Walnut Grove – Chanhassen

Walnut Grove – Chanhassen

Project Complete – Touch-Ups and Inspection IN PROGRESS

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Walnut Grove in Chanhassen! We’re so glad you found us!

Tuesday, July 19th: Well, the dog days of summer are officially upon us and it is HOT outside. Thankfully, the guys beat the heat and have pretty much wrapped up the painting project. As is customary, we will be performing our second quality inspection where all outstanding items are identified for touch-up and completion.

Orange dots indicate touchups needed to the garage doors. Black dots indicate touchups needed to the gas meters-most of which indicate areas where the support bracket had not been completed. As of 3:30 on Tuesday, these touchups have been completed and will be checked once more to confirm.

Tuesday, July 12th: Good morning residents of Walnut Grove. Up until this point, things have been pretty quiet out at Walnut Grove as the crew has been making their way around the assocation sprucing up your gas meters, and boy did they need it! 

Now the garage door frames are in the process of being completed and as of 11 AM on Tuesday morning, 7 1/2 buildings have been completed, included all units on W Baneberry W and along Baneberry Way E. 

The included garage doors will begin being completed tomorrow. 

In our world, no news is good news, and save for a few requests here and there, things are progressing exactly according to plan. 

Provided the weather cooperates, we are looking at a completion date by the end of day on Thursday.

As you can see, after scraping a fair amount of failing paint, Hector cuts in meticulously along the stone near the garage door frame.

Wednesday, June 29th: We just wanted to take a second and let everyone know that although your project was originally scheduled to begin today, there have been some add-ons to the scope of a project we are rolling off, so your project will begin tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding.

Tuesday, June 28th: Greetings residents of Walnut Grove! Perhaps you’ve found your way to our humble little blog by way of blue notices posted throughout your property! If that is the case, welcome! 

We will be getting things underway tomorrow and the first phase of the project will consist of prepping and painting your garage door frames and gas meters throughout the property. 

These tasks will be minimally disruptive to your day to day routines and all we ask is that if there is obvious evidence of areas being prepped for painting (tape, paper, etc…) that you please leave that in place. After completing the painting, the crew will return to remove these items. Yes, there’s a method to our madness! 

Lastly, we will be completing select garage doors at the association as well, but this will not pertain to everybody. If your garage door is among those designated for painting, you will receive a separate notification. 

Thanks everybody! Stay tuned right here for project updates, weather delays, etc…

Your gas meters are going to get a little TLC as part of the upcoming painting project @ Walnut Grove! 


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