Wachter Lake – Rosemount

Wachter Lake – Rosemount


Greetings and welcome to the official project page for the Epoxy floor coating project at your condo association. We are thrilled to be onsite with you!

Friday, June 8th: Hello and TGIF! 

We have completed the coating application on your parking garage drive lane and entry apron areas. All was smooth sailing and your interior parking garage will be back in business on Saturday, 6/9. Thank you again for having us and enjoy your freshly coated garage surface.

Look at that floor shine!

Thursday, June 7th: Good morning! 

Our crew has completed the prep steps in advance of applying the top coat. Yesterday they completed the shot blasting as well as used a diamond wheel to prep the cracks to promote surfaces ready for prime coat and top coat adhesion. They’ll be applying the top coat today as they applied the prime coat after their prep work yesterday. The products they are using are TC 275 for exterior area and TC 295 for the interior areas. Thanks again for your cooperation while we prep and coat your garage floors.

Wednesday, June 6th: Hello! The rain is no obstacle for our prep team. They are onsite completing the shot blasting portion of the project to ready the areas for priming and then the top coat. Thank you again for your cooperation in closing the parking garage!

Brian, Joey, and Pat – your Watcher Lake prep team.

Tuesday, June 5th:

We’ll be getting things underway tomorrow with shot blasting the garage floor and entry apron in preparation for the prime coat and then the top coat. We’re anticipating to be done coating by the end of the day on Friday. We want to thank you in advance for your cooperation as we close down the garage for car usage. You may traverse through the garage on foot, if you need to access your storage units; however, please exercise caution. Thanks!

Friday, June 1st: Hello again Wachter Lake! It feels like yesterday that we were onsite painting your hallways, your exterior foundation,  and we are absolutely  thrilled to be back onsite with you again this year to apply an epoxy coating to your underground garage floor and entry apron.

Here is the synopsis of what we will be doing: 

“Interior Parking Surface/Drive Lane”  

Contractor to prep & finish the garage parking deck as delineated by sawcuts. After surface has been thoroughly prepped, contractor to apply a full prime coat of MasterSeal 350 epoxy primer to the entire deck floor, followed by a  topcoat of MasterSeal TC275.

Entry Apron 

Contractor to prep & finish the entry apron. After surface has been thoroughly prepped, contractor to apply a full prime coat of MasterSeal 350 epoxy primer followed by a  topcoat of MasterSeal TC295.

Basically, this all technical lingo which will ultimately yield THIS:

We’ll see everybody on Tuesday! Have a great weekend!

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