Bailey’s Arbor- Woodbury

Bailey’s Arbor- Woodbury

Project Complete

Greetings, and welcome to the official blog for the shutter painting project @ Bailey’s Arbor in Woodbury! 

Here’s the projected finishing route for shutter painting at Bailey’s Arbor. 

Friday, September 2nd: And just like that we’re into September…here’s to fall football, pumpkin spice everything, back to school, and cooler temps! 

The shutters are looking great at Bailey’s Arbor! Our crew has made their way through the property to reach all 1112 shutters and we’re pending project complete except for some touch ups. 

Thank you for having us and we hope you like your newly painted shutters. Have a great holiday weekend! 

Friday, August 26th: Happy Friday everyone! We made it through the week and the shutters in Phase 1 are coming along great! Wilmer, the onsite supervisor reports we’ve made our way through 16 Buildings and will up head to Phase 2 early next week. Phases 2 & 3 will each take one to two days- there are significantly less shutters to paint. Keep an eye out next week for updates on the last phases. 

It looks like we’re in for another great weekend. Maybe the Fair is in your forecast, if so today is ‘Unite in Purple’ at the Fair- fans encouraged to wear purple and tonight there will be a Prince tribute with DJ at Carousel Park at 8pm. If the Fair isn’t your gig, relax and enjoy your weekend. 

What’s a Friday without some trivia? Q: If you measured laying them end to end, how many miles of foot-long hot dogs are sold at the fair? A: 35 miles of hot dogs, woof! That’s about the distance from Hudson, WI to Minneapolis. 

Spotted: a green ‘painting’ machine.

Thursday, August 25th: Happy Thursday everyone. We’re continuing to make our way around the buildings in Phase 1 to paint the shutters. Our crew has completed 6 buildings thus far and I might add the shutters are looking great! 

Santiago perfectly paints shutters a shade of green.

Wednesday, August 24th:  Good morning residents of Bailey’s Arbor. We hope your week is off to a great start. Things are moving and grooving @ Bailey’s Arbor and the crew is making their way around buildings in Phase 1 to paint designated shutters. We’ll be in this area shown ‘orange,’ from the above map, for a few more days then we’ll make our way across Oak Grove Blvd to Phase 2. 

On a side note for MN news, guess what starts tomorrow? Yep, the Minnesota Fair. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for some cheese curds and a Pronto Pup. I can just smell the fried goodness now…linked for your mouth-watering pleasure is the list of new foods at the fair this year. Happy browsing! 

It’s amazing what some tender loving care and a fresh coat of paint can do!

Look how that maroon color is popping against the siding.

Thursday, August 18th: Perhaps you’ve found your way to our humble little blog by way of an email sent to you by your property manager, Jeremy Larson. Huge thanks to him and the entire board for all of their efforts in facilitating this project.

We’ve been contracted by the association to paint LOTS (1112 to be exact) of shutters throughout the association. Many of your shutters have been previously replaced, so the focus of this year’s project has been painting the non-replaced shutters and other on an as-needed basis. 

Of the 1112 shutters, a vast majority of them are concentrated down on Oak Grove Circle. The crew will be starting there on Monday 8/22 and we anticipate they will be working in that area for approximately 7-10 days. Immediately thereafter, they will be jumping over Oak Grove Blvd to continue painting the designated shutters. This section all the way up to Maple Blvd will take approximately 1-2 days. Finally, the guys will jump up to Hazel Trail and will meander their way across and complete the shutters on Cherry Lane, which will also take 1-2 days. 

Of course, all of these projected dates are subject to change depending on what Mother Nature throws at us, but this should give residents a good timeline for the project. 

You can follow the project progress right here on the blog, where it will be updated with any pertinent information and/or any changes to the finishing schedule. Lastly, we anticipate the scope of work will have minimal, if any disruption to your daily routines, so no special consideration is required on your part. Just sit back and watch paint dry. Looking forward to getting things started next week!

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