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Sherwood Court – Minnetonka

Sherwood Court – Minnetonka

Painting will resume as product arrives

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for your upcoming painting project at Sherwood Court in Minnetonka. We’re looking forward to being onsite!

Thursday, July 23rd: Greetings! 

It’s a beautiful day and here is Nick with a project update for Sherwood Court. We’ll be back onsite as we have more finish product arriving to finish up the remaining areas — they have been prepped and primed already. We will also return to paint your chimneys, if not tomorrow – early next week. Thanks! 

Monday, July 20th: Good afternoon! 

The crew has completed the areas where we were spot scraping, priming, and painting. They are waiting for more product to paint the larger sides of those designated buildings. Thank you! 

Beautiful day to be painting at Sherwood Ct.

All hands on deck!

Thursday, July 16th: Greetings!

The crew has pressure washed all areas. Priming continues on Buildings, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, A and B. They will also begin painting starting at Building 12 and moving counter clockwise to Building 13 and then completing A, B, and C.

Ladders are up and the crew is hard at work!

Side view of the Building.

Wednesday, July 15th: Good morning!

The crew is working on several areas at Sherwood Ct — either scraping or priming and will apply the top coat starting today. They have not started on Buildings 7, 8, B or C. Thank you!

Pressure washing in progress today.

Readying the chimneys for painting.

Pressure washing one of the chimneys.

Tuesday, July 14th: Greetings! 

With all of the rain, the crew will not be onsite today. We’ll keep you posted on our return. Thanks!

Monday, July 13th: Good morning! 

The crew will resume their prep and painting tomorrow – Tuesday, 7/14. Thanks!

Friday, June 10th: Greetings!

It’s not a rain day! (Insert HAPPY DANCE) 🎉☀️

The crew is at last kicking off your project with prep and painting at Building 1 today and will then continue to follow the route to complete the remaining buildings. 

Prepping and scraping the siding.

And they’re off!

Prepping at the peaks.


Thursday, July 9th: Good morning!

The crew will not be onsite today due to the morning rain. We hope to be able to return tomorrow. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 8th: Greetings!

Another morning rain session that is keeping the crew offsite. They’ll return tomorrow to start painting. 

Tuesday, July 7th: Good morning! 

With this morning’s rain, we’ll return tomorrow to kick off the painting portion of your project. Thanks!

Monday, July 6th: Greetings! 

We’ve posted a route map above to designate which way the crew will be moving through the community. We’ll be completing touch up painting in various areas of each building – there is a predetermined allotment for each of the buildings. 

You can continue to follow the project progress here on the blog as we’ll post frequent updates, share photos, and alert you of any weather delays should they come up. 

We’re looking forward to getting started! 

Monday, June 22nd: Good afternoon! 

Welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at Sherwood Court. 

We’ll soon post a route map and finishing schedule for your project. Thanks! 


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Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296

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Production Manager
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Project Manager
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