Fieldstone at Parkway Meadow – Maple Grove

Fieldstone at Parkway Meadow – Maple Grove

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming deck staining project at Fieldstone at Parkway Meadows in Maple Grove. We’re looking forward to being onsite with you this summer!

Route Map at Fieldstone Parkway

Friday, July 19th: Hello and TGIF! 

As a note for putting items back onto your deck- we recommend waiting 24 hours after the stain is applied, but you could do up to 48 hours to be extremely safe- thanks!

Inspired by this ‘Fire-y’ hot weather we’re having, we wanted to share Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show video of the Avengers: Endgame cast singing ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ — now stay cool out there! 

The crew is wrapping up your decking project today — thanks agin for having us and we hope you have a great weekend!

Applying the stain— looks pretty great if you ask us!

Thursday, July 18th: Greetings and Happy Hump Day!

As the 2019 Emmy Award nominees were recently announced, let’s throw it back to 2000 and a few of that’s year’s winners for #ThrowbackThursday:  Comedy Series- Will & Grace, Outstanding Drama Series – West Wing, Best Actor for Comedy Serious- Michael J Fox in Spin City, and Best Actress for Comedy Seriues- Patricia Heaton in Everybody Loves Raymond. Here’s the link for this year’s nominees. The Awards will be on September 22nd!

We have clear skies and the crew is back onsite to resume their prep and staining of the decks. They are staining along the lower stretch of decks on the south side from 18189 to 17965 and hope to complete the row by day’s end, weather permitting. Thanks!



A work in progress with tarps in place.

Wednesday, July 17th: Greetings! 

Deja Vu over here today. The crew will be again pressing pause on your project as we anticipate more rain today and over night. As said before, decking project really take the brunt of any rain as the boards need to be completly dry for applying the stain. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 16th: Good afternoon!

We’ve had a record breaking 12 months of rain over the last year and we’ve gotten more recently to add to the accumulation. With decking projects seeing weather impacts, we’ll be on a weather delay today due to yesterday evening’s storms. While staining decks, we need the surface materials to be completely dry for the stain to adhere properly. 

We appreciate your patience and will see you back tomorrow, or as the weather allows. Thanks!

Monday, July 15th: Greetings!

It’s going to be a scorcher this week so take care of yourself and stay hydrated! And often with hot weather comes thunderstorms so check back here on the blog for weather updates and delays on your project!

We’ve started to prep and stain your decks, beginning with the 18189 Building and moving along the route. We will post how many buildings we complete each day so you can know when to anticipate us at your deck. Thank you!

We’re looking forward to seeing the completed decks.

Applying the deck stain at Fieldstone Parkway.

Thursday, July 11th: Good afternoon!

The crew is off and running at Fieldstone Parkway with pressure washing the deck floors. We’ll get through the included decks by tomorrow and will then begin staining on Monday, 7/15- weather permitting. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Pressure washing and prepping the deck floors. 

Checking another deck off the list.

Tuesday, July 9th: Hello and welcome back to your project blog! 

We’ll be getting things started on Thursday and Friday with pressure washing of the deck floors, excluding those maintenance free decks. If you can kindly move items off of your deck in advance of the washing so the crew has unobstructed access during the washing that would be greatly appreciated! 

The pressure washing will take 1-2 days and then the crew will return on Monday, 7/15 to begin staining. They’ll be following the same route as they did to pressure wash. 

You continue to follow project progress here on the blog as we’ll post frequent updates, progress photos, and any weather delays should they come up. 

We’re looking forward to getting your project started and want to thank you for the privilege of working with and for you this summer!

Monday, July 1st: Greetings and welcome to your project blog!

We’ll be starting your deck staining project the week of July 8th. First we’ll begin by pressure washing the included deck floors and then we’ll return to start prepping and staining the deck floors. We’ll soon post a map and finishing route as we finalize those details.

Stay tuned here on the blog for frequent project updates, progress photos, and any delays due to weather should they come up. Thanks so much and have a great 4th of July!

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