thanks!

Thursday, June 8th: Greetings and Happy Thursday! It was exciting night last night for the Golden State Warriors and unfortunately a heartbreaking night for Cavaliers as Golden State brought their team to a 3-0 lead in the finals. Game 4 will be played tomorrow night in Cleveland and we can’t predict the future, but we’d say it’s a safe bet that Golden State has it in the bag. 

The crew is finishing up spraying the 2nd coat of the Down Pipe color. They’ve also started prepping and painting in the basement.

Another round of sanding and patching is complete.

After the prep is done, Justin sprays on the final coat of Down Pipe.

Sanding in progress.

Primer and bondo applied to the basement fireplace.

The Basement bar area is prepped for spraying.

Wednesday, June 7th: Good afternoon! We are having another gorgeous day and work continues at this home with spraying the walls and patching areas where the wallpaper removal proved to be a bit challenging. Yet, the crew persists and the end is in sight for your project!

The ‘Down Pipe’ color is sprayed and complete.

The ‘Black Blue’ is sprayed on the walls and ceilings of the office.

The first coat in one of the bathrooms is complete.

Herson patches the walls where the wallpaper was particularly difficult to remove. Patching the walls will yield a smooth finish once the paint is applied!

Tuesday, June 6th: For all the hockey fans out there, we’ve got ourselves quite the match up. The Nashville Predators won 2 in a row at home against the Pittsburgh Penguins to tie the score to 2-2. Up next, the teams will face-off on Thursday in Pittsburgh. They’ll alternate home ice for games 5, 6, and potentially 7. In NBA Finals news, the Golden State Warriors are up 2-0 in the series and the teams will face off on Wednesday in Cleveland. 4 wins will take the championship! 

 Sports aside, we have several pictures to post of the home’s progress…

Gerardo puts the cabinet doors back onto the office built-ins.

Bondo is applied to elicit a smooth finish.

Is it just us, or is the tub calling our name?!

The master bath vanity is gorgeous!

Herzon paints the 2nd coat in one of the bedrooms.

Monday, June 5th: Good morning! Apologies for the going the whole weekend without pictures, but here are a few to get your Monday started off right!

The first coat of the Pitch Black enamel is sprayed on the bar area.

The bar cabinets have been sprayed.

Herson brushes on the 2nd coat of Super White in the upstairs hallway.

Gerardo sands and patches the walls in between coats of Shadow White.

Friday, June 2nd: TGIF! It’s Friday, it’s beautiful out, and it’s National Donut Day! Though we’re the first to argue that all the food holidays (National Cherry Popsicle Day is Aug. 26, in case you were wondering) are getting out of control, National Donut Day actually has legit history behind it. And it’s hard to resist a real reason to eat a doughnut. The day was created in 1938 to honor the Salvation Army “Donut Girls” who served doughnuts to soldiers on the front lines of World War I. We can toast a donut to that! 

The crew must be busy at work- no time for pictures this morning. We’ll try and post some tonight or tomorow. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 1st: Happy June 1st!! We are happy to see the sun shining and have an 80 degree day to welcome the new month! 

The crew is finishing up the upper level enamel and bedroom wall painting as well as prepping the basement for enamel and painting. 

Can we say obsessed with this Black Blue enamel color?! 

We’re loving the ‘on trend’ grey in the master bedroom.

If we go missing, we’ll be posted up in this gorgeous white and bright master closet.

*picks up chin off of floor.

One of the bedrooms is glowing in ‘Borrowed Light’ from Farrow and Ball.

Wednesday, May 31st: We can’t believe May is coming to a close and June is right around the corner. We’re hopeful the new month will bring more sunshine and less rain and if today is any indication of that- we’ll take it! This warmer weather has us eager to use our outdoor grills and bbq! Thrillist’s list of ‘100 Best Burgers In America’ is out and Minnesota takes 4 of the spots. At #100, is Matt’s Bar’s Juicy Lucy, #86 is the Paddy Shack Burger from Half-Time Rec, #47 is the Parlour Burger, and #40 is Sainte Dinette’s cheeseburger. Looks like we having some tasting to do!

