Commercial Building – Golden Valley

Commercial Building – Golden Valley

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at your commercial building. We are looking forward to refreshing your building.

Friday, October 30th: Good morning!

We are seeing a break in the cold weather! Cue the cheering!

The crew will be back onsite tomorrow and Monday to finish up the outstanding areas. Thanks for your patience as we were waiting out the weather. 

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 23rd: Greetings! 

Happy Friday! 

We are hopeful that this weather will turn in the next 1-2 weeks and the crew will get back onsite to finish up the few hours remaining at your Building. Thanks!

Thursday, October 15th: Good afternoon! 

It’s seems like deja vu these days with two rain days this week. We are back onsite and continuing to prep and paint the metal surfaces. We have to get the entry area colors finalized before we complete that area as well as a few other misc. areas. Thank you!

Finishing the remaining metal surfaces.

Teamwork on the entry stairs.

Tuesday, October 13th: Greetings! 

We are back onsite and painting the metal surfaces at Florida West along with your light poles. We’re getting closer and closer to the finish line!

Painting metal surfaces.

Sprucing up the light poles.

Going up!

Thursday, October 8th: Greetings!

The crew will be continuing to spray the block wall today and tomorrow, which should be finished up by Saturday. They will also begin to prep and paint the metal areas – doors, frames, trim etc. We’ll also be tackling the light poles and entry way. They are projecting to be wrapped up by Wednesday of next week – thanks!

Prep around the loading dock.

Spraying the walls.

The walls are getting sprayed.

Wednesday, October 7th: Good afternoon!

Another beautiful fall day and we are back at it! 

Spraying the block wall.

Up and down and all around.

Tuesday, October 6th: Greetings! 

The crew is continuing to prep and spray across the building siding. They’re working on the loading dock side this morning. They have about a week left to complete the exterior. Looking forward to seeing the changes!

Prepping around the loading docks.

Half way there!

Spraying the siding.

Friday, October 2nd: Good morning! 

We are back in business! 

The color match is dialed in and we are covering and spraying the paint. 

Plastic to cover the entry way.

The lift is fired up and we are spraying the paint.

Monday, September 28th: Greetings! 

The crew is pressing pause while we get the color match all dialed it. Thanks! 

Friday, September 25th: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew is back onsite and we are prepping and painting WAY up at the top of the building today and along the entry area. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and mindfulness around our caution tape areas and lift. 

Lift is going up to prep and cover the entry doors.

Prepping along the entry.

Plastic is up.

The view from the top.

Spraying along the ducting.

Wednesday, September 23rd: Greetings! 

The crew is onsite and moving the lift to spray and back roll the siding areas today. 

Reminder to please move cars away from building so the crew can have unobstructed access for the lift and so cars are not affected from paint. Thank you! 

Lift is ready to roll.

Spray, backroll. Repeat.

Halfway there…

Applying the new paint color.

Tuesday, September 22nd: Good morning! 

We are back! 

The crew is onsite and they are prepping along the siding, covering windows, priming and caulking. 

Lift work to cover the windows.

Prep day!

Reaching new heights!

Prepping and covering windows.

Friday, September 18th: Good morning and welcome to your project blog! 

We are kicking off your project today with pressure washing the exterior of your building. Once the areas have had time to dry fully, we’ll return to begin our prep and painting. 

Pressure washing day.

And they’re off!

Onsite with Production Manager Jesse.

Applying some samples.


We’ll be finishing the block wall, metal stair structures, service doors/frames, overhead garage doors/frames, foundation block on brick building, parking lot light poles, and graffiti removal on the SE elevation. 

We’re looking forward to being onsite and seeing the building updates and refresh of color! 

Stay tuned here for updates and progress photos! 

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