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Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for River’s Edge in Minneapolis! Color us thrilled to be onsite working for you!

Tuesday, March 24th: The crew continues to make steady progress at River’s Edge and work continues on the 3rd floor today. We kindly ask that residents continue to exercise caution, as we noticed a gauge in the freshly painted laundry room door on the 4th floor.

The tentative schedule right now is to continue making their way down to 1st floor, and door painting will likely commence beginning next Monday. We will be posting notices later this to sign up for specific time slots, otherwise the guys will be going around door to door with attempts to paint the doors in the open position. Thanks, as usual, for all of your cooperation.

Victor, Carlos, and Francisco display their handiwork at River’s Edge.

In a word, WOW!

Having common color doors and frames, like the elevator brings a design consistency to the River’s Edge space.

Monday, March 23rd: Despite less than ideal commuting conditions, the crew has braved the elements and is back onsite today and making very good progress! The frames are nearly complete on the 4th floor, and they are beginning to roll the walls on 4th floor as well. As we’ve said countless times before, what a difference a fresh coat of paint makes! The hallways are really starting to take shape and in our humble opinion, things look pretty darn good. But don’t take our word for it…the proof is in the pudding!


After-once the door is painted, everything will “pop” that much more!


The walls and door frames look fantastic!

Friday, March 20th: We are off and running at River’s Edge in Minneapolis this morning! Victor and the boys wasted no time getting moving, and they have started wall repairs throughout, and will begin painting the door frames on 4th floor and we’ll make their way down to 1st floor. I know we are excited about the transformation that is about to occur, and we hope you are too! Stay tuned right here on the blog for ongoing updates to the progress, and some pretty cool before/after pics.

Francisco prepping one of the door frames on the 4th floor.

Wall repairs are an integral part of achieving a fresh and smooth finish!

Thursday, March 19th: Greetings River’s Edge residents. We are so excited to be getting things underway tomorrow at River’s Edge. Special thanks to Stacy, Kelly, and Genet for all of their efforts thus far in selecting colors and facilitating the process.

The project will begin on Friday, March 20th and the scope of work includes the painting of the stairwell walls, the hallway walls, the laundry room walls, and essentially all the doors and frames. We will begin by painting all the door frames, as well as the common area doors, then we will paint the included walls shortly thereafter. The last item we paint will be the residence doors (25 total) and we will make every attempt to paint these in open position. This will likely begin near the end of next week and the guys will be knocking on doors to check and see residents are home, so that we can paint your doors in the open position. If you prefer, you can schedule a specific time you’d like your door to be painted right here on the blog. We anticipate the project will take about 2 weeks to finish.

Stay tuned right here for daily project updates. As questions arise throughout the course of the project, you can reach out to either Isaac or Victor. See their contact information below.

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