Beehive Ct.- Kitchen Enamel Project

Beehive Ct.- Kitchen Enamel Project

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for this residential kitchen enamel project. We’re thrilled to be sharing the project progress with you!

Monday, March 2nd: Greetings! 

The crew has wrapped and will soon be completing their touch ups. Here are some ‘99% complete’ photos – we love how much lighter and brighter the space is! 

All smooth for the bench seat.

This kitchen is shining bright!

The completed side cabinet.

Light and bright in this kitchen!

Friday, February 28th: Hello and TGIF! 

We are thrilled at the upcoming weather this weekend — highs in the 40s! (can you tell?) Does this mean we’re on the upswing towards spring? We sure hope so!

The crew is finishing up spraying a few areas and will then start to remove some of the plastic and tape to paint the included wall areas. The crew has put in their hours and it shows! This kitchen, millwork, and ceilings are looking crisp, bright, and smooth. Here are a few photos from this morning’s site visit. 

They likely have a day for wall painting and will then begin to reinstall the cabinet doors and drawers & hardware and complete a thorough clean up. 

Looking forward to sharing the ‘after’ photos soon!

Fresh coat of paint on the bench.

Drying the cabinet doors on our racking system.

Taped off the door way to make a barrier between the work zone.

Bright and white in the kitchen.

Wednesday, February 26th: Greetings! 

The primer has been sprayed and the crew will begin their bondo and sanding today. Bondo is a wood filler used to fill in the visible wood grains. This is then sanding down before spraying the 1st coat of enamel. The process is then repeated a 2nd time between the 1st coat of enamel and the 2nd coat of enamel. Especially with an oak wood species, using bondo and sanding will yield a much smoother finish without as visible graining coming through the paint. 

Using bondo to fill the visible graining.

The primer is sprayed and the crew is filling in the grains and sanding.

Red pops of color now will mask the graining and be covered with the enamel coats.

A sea of red bondo.

Tuesday, February 25th: Good morning! 

The crew kicked off the project yesterday with a full day of prep work – removing doors and drawers of the kitchen cabinets, covering floors, taping off edges, windows, and door frames. They also started their prep work of the living room ceiling – they will be repairing and painting the ceiling in that room as well. 

Today they are spraying the primer on the cabinet doors, drawers, and boxes. Dry time is overnight, so tomorrow they’ll begin to fill in the wood grains with bondo and then sand and smooth it down. 

Ceiling prep work.

Prep in the kitchen – covering floors and surfaces.

Covered and taped off in the kitchen.

Taping off for ceiling painting.

Getting those crisp lines for the ceiling.



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