MacLaren Hill – St. Paul 2019

MacLaren Hill – St. Paul

Mural Installation Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at MacClaren Hill in St. Paul. We are excited to be back and painting for your this summer!

Monday, December 2nd: Good morning and Happy December! 

The crew put the last piece of the puzzle together and tied a bow on your interior painting project with installing the mural and track in all of the buildings. Here are a few after photos:

The wall covering is up and shining boldly along the accent wall color.


Friday, September 13th: Friday the 13th, a full moon, and a Border Battle weekend for our Vikings and Packers — oh my! We hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 12th: Good morning! 

We’v got ourselves another rain day, but that won’t stop our interior crews! Here are a few photos from the wall covering install yesterday— and we are loving the pattern chosen! It’s very chic and livens up the entry space!

Entry Vestibule – Before

Que the ‘ooos’ and ‘ahhhs’

Looking sharp at MacLaren.

Wednesday, September 11th: Greetings! 

It’s been a few minutes since we’ve been onsite and you’ve been completing some other work to your building. But today we’re back onsite to install the wall covering in the lobby areas then only a few areas remain. 

Monday, July 15th: Good morning! 

We hope you all had a great weekend! The crew is wrapping up the remaining areas today — the entry vestibule areas and then your project it complete! 

Again, thank you for having us in your buildings. It has been our pleasure sprucing up your hallways, ceilings, and walls. Have a great rest of the summer!

Thursday, July 8th: Greetings! 

We hope you all had a great 4th of July and weekend! 

The crew is continuing to prep and paint in the 3rd Building and they are all set to wrap up on Friday or Saturday.

 I spy with my eye… a crew member way up top.

Taping, prepping, and painting around the door frame.

Taking it to the top to paint the ceiling.

Wednesday, July 3rd: Good afternoon!

Wishing you all a safe, festive, and fun 4th of July!

Tackling another section of walls today. 

Cleaning up after the prep and scraping of trim work.

Going to the top!

Tuesday, July 2nd: Greetings and happy Tuesday! 

The crew started their prep and painting in the 3rd building yesterday and will continue for about another 1.5-2 weeks. 

Taping and prepping around the railings. 

Applying the wall color.

Lots of intricate prep and paint work happening at MacLaren with all of the beams.

Friday, June 28th: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew is continuing their prep and painting in the 1410 Building and will also start to prep areas in the 1412 Building today as they wrap up in the 1410 Building. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Painting the elevator door frame.

Going Up!

Tackling those high to reach walls of the 1410 Building.

Tuesday, June 25th: Greetings! 

The crew is continuing to prep and paint in the 1410 Building and they are anticipating to move into the 1412 Building early next week, likekly Monday, 7/1. Thanks! 

Painting magician… is that a thing? It should be after seeing these paint skills. 

Painting the 3rd floors walls. 

Away with the maroon and in with the gray!

Thursday, June 20th: Good morning! 

The crew is prepping and painting in the 1410 Building. We’re anticipating to complete the Building in about 2 weeks from the start, then we’ll  move over to the 1412 Building to complete the wall painting in that building. Thanks! 

Quite the lift we’ve got there!

Photos from the ceiling painting.

Wednesday, June 19th: Greetings!

Project Check-In with Isaac

Tuesday, June 18th: Good afternoon! 

The crew has prepped and painted the ceiling in the 1410 Building today and will move to the 1412 Building first thing tomorrow to prep and paint the tall ceiling only. Then they’ll resume their prep and painting of the walls on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors in the 1410 Building. 

 Tackling the taller ceilings first in the 1410 Building.

 Prep, prep , and more prep.

Friday, June 14th: Greetings and TGIF! 

Lots happening around the Twin Cities this weekend to check out — looks like a beautiful weather weekend as well! The Stone Arch Festival is this weekend, Fri-Sun in Minneapolis along Main St. in Minneapolis and not far from there, Boom Island Festival is Sat-Sun. If you’re looking to cheer on the Twinkies, they’ve got a home- game stretch through next Wednesday and they are crushing it!

The crew is wrapping on the 1370 Building and will begin the 1410 Building on Monday — starting with ceilings. They’ll prep and paint the ceilings only in the 1410 and then in the 1412 Building. We’re utilizing a lift to reach the upper areas and want to maximize the efficiency of the lift. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 13th: Greetings! 

It’s another beautiful day and the crew has about two and a half floors complete and will wrap up here shortly. The 1410 Building is on deck and will begin next.

Cutting in around the edges first. 

Ladders up to apply the wall paint.

Monday, June 10th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is cruising along and have moved to the 2nd floor of the 1370 Building. They’ll be prepping and painting on this floor through tomorrow and will move up to the 3rd floor on Wednesday and they hope to be wrapping up by the end of the week!

Laying plastic to cover the carpets before spraying the ceilings.

Lots of prep involved before spraying the ceilings. 

Angel and Mathilda prep the floor — plastic, paper, and tape OH MY!

 Up up and away to spray the ceilings. 

Who knew spraying ceilings was an extreme sport?

Wednesday, June 6th: Good morning! 

The crews are starting with the ceilings on the 1st floor and will also continue to the walls, railings, and enamel.

Go go gadget arms to spray the ceiling at MacLaren.

 Brushing and rolling through the entry way.

Prepping and painting down the hallway railings.

Monday, June 3rd: Good morning residents of MacLaren!

Your Crew: Angel, Mathilda, and Jaime.

The famed ‘Before’ photo.

Things are looking up with Roell Painting onsite at MacLaren!

Monday, June 3rd: Good morning residents of MacLaren! 

We are thrilled to be back onsite with you this year! For your 2019 project, we’ll be prepping and painting the interior of your 3 buildings, including the entry, hallway, and stairwell ceilings, walls, millwork- doors/frames, and service doors/frames. 

We are starting in the 1370 Building on the 1st floor and we will complete a floor at a time and then we’ll move up to the 2nd and then continue to make our way up. 

We are starting with the prep and painting of the ceilings, followed by the millwork and walls. The 1410 Building will be 2nd and then the 1412 Building will be 3rd. 

Continue to follow the project progress here on the blog as we’ll project status updates, project photos, and any other pertinent information regarding your project. 

Thanks so much for having us back and we’ll looking forward to sprucing up your buildings.

Roell Painting

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296


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