Herson patches up the walls in between paint coats.

The new paint color is rolled onto the bottom chair rail.

Mr. Patchwork himself assists to prep the walls.

Tuesday, May 30th: Good afternoon! We hope you enjoyed your 3-day weekend! 

Back to the grind we go! The crew is finishing up with the enamel that is the ‘Super White’ color and the walls and ceilings. The crew will start with the other colors tomorrow.

Basement bar enamel is sprayed.

Basement fireplace mantel is sprayed.

The billiards room is looking great!

The entry way’s ceiling and walls are sprayed.

One of the upstairs rooms looking ‘Super White.’

Friday, May 26th: TGIF!!! We are putting in our hours in anticipation of a 3-day weekend! Lots accomplished at the home this week; by days’ end, the crew will have finished enameling all of the main level and upstairs areas. The only portion remaining is the basement. Also, they’ve sprayed most walls and ceilings on main floor and upstairs. We are super impressed with their hard work and the transformation!

Have a great weekend!

No shame if you need a few extra inches from a paint can!

Maybe a head lamp would be a good investment?

The last of the wallpaper is coming down in the main floor powder room.

Thursday, May 25th: Good afternoon! We’ve had our first sunny and 70 degree day in quite some time and we couldn’t be happier! Several areas of the home have been finishes as far as enameling wall/ceiling painting goes and the crew is taking down all of the prep materials.

Herson patches areas of the walls before enameling.

Giovanni takes down the plastic covering from the master closet.

Gerardo patches up the cabinetry.

Wednesday, May 24th: Hello and Happy Hump Day! 

The crew is painting the final coat in the master closet & bathroom. They are also putting the cabinets back together in one of the offices as well as prepping areas on the main floor for spraying the ‘Plummet’ enamel color, which is a gorgeous grey color and we can’t wait to see it!

Herzon sands the ceiling before the top coat goes on.

Gerardo puts the office cabinetry back together. How awesome is Black Blue by Farrow & Ball?!

The last prep steps are being done on the main floor before the crew starts spraying the enamel.

Tuesday, May 23rd: And here we are again, another rainy day. However, it is no obstacle for the crew in Orono. 

The crew is sanding the hallway walls between coats and then painting the 2nd coat. They are also sanding and prepping the banisters for staining.

The hallway walls are brushed and rolled to perfection.

The back stairwell railing gets sanded and prepped for staining.

Herson sands the walls between coats of paint.

Monday, May 22nd: Happy Monday and we hope you had a great weekend! Lots of rain here in Minnesota, but hopefully you had clearer and brighter skies. 

The crew continues in Orono with prepping, sanding, and patching the walls. Over the weekend they completed patching and the first coat on the walls. We know the crews, as well as the rest of us are looking forward to the upcoming holiday and a 3-day weekend! I think we can all agree, we’re working for the weekend!

Herson touches up the ceiling trim. 

Not a day goes by without prep work.

Justin preps the entry way banister.

Stain sample on the banister.

Thursday, May 18th: Another rainy day here in Minneapolis… yet, your crew presses on! 

We are getting more paint colors approved by the designer so we can start painting some more of the walls and ceilings.

Justin covers the outlet in preparation for painting.

Plastic goes up in the master closet in preparation of spraying the ceiling.

Herson tapes the cabinets before spraying the ceiling in the master closet.

Wednesday, May 17th: Good afternoon! We are happy to report that all of the Super White enamel is sprayed. The areas and rooms with the remaining enamel colors are continuing to be prepped with taping, caulking, and sanding. Now that the Super White enamel is painted, the walls in the those areas/rooms can be painted. This will involve more prep work to cover the newly sprayed enamel.

Herson sands the primer coat on one of the basement doors.

