Regatta Manor HOA – Apple Valley

Regatta Manor HOA – Apple Valley

Tuesday, August 25th: Final inspection performed today. Final touch-ups tomorrow!

Greetings & Welcome to the official blog post for the trim painting project at Regatta Manor II in Apple Valley.  We are thrilled you found us.

Tuesday, August 25th: Our crew supervisor, Jesse, spent about an hour on site walking all the buildings and marking touch-ups as the association today.  He found less then 10 touch-ups throughout all the homes!  

The crew will be back tomorrow to complete these touch-ups and we will then present the project to the property manager & association board for review!  

Thanks for having us onsite at your beautiful association!

Friday, August 21st:  After several days of rain earlier in the week, we are still hoping to complete the remaining 3 buildings at the association today!    

Once the work is done, our job supervisor will be inspecting all units (likely early next week) to ensure that the quality and thoroughness of the project meets our standards before presenting the project to the association board and property manager!

Tuesday, August 18th: With beautiful weather on Saturday and Monday, the crew was able to get through building #20!   

Today we plan on completing between 3-5 additional buildings depending on weather!  A storm system is supposed to hit the metro area between 10 am – 12 pm.  The severity of the storm will dictate how much we can complete.  Luckily many of the front doors are protected by soffits so we are able to work if the rain is light. 

Jose (above) shows off his brush skills while painting a front door frame.

Mario (above), a self proclaimed green thumb, cuts in the pillar while looking at the beautiful flowers. He can often be hear talking about how great a year this was for plants!

Friday, August 14th:  We fell a little short of our goal yesterday and were only able to finish up to building #7 yesterday.  We will have a slightly larger crew onsite today so we hope to make up for yesterday by prepping & completing through building #13 today.

Gilrardo (above) cutting in one of the louvers!

The crew working hard getting your front entries looking awesome again!

Thursday, August 13th: The crew has made some great progress over the past couple days.  We completed the painting on buildings #1-4 and have prepped buildings #5-8.  We plan on finishing those today and hopefully prepping buildings #9 & #10 today.

Manuel (above) shows off his trim roller skills. Notice the difference a fresh coat of paint makes at the bottom of the pillar. The new coating will really make the trim POP!

Omar (above) displays his brush work at a front entry door frame while being in the presense of an Amazon delivery.

Tuesday, August 11th: Heeerrrrreeeee’s the painting crew!  We arrived promptly at 8 am today and the crew hit the ground running.

Omar (left) & Manuel (right) stand at the ready to begin prep work out at Regatta Manor! Also shown in the photo are some areas that we are painting. Entry Pillars & Front Door Frames.

The crew also plans on painting the various size gable louvers throughout the association!  

The plan for today will be to hand clean, scrape, caulk and spot prime approximately 5 buildings today.  Possibly by the end of the day, we will beging applying finish coats to the first couple buildings as well.  

Thanks for having us onsite and we look forward to working at your beautiful association this week.

Friday, August 7th: As the old saying goes, “You can’t predict Mother Nature!” and with that being said we likely will be delayed by one day next week.  

The crew is working on a project in Minnetonka and was rained out on Thursday by 9:30 am and today, Friday, is also a total wash after the heavy rains over night.  We are working on Saturday to play catch up but will need another day on Monday to finish that project up before heading down to Regatta Manor!  

The current plan will be to start on Tuesday, August 11th at 8 am.  Above you will find our finishing route for the project.

Thursday, August 6th: Likely a blue posting on your garage door frame may have led you to our little blog.  Thanks for visiting!  We will be using this a tool to update you folks on the painting project being performed at the association.  

Feel free to ask questions, leave comments or contact us through this blog!   

We will be posting our crew’s projected route in the next few days so stay tuned for a map showing where we will be starting and finishing the project next week.  

The crew will arrive around 8 am on Monday morning and begin prepping the front entry door frames, front entry pillars & louvers.  

The prep work includes taping off the vinyl trim, scraping the loose and peeling paint, caulking of the frames & spot priming all the srapped and bare wood areas.  

We ask that all homeowner’s leave their storm doors unlocked for the duration of the project so we can paint the entire frame.

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