Silver Lake Woods – Moundsview

Silver Lake Woods – Moundsview

PROJECT COMPLETED- Manor Home doors and touchups completed 8/22

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Silver Lake Woods in Moundsview. We are thrilled to be working with/for you!

Tuesday, July 19th: Good afternoon Silver Lake Woods. We are definitely on the home stretch here and this week, the crew will be returning onsite to pressure wash 22 garage doors with rust that is present. They will be returning Saturday to prime the rust spots with a rust inhibiting primer, followed by a top coat of Sherwin Williams “Duration” paint. 

We have a few odds/ends to wrap up but after the garage doors are completed, we are hoping to paint and install shutters on a couple of your buildings in the near future. We can’t thank you enough for all of your cooperation throughout the project. We’ve had terrific feedback and several people have said, “the property has never looked better.” 

It was our privilege working with you!

Wednesday, July 29th: Hello again residents of Silver Lake Woods. It’s another week of sunshine and another great week of progress at your property. This week we have a lot of thank-you’s to share. 

First of all, a very special thank you to Sylvia @ 2725 Lake Court Drive who took the time to call us Monday morning to express what a great job the fellas were doing and how kind and courteous they all are. 

Additionally, a huge thank you to Mary for putting together a very detailed and comprehensive shutter color guide! We’ve got all the color matches completed and shutter painting is getting underway. 

We again want to remind folks that have inquired that we will be peforming a separate bid to address your decking. We’ve had several people inquire and we will begin taking a look at that as we near completion of the base bid areas.

The fellas fuel up for another hard day’s work @ Silver Lake Woods!

Thursday, June 23rd: Happy Thursday residents of Silver Lake Woods! You’ve probably noticed by now that the “White Knights” of Roell Painting as we like to call them have been making their way around the property getting your trim painting underway! This will continue through the end of the week as we work to finalize your shutter colors with the board. 

Also, as we continue to paint garage door trim, your garage numerals are being replaced so as a temporary measure, your address will be written on trusty ol’ painters tape until your maintenance teams installs the new numerals! 

As long as the sun keeps on shining, painting will continue! Stay tuned right here for ongoing project updates. 

A specialty adhesion primer is being applied before the topcoat on your trim areas to promote adhesion and longevity. It has the appearance similar to Elmer’s school glue as it is applied, but then it dries clear.

Ever the fashion icon, Hermes does his best Rafael Nadal impression with his clam digger pants while caulking a seam on a garage door frame.

Monday, June 20th: Perhaps you’ve found your way to our blog by way of blue notices posted throughout your property over the weekend. If that is the case, welcome! We are very excited to be getting things underway on Tuesday! 

As part of this year’s scope of work, we are painting numerous areas onsite including door trim, finial brackets, garden level privacy walls, select garage doors, select front railings, gas/electric meters, and shutters. 

We want to extend a special thank you to your property manager Josh, your association board, and Mr. Bill King for all of his communication and efforts in facilitating the bid process, and ultimately helping get the project off the ground! 

We know it’s been a busy summer out there with LOTS of projects and we consider an esteemed privilege to be welcome onsite to spruce up your painting needs! 

You can monitor the project progress right here on the blog and we anticipate that the project will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete, weather permitting. 

We’ll see you tomorrow! 


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