The baseboards get a quick sanding after the primer is applied.

Gerardo tapes around the freshly painted enamel so next they can paint the walls.

Tuesday, May 16th: Though the weather seems to have cleared up for the moment, it looks like more rain either this afternoon and/or tomorrow. Good thing our crew is safe and sound inside and keeping busy prepping and spraying. Today, they’re continuing to prep, tape, and put up plastic and also continuing to spray enamel. 

If you need a mid-day pick-me-up, here’s the Will & Grace trailer that was released yesterday from NBC to perk up this rainy morning. The 12-episode revival kicks off this fall on NBC!

Another crucial step of prep work- vacuuming to make sure surfaces are smooth.

Justin covers the basement doors to prevent overspray.

Herson checks the caulking before the final coat of enamel.

Gerardo puts the cabinets back together post enamel.

World’s Strongest Man: Andres

Monday, May 15th: Good afternoon! We hope you had a great weekend; it certainly was nice here!

Though most of our crews were rained out this afternoon, work persists in Orono. The crew is continuing their prep work with sanding, bondo, and taping. Sanding ensures a smooth surface for the enamel, bondo is used to fill in all the imperfections in the wood, and taping so we can keep the enamel on the appropriate surfaces . These are all crucial steps to a beautiful finish.

Progress update at our enamel project in Orono, MN.

Caulk goes around the door frame.

Sanding for that smooth finish.

Friday, May 12th: Happy Friday! 

The crew is busy spraying the white enamel throughout the house. Clothing coverings and face masks required : )

The ceiling trim gets sprayed.

Making sure the handrail is sanded and ready for enamel.

Quick spot check on the ceiling trim.

Jimmy Fallon’s #MOMQUOTES and just in time for Mother’s Day!

Thursday, May 11th: Happy Thursday and cheers to a beautiful Minnesota day! Today happens to be the state’s 159th Birthday. Minnesota joined the union back in 1858. Today we can celebrate all things Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes, Uff-da & Fargo references, hot dishes, Vikings loyalties, and all the snow! 

Today the crews started spraying the white enamel on the doors and cabinets. They’re also continuing prep work in the  master bathroom and also some miscellaneous prep throughout the house. We can’t wait to see this transformation come to life!

A steady hand sprays on the white paint.

Justin vacuums to make sure there is no dust left behind.

Gerardo caulks the cabinet trim in master closet.

The cabinets get their first coat of white enamel.

The doors take their turn and get sprayed.

Wednesday, May 10th: Mother Nature has again blessed us with some rain. I suppose we can’t really complain as it will only make our grass greener and this project doesn’t isn’t affected by weather. 

Mother’s Day is a short 4 days away, so here’s your official head’s up to get that card for your mom, grandma, aunt, godmother, sister, and all those who share their love, patience, and guidance with us! 

The crew is spraying the white enamel today … awaiting some pictures.

Tuesday, May 9th: Good afternoon! A bit of trivia for your Tuesday- Who recently tweeted that they’ll be commemorating the 20th anniverary of the movie Titanic at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards? If you guessed Canadian superstar Celine Dion, you are correct! She will be singing “My Heart Will Go On” on May 21st to honor the 1997 film.

The white enamel color has been approved and we’ve got the green light! The crew is making sure all the surfaces are prepped and ready for spraying the enamel and depending on time, they’ll start spraying today or tomorrow. 

Gerardo preps the doors for enameling.

The next cover for ‘Purple Rain’?! Justin tapes off the windows.

Making sure we dot all of our i’s and cross all of our t’s! Next step: Enamel!

Friday, May 5th: Good morning and Happy Cino de Mayo!! We are celebrating the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla. We are celebrating Mexican culture with a fiesta lunch for our crews at Roell Painting this afternoon. We want to celebrate Mexican history and have a little fun as well!!

We’ll be adding some pictures and an update shortly!

