Private Residence – Cedarcrest Drive, Eden Prairie

Private Residence – Cedarcrest

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for this residential kitchen and mudroom enamel project! We’re looking forward to sharing the process with you!

Tuesday, January 28th: Greetings! 

We’re happy to share the ‘After’ photos and we are thrilled at the outcome! The white brightens up the space and the new black hardware really pops! 

Bold and Blue!

Shining bright in White Dove.

We love the updated hardware.

Light & Bright.

Bravo to the crew!

And here are the famed ‘After’ photos.

Friday, January 24th: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew is nearing the end of the project at Cedarcrest Drive. Today they are finishing up the doors as well as cleaning up, removing paper and plastic. They’ll also be putting on the new hardware as they reinstall the cabinet doors. 

Can’t wait to see the finished look!

Re-hanging the cabinet doors.

Final photos coming soon!

Removing the plastic and paper.

Finishing up the doors.

Bold and blue in the mudroom.

Wednesday, January 22nd: Greetings! 

The crew is completing more bondo/sanding and has sprayed the 2nd coat of enamel today. 

Racks on racks.

Really reaching for that back corner.

Taking a pass at the mantle.

Spraying the cabinet boxes with 2nd coat of enamel.

Tuesday, January 21st: Good afternoon! 

Nick was onsite this morning checking on the project progress. The crew completed more bondo/sanding this morning and vacuuming. They’ll be spraying the first coat of enamel this afternoon. Here’s a video update:

Monday, January 20th: Good morning! 

We’ve survived the snow and cold and we are right back to business. The crew was onsite yesterday to spray the primer on the areas we are finishing – kitchen cabinets, living room built ins, and the mudroom cabinets. 

Now today, they’ll begin applying Bondo to areas where the wood graining is visible. This putty-like substance will fill the grains and then they will sand this down smooth before they spray the first coat of enamel tomorrow. 

All set and prepped!

Marvin sprays the kitchen cabinets.

Primer is in progress.

Spraying the cabinet doors.

Fresh Primer!

Primer is applied to the living room built in cabinets.

Mudroom cabinets are primed with a gray primer.

Starting on the gel stain for the mud room bench.

Lights are used to more closely see the imperfections and graining of the cabinets.

Starting to bondo and fill the wood graining on the cabinets.

Friday, January 17th: Hello and TGIF! 

Snowmageddon is upon us and we are waiting its wintery arrival. But while we wait, the crew is back onsite today completing more prep work before they can begin priming on Sunday. 

Alas, more plastic, tape, and paper to cover areas we are not painting i.e., walls and ceilings. 

Adding a layer of plastic to cover the ceiling.

Covering wall and window areas with plastic.

Walkway openings are covered also to prevent spray traveling to other areas.

Covering the stone on the fireplace.

Thursday, January 16th: Good afternoon! 

Welcome to the project blog for this residential kitchen cabinet, living room built ins and mudroom enamel project. You can follow the project progress here as we’ll post frequent updates and photos – from start to finish. 

Today the crew is kicking off the project with prep work. This means the crew shows up wearing their painter whites and a smile with boxes of tape and caulk and rolls of plastic and paper. When we enamel cabinets, we’ll remove any doors and drawers and label them accordingly so we can easily reinstall them at the end. The cabinet doors and drawers are removed to finish and spray them separately while the cabinet boxes are left and the openings are covered with paper or plastic. 

We’ll also be covering the flooring, countertops and blocking off entry ways, taping off edges and openings of cabinet boxes. Once areas are prepped and covered the process is prep -> spray primer -> sand/bondo -> 1st coat of enamel -> sand/bondo -> 2nd coat of enamel -> wall prep -> wall painting -> and finally touch ups. 

When we arrive at the bondo/sanding step, we use a putty to fill in the wood graining that is showing through, the graining is most visible on our oak wood projects. Once the bondo is filled/applied, we’ll sand it down before applying the enamel. This process is crucial when looking to mask the visibility of the wood graining. 

The crew is off and running with prepping the working areas!

Signs of prep day: paper, plastic, and tape – oh my!

Prep is underway in the living room.

Covering the flooring and taping off edges.

Your crew! Left to Right -> Manuel, Jose, Marvin and Production Manager Ben

You can continue to follow the project progress here on the blog as we transform this kitchen , living room and mud room! 



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