Roundstone at Evermoor – Rosemount

Roundstone at Evermoor – Rosemount

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for this year’s painting project at Roundstone at Evermoor in Rosemount. We are thrilled to be onsite with you!

Friday, August 21st: Good afternoon! 

Happy Friday! The crew will be onsite tomorrow to paint the remaining decks with the solid stain. Thanks and have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, August 19th: Greetings! 

It’s a beautiful day to be staining decks at Roundstone at Evermoor. They are beginning at Building 6 today and have about one more day of staining. 

Applying the deck stain.

Sanding 2 by 2.


Tuesday, August 18th: Good morning! 

The crew is starting off at Building 4 with their prep and staining today. 

Staining is in progress.

Sanding and prepping before we apply the stain.

Monday, August 17th: Good afternoon!

The crew is starting to stain your decks today beginning at Building 1. 

Prepping and sanding deck floors.

Readying surfaces for staining.

Wednesday, August 12th: Good morning! 

The crew is going to push back starting to stain your decks to Monday, 8/17 with today’s rain and some rain forecasted for the rest of the week. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 11th: Greetings! 

The crew is finishing up the pressure washing today at Roundstone. They’ll then return to stain on Thursday, 8/13. Thanks!

Washing down your decking.

Spraying down the deck boards.

Monday, August 10th: Good morning! 

Happy project start day! 

The crew is off and running and Roundstone at Evermoor with pressure washing of the including decking areas. They’ll make their way through the route. 

We’ll keep you posted as to how many decks they’ll get through if they don’t wash all of them. They are tentatively set to be back on Thursday to begin staining — weather will impact your schedule and you can stay apprised of up-to-date info here on the blog. Thanks!

Washing your deck floors.

Applying the cleaning solution.

It’s pressure washing day!

Wednesday, August 5th: Good afternoon! 

Welcome to your project blog for the upcoming staining project at Roundstone at Evermoor in Rosemount. We’ll be kicking off your project with pressure washing of the included decking areas starting on Monday, 8/10.

Once the substrates have had time to dry, the crew will return to begin their prep and staining of the included surfaces. We are anticipating this to begin on Thursday, August 6th. We’ll soon post a route map and tentative finishing schedule so you can know when to expect us at your deck. 

You can continue to follow the project progress here on the blog as we’ll provide frequent updates on progress, share photos, and inform you of any weather delays.

Thank you so much for having us and we are looking forward to being onsite!

Dana Clark

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296

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