Private Residence, Plymouth – Millwork & Wall Painting Project

Private Residence, Plymouth – Millwork & Wall Painting Project


Greetings and welcome to the project blog for this winter painting project. We’ll be enameling all of the millwork – trim/frames as well as painting most walls. Looking forward to sharing the process!

Thursday, December 19th: Greetings! 

The enamel is done and the crew is continuing will wall painting prep, wall painting, and some clean up in completed areas. They’ve completed majority of the wall painting in the upper level and will be continuing on the main level. 

Lighter and brighter on the walls.

Wall painting is complete in this bedroom.

Painting our way down the hallway.

Wall painting is in progress.

One of the completed bedrooms.

Wednesday, December 18th: Good morning! 

The crew is finishing up spraying the 2nd coat of enamel on the remaining areas today as well as prepping and taping off the walls for painting.  They are also painting the walls in the lower level as well. 

Prepping for wall painting.

Taping along the baseboards.

Ready for a crisp cut line around the cabinet.

Taping off the edges.

Tuesday, December 17th: Greetings! 

We are in the final countdown before the holidays and the crew is moving along with the enamel portion of this project. They are getting to all sprayed surfaces and using bondo to fill in the wood grains. The spotlight is used to really see the differentiation of sanded/smooth areas vs the wood grains. Once the bondo and sanding are complete, they’ll spray the areas again with the 2nd coat of enamel. 

Using bondo to fill in the wood grains and then smooth the surface.

Bondo Day — doors, frames, and trim.

Applying bondo after the first coat of enamel.

Sunday, December 15th: Good afternoon! 

Here’s a recap of the crews’ progress over the weekend:

On Saturday they did Bondo work/sanding on the Master, upper hallway and stairs and sprayed the 1st coat of enamel on these areas in the afternoon. They’ll return Monday to do another round of Bondo/sand and then spay the 2nd coat later in the day.

Monday they’ll also be moving to the main level and spray 1st coat of enamel. Then on Tuesday they’ll Bondo/sand this area and spray the 2nd coat enamel later in the day.

Early next week they’ll begin wall painting as they’re able after the 2nd enamel coat is dry as well. 

Bondo to smooth and fill the wood grain.

After the 1st coat of enamel.

Primer – Check, Bondo/Sand – Check – – – ready for the 1st coat of Enamel.

A vision of red to fill in the wood grains.

1st coat of enamel on the baseboard going down the stairs.

Going up & the 1st coat of enamel is complete.

Friday, December 13th: Hello and happy Friday the 13th! 

The crew is back and then are canvassing the house with more plastic, paper, and tape. They’ll also begin spraying primer on a portion of the included millwork. 

Taping off the millwork edges.

Signs of prep: plastic, tape rolls, and paper.

Plastic on the carpet.

Sectioning off areas we are not spraying.

Plastic to create a barrier of work areas.

Thursday, December 12th: Hello and happy project kick off! 

The crew is onsite and beginning their prep work. This phase of the project entails covering floors, carpets, taping off edges. and removing any doors we are enameling. 

Taping off and covering windows.

Carpet covered- check. Floors covered- check.

Taping along the baseboards.

Wednesday, December 11th: Good morning! 

We’ll be sharing the project progress of this Plymouth home we are refreshing with enameled millwork and wall painting. The crew will be kicking off tomorrow with prep work. This means lots of paper, plastic, and tape to ensure the paint stays off of floors, carpets, and any doors/frames we are not completing. They will prep and cover tomorrow and Friday. On Friday afternoon, they’ll begin to spray primer onto the included millwork throughout. Once sprayed there is dry time before then can return to start sanding and smoothing the millwork to achieve a smooth finish without seeing the wood graining. 

The entire home is going to look so much lighter and brighter with a continuous color palette through out. The updated white trim/ frames will also elevate and brighten up the home! 

We are looking forward to sharing the project progress here on the blog! 

Here are a few before photos from the previous listing: 

Bonus Room Before

Front Entry Before

Living Room Before

Dinette Before

Mudroom Before


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