Park Woods Townhomes – Plymouth

Park Woods Townhomes – Plymouth

Thursday, June 11th- Touchups Completed

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Park Woods Townhomes in Plymouth. We are so glad you found us!

Above is the tentative route/schedule for the painting project at Parkwoods. This will be updated as the project progresses but this should give homeowners a general guideline for when they can expect their residence to be painted.

Wednesday, June 9th: After a beautiful early morning walkthrough with Lloyd, Ben, and Alfred, we have identified the areas designated for touch-ups and the crew will be arriving back onsite today at around 4:30 PM to wrap things up. We cannot thank everybody enough for their incredible cooperation throughout the duration of the project. We kindly ask that residents leave blue tape up for the crew to see so they know where to perform the identified touchups. Thanks so much!

Monday, June 8th: Despite wrestling with the rains off and on throughout the project, we managed to keep timelines in tact and complete the project on Saturday. Of course, as is standard operating procedure, we will be performing a walk-through to identify any areas for touch-ups and we certainly invite any interested parties to attend. We are still working on pinning down the exact date and time, but we are shooting for sometime before Thursday, May 11th. Stay tuned and once again, thank you so much for having us!

Saturday, June 6th: The crew arrived back onsite mid morning on Friday to resume painting at Park Woods. Among the areas being completed are the white stucco trim areas and the front doors of the residents that have elected to have us complete those while we are onsite. We want to extend a special thank you to Mr. Lloyd Muehlbauer for his feedback and involvement in the project. It’s been a pleasure exchanging banter and also getting to know the property better. Thank you Lloyd. 

Juan rolls out some of the white trim. The fresh colors really pop.

Thursday, June 4th: After all the rain yesterday, the substrates are still too wet to paint today in Plymouth. We plan to return onsite tomorrow. 


Tuesday, June 2nd: You’ve probably noticed that the crew began work this morning and upon depleting the product that was onsite, departed until such time that more quantity arrives, which we are projecting at around 2:30 PM today. Sorry for the slight delay in work being performed but as alluded to earlier, because the EL850 is such a specialized product, sourcing it takes a little longer and color approval obviously had to precede securing the right quantities. Once we get confirmation that the product has arrived, the crew will return shortly thereafter. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Paul Thompson from BASF some time this week as he will be onsite inspecting the project and ensuring that our application methods are in accordance with BASF standards. This step allows him to write and issue the warranty for the project. 

Jason sprays and backrolls the EL850 into the stucco substrate. While most exterior paints go on about 200-250 square feet per gallon, EL850 is applied at a much heavier rate of 80-100 square feet.

Monday, June 1st: Another beautiful day in Plymouth and the crew is back onsite to resume progress at Park Woods. On Saturday, they completed painting the body color on three buildings (getting as far as 1887). On Tuesday, they will double back and begin completing the white trim areas as we await the arrival of quantities in the EL850 product-which is specialized elastomeric coating designed for stucco. Believe us when we say it will be worth the wait as its protective properties are, in our opinion, the absolute best on the market. As per usual, thanks for your cooperation as the project continues.

As you can see, extensive prep occurs before a drop of paint is ever applied.

Saturday, May 30th: Painting is underway and the guys have started on the 1865 building. As displayed above, they will be making their way clockwise and by day’s end,we should have a better idea of how much they can get through when the weather cooperates. Stay tuned right here later for pictures and a full update. Thanks everybody-we hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, May 29th: Rains have stalled progress at Park Woods today. With Saturday slated to be clear (the only day in the foreseeable future) we hope to be back onsite tomorrow to resume work and start painting the stucco at 1865. Hopefully see you tomorrow!

Thursday, May 28th: What a glorious day in Plymouth today. The crew (and the paint) has arrived and painting is underway. Special thanks to Mike and Lloyd for taking the time to review colors this morning! We are so excited to begin sprucing up the place and this begins with painting your garage doors. The guys are actually starting at 1847 and working counter clockwise, but the garage doors should be completed in a single day. We will then begin work on the stucco areas beginning tomorrow and we will be starting at 1865 and working clockwise. For any interested parties, we are using an exceptionally good coating system, BASF Master Protect EL850. More information regarding the product can be found right HERE.

Tuesday, May 26th: Despite the rain, the crew has braved the elements and begun the pressure washing at Parkwoods. We actually elected to use 2 pressure washers (the one upside of being rained out elsewwhere from painting) so it has actually expedited the pressure washing process, which should be completed by day’s end today. Thank you to Lloyd for going over some of the project details with Isaac this morning, and now, we will let the areas dry while we confirm color matches and get all the final details in place to begin painting later this week. It’s most likely that we will begin with painting the garage doors, then we will shift our focus to the stucco substrates. Upon completion of those areas, we will we be painting the doors of those homeowners that requested they be completed. 

Thanks again to Ben, the Park Woods board, and all the residents for granting us the privilege of working with/for you. We look forwarding to beautifying your property!

Crew Supervisor Alfred monitors the pressure washing progress on Tuesday afternoon at Parkwoods.

Jaime braves the wet conditions at ParkWoods to get the pressure washing underway.

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