Cahill of Edina – 2018 Touch-up Painting & Carpentry

Cahill of Edina – 2018 Touch-up Painting & Carpentry

Project Complete

Welcome to the official blog for the 2018 paint and carpentry touch-up project at Cahill of Edina. We are excited to be back onsite with you!

Wednesday, July 25th: Hello residents of Cahill! 

Our carpentry duo is making the rounds through your association with repairs and paint touch ups. The project has been moving smoothly and we appreciate your cooperation as we paint on your buildings. Thanks!

Rey, your main carpentry fella in action!

Team Blue with the chip brush. 

Monday, July 23rd: Good afternoon! 

After all the rain last week, we are back onsite and completing the misc. carpentry and painting. Pictures coming soon!

Thursday, July 19th: We’ve got ourselves a rain delay today folks. 

We have been busy with the misc. carpentry repairs and misc. painting. We’ve also started the sealant on your entry way stress crack, which for some units we will be revisiting to make sure the crack is completely sealed. Thanks!

Thursday, July 12th: Hello! With the recent seal coating of your driveways, we’re doing our best to stay out of the way before we get completely started. In the meantime, we’re delivering materials and getting paint onsite ready. We’ll be getting going in the next day or so, with weather pending. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 11th: Good morning residents of Cahill of Edina! With the bit of rain we had yesterday, we’ll be onsite to deliver some materials and paint and potentially start with some prep and painting. Thanks! 

Tuesday, July 10th: Hello and welcome to your 2018 project blog! We are just thrilled to be back at a familiar place and working with you again this summer! 

As is previous years, we are completing misc. carpentry repairs and touch-up painting to various areas of your association. And new this year, we’ll be applying caulk to the stress crack in the sidewalk by your front entry. Once this area is complete, we ask that you please not walk on the area for 24 hours – we’ll mark the area once it is complete. 

We’ll begin on Wednesday, July 11th and start at the north end of the property (Building #6 will be first and we’ll move counter clockwise to finish at Building #1). We anticipate the project will take 2-3 weeks to complete, weather permitting. 

As in previous years, we’ll utilize this project blog to communicate project status, progress, and any weather delays if they come up.

Thanks so much and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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