Beachside – Minnetonka

Beachside – Minnetonka

Monday, July 13th – Project nearing completion – touchups on Tuesday

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Beachside I this year. We are thrilled to be back with you again! 

Monday, July 13th: After a late start due to weather this morning at Beachside, the fellas managed to make up for lost time and have essentially completed the project at Beachside, save for a handful of touchups one some garage doors. Jesse, our most senior job supervisor and Beachside 1 veteran will be going over everything with a fine toothed comb later this week.

The paper gets pulled on one of the garage doors @ Beachside.

Saturday, July 11th: Arturo and company continue to complete some serious work at Beachside, having now completed 14/22 Buildings. Work should wrap up mid next week and until that time, we simply salute our guys with music. This one’s for you Nancy (and Emma)!!!!

Thursday, July 9th: Another glorious Minnesota summer day and another day of terrific progress at Beachside. The crew completed 4 more buildings today and that brings the tally to 11/21 Buildings, or just over 50% completed. It’s amazing how far a little sunshine and elbow grease will go!

Juan Pablo preps one of the doors at 5201

Wednesday, July 8th: By the end of the day on Wednesday, 7/22, or just under 30% of the buildings have been completed out at Beachside. We are not following a linear route per se, but instead have elected to finish buildings that are the same color simultaneously. Even though this might require more transport, it’s more efficient to not have to change/clean out the sprayer every time we switch buildings! At this rate, the guys should be nearing completion of the project by the middle of next week, weather permitting of course!

This year, Santiago assumes the stead of “Sultan of Spray” held by Balta last year!

Tuesday, July 7th: Now that the the rains have subsided and the weather is absolutely gorgeous outside, the crew has returned to beachside to begin painting the garage doors and metal railings. We have also added your garage door frames and bandboards above the garage doors to the scope of work and when all is said and done, things will really pop and look uniform across the property! 

The guys have started prepping the areas starting at 5185 and they will first complete the remaining outside perimeter buildings, followed shortly thereafter by all of the interior circle buildings-84 total. We expect the project to take about 1.5-2 weeks. 

In both the case of metal railings and garage doors, a rust inhibiting primer is applied to the substrates after the flaking rust is sanded off

Monday, July 6th:  Rains have delayed the project progress @ Beachside today.

Monday, June 27th: Now that the crew has finished pressure washing, they will be wrapping up a project elsewhere and then returning after the holiday weekend to begin painting your garage doors and metal railing on your front stoops. You can see from the map below, which units are included in this year’s project (essentially all the units that were not part of last year’s project.

Friday, June 26th: The guys are onsite pressure washing your garage doors today and will return the week of July 6th to begin painting!

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