Private Residence – Eden Prairie

Private Residence – Eden Prairie

January 4th Evening Update – Upstairs Bedrooms Complete

Monday, January 4th: Welcome home! We are happy to report that another productive day has seen the crew complete the wall painting in the upstairs bedrooms! Which means, that you can sleep in your own bed tonight! We are still on track for completion this Thursday!

We hope that “Life will be a dream” as you rest your heads on your own pillows AND enjoy your newly finished house!

Sunday, January 3rd: Happy New Year and what better way to ring in 2016 with freshly enameled millwork! In so many ways, white is synonymous with the new year, and we hope you are excited as we are about the freshness and jubilance of a new year AND for all intents and purposes, a new house! 

With that being said, we still have some work to do, but we are on the home stretch with wall painting starting tomorrow, which will only serve to enhance the beautiful contrast of the enameling. 

We will start painting the upstairs bedrooms tomorrow (the walls will be labeled accordingly today) and we will be making our way downstairs. Right now, we are projecting a Thursday, 1/7 completion. 

Thanks for letting us do what we do! Things will really come together in the coming days!

Like the new year, the “new” kitchen is full of possibilities!

Even the stainless appliances look brand new amidsts the fresh white backdrop!

And the re-assembly process begins…

Wednesday, 12/30: Prep work continues on the upper level and by day’s end today, the upper level will be fully primed. By Thursday, the crew will be ringing in the new year by applying the first coat of enamel to the upper level millwork.  Because we are using an alkyd enamel, dry times are slower, but akin to Heinz ketchup commercials circa 1987, the best things in life are worth the wait! 

After the enameling is completed, the guys will waste no time getting right to the walls, and at this stage, the transformation will really start coming together and the finishes will really pop!

Jaime goes top shelf to spray the prime coat to the crown molding in the foyer.

Meticulous bondo work continues in the upper level bedroom.

Caulking seams is another critical prep step when enameling millwork.

Monday, 12/28.  The fellas continue to make steady progress and have now begun making their way upstairs to continue prep work. We are about at the halfway point and we are working hard to complete the project within the alotted time frame.

Norberto preps the handrail as he awaits further instructions through his earpiece from HQ.

The transformation becomes increasingly visible as the project progresses.

Saturday, 12/26: By the looks of things, Santa left a a few cans of bondo in the fella’s stockings, just in time for their return to the project in Eden Prairie! For anybody not totally familiar with bondo, essentially it’s a glazing compound used to fill small imperfections in millwork. After the bondo is applied, with the help of a spotlight no less, it is then sanded prior to the application of the enamel coats, to ensure for a SMOOTH finish, the operative word being SMOOTH.  In fact, you might even say our painters are SMOOTH OPERATORS.

With the aid of a spotlight, the fellas bondo imperfections in the cabinet doors.

The same is true for the doors.

And this is what it looks like when a project is mid-stream.

12/24 – Christmas Eve Update: Before the fellas headed home to celebrate Christmas, they made their way to the living room the prime coat is underway in the living room cabinets/mantle.  After some very well deserved holiday rest, they will return on the 26th and pick things up where they left off. As mentioned, while progress is evident, we are getting to that stage of the project where it will be an all-out construction zone until we start applying the final enamel coats. But fear not, we are well on our way. Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad!

A glimpse of the fireplace mantle/cabinets as the prime coat gets underway.

Each door is set up and labeled before being primed.

12/22 – Evening update: With the forecast promising to bring rain, then eventually SNOW, we’re hedging our bets and making good on Bing Crosby’s proclamation that by hook or crook, it will be a white Christmas. The prime coat is well underway and while we are a loooong way from the finish line, it’s always exciting to see the first signs of transformation.

Plastic is a painter’s best friend on the front end of an enameling project.

Mariano sprays the prime coat along the crown molding. Even though overspray is visible, it will be long gone when the guys cut in the walls, which is the final step in the transformation! 

“Steady Hand” Jaime applies primer to the millwork in the eat in kitchen.

Tuesday, December 22nd: Now that the winter solstice has officially arrived, what better way to make up for the lack of snow on the ground then by making the dream of a white christmas come true? After a full day of prep yesterday, the space is essentially ready for the millwork to receive the prime coat. As alluded to yesterday, so much of any painting project boils down to extensive prep work, and this project is certainly no exception. By day’s end, the application of the prime coat will be underway and the homeowners will be on their way to Roell Painting’s version of a “White Christmas.”

Monday, December 21st:  The crew has arrived onsite and preparations are underway. The homeowners did a terrific job of getting the space ready for us, and the front end of the project will consist of prep, prep, and more prep. Did we mention that the first part of an interior painting project like this is prep! 

Nevertheless, now that we are off and running, you can monitor the ongoing project progress right here on the blog. 

Nick, Mariano, Jaime, Jesse, Norberto, Roberto, and Andres get the project underway. Photo courtesy of “Selfie Stick.”

Kudos to the homeowners for getting the space ready, including clearing the contents of your drawers!

The window grids are meticulously labeled to ensure a seamless return back to their rightful place!

The crew does their best Jorge Posada impression as things get underway!

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