Parkview Estates – Roseville

Parkview Estates – Roseville

Painting Begins Today, Tuesday 12/8

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Parkview Estates in Roseville. We are thrilled to be onsite working for you!

Tuesday, December 8th: Now that the walls have been extensively washed, and the garage areas have been prepped, painting gets underway today! We want to thank everybody for their cooperation moving their vehicles. We are hoping that now that the space is prepped, the painting should move along pretty swiftly. After all, most of the work when it comes to painting lies in the prep work! Stay tuned right here for progress and picture updates. Thanks!

Manuel, Jose, and Omar smile for the camera as things get underway at Parkview Estates!

Clearly visible after pressure washing is the severity of coating failure on the garage walls.

Friday, December 4th: Perhaps you’ve found your way to the blog by notices being emailed by your management company and/or notices being posted onsite regarding the garage painting project. If that is the case, welcome! 

The project got underway yesterday, and that began with pressure washing the garage walls with both a cleaning solution, applied via backpack sprayer, coupled with pressure washing. The purpose of this critical step is to render the surfaces dirt and debris free, to allow maximum adhesion for the coating, in this case a specialty masonry paint “Sherwin Williams Loxon XP.” 

Jesse, Omar, and Onsite Caretaker Patrick discuss the game plan for the garage painting project.

Omar pressure washes the garage walls on Thursday to render the surfaces optimal for coating adhesion.

The crew will complete that step today, and after allowing the substrates to thoroughly dry over the weekend, the crew will return on Monday to begin the painting process. Because we will be spraying the garage walls, this will require a significant amount of prep work and we would like to thank everybody for their incredible cooperation for getting their cars moved in advance of the project. For those residents that were unable to move their vehicles, fear not. We will be covering your vehicles in plastic in advance of spraying to prevent any overspray.

Just as indicated on the notices posted today, we kindly request that residents be sure to move their vehicles out of the garage space by 7:20 each morning throughout the duration of the project. While vehicles can be returned to the garage after 5:30 each evening, the more open the space is, the more efficiently we can work. Cones will be placed in front of the garage to indicate to residents that the entry will be closed during working hours from 7:30-5:30. Again, thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

We anticipate that the project will be completed next week and thankfully, the weather looks favorable so any slight inconvenience posed by the necessity to park the vehicles outside will be somehwat offset by unseasonably warm weather!

Stay tuned right here for ongoing project updates. Thanks!

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