Wednesday, May 3rd: Today the crew is prepping all of the woodwork in the basement- baseboards, cabinets, and door frames & window frames. The next step is priming those surfaces. The crew is also finshing the priming on wooden surfaces on the main and upper levels. The next step is enameling and we are awaiting on approval for the color matches and then we’ll start applying the new and fresh colors!

Paper and tape — never enough of those supplies for a painter.

Cabinet frames are ready for primer.

Bondo and sanding on the cabinet doors.

No that’s not a smattering of red paint… lots of bondo prep on this window casing.

Monday, May 1st: We can’t believe it’s already May; this year is flying by and we are ready for spring! 

The crews are continuing to prime the woodwork throughout the house. They’re also removing wallpaper in the remaining bedroom/bathrooms. Once we’ve finishing priming the cabinets, trim, etc we can move forward with applying the approved colors for the wood surfaces. Things are coming along very smoothly!

The Billiards Room is primed and ready to be painted.

The trim and cabinets of the bar off the Billiards Room are primed.

We’re saying goodbye to the last bit of wallpaper in the Master Bathroom.

Herzon sands the faux finish on the Master Bathroom cabinets.

Friday, April 28th: Happy Friday! Boy, are we glad to see the sun! It’s been a roller coaster week for weather, but we are on-board with today’s clear and sunny skies. 

Thorough prep continues for the crew at our residence project. They’re covering all surfaces- flooring, windows, mirrors, etc. I wonder what the total amount of tape and painter’s plastic used is?

The ‘Hers’ Master closet gets all covered and taped up.

The mirrors of the master bath are covered in plastic. Did you know plastic wrap is a painter’s best friend?!

No surface left uncovered.

Thursday, April 27th: Another dreary day and dare I admit it, a snowy day. That’s Minnesota for you, though! The good thing is that this project isn’t impacted by our confused Mother Nature. At the house today, we have a meeting of the minds with our Project Manager, Nick and the Designer to go over the details and nitty gritty of getting this house updated to a fresh and rejuvenated look!

Draw downs are ready for approval- Love this color palette of greys & neutrals.

Only the finest at Peterson: Florentina, Giovanni, Gerardo, Ricardo, and Herzon.

Wednesday, April 26th: Good morning! The crew has been busy removing existing wallpaper throughout the house. They’re also prepping the millwork with caulking and bondo. For anybody not totally familiar with bondo, essentially it’s a glazing compound used to fill small imperfections in millwork. After the bondo is applied, it is then sanded prior to the application of the enamel coats, to ensure for a SMOOTH finish, the operative word being SMOOTH.  In fact, you might even say our painters are SMOOTH OPERATORS. Enjoy that throwback to Sade from 1984. 

Effective and thorough prep is essential to all projects, including this one- with covering of the floors, windows, and carpet. We’ll be tackling the enameling of baseboards, windows, doors/frames, crown molding, beams, and mantels first and then the painting of the walls and ceiling will take place. In executing this order of process, we can eliminate a step of taping off the millwork and essentially work as efficiently as possible. 

Afternoon update: The crew is continuing their bondo and caulking of the wood work and also removing wallpaper in powder room and several bedrooms & bathrooms.

The entry powder room is free of wallpaper.

The office is primer-ready!

Caulking the seams of millwork is one of the prep steps before enameling.

It’s a labor of love to remove wallpaper- diligence and patience are key! 

This room is just about complete as the wallpaper comes down.

Monday, April 24th: Good afternoon! Here are a few ‘BEFORE’ pictures from the house.

And here are some ‘PREP’ pictures. The crew is careful to tape off the floors, hardware, and windows. The progression of our projects consist of thorough prep, priming and then painting. At this house, we’ll be enameling window & door trim, cabinets, fireplace mantles, and the front staircase. We can’t wait to see the “freshened” up look!

We’ll continue to update the blog with progress pictures of the painting and enameling project.

Stay tuned!

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