Basset Creek – Plymouth

Basset Creek – Plymouth

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at Basset Creek in Plymouth. We are thrilled to be onsite and working with and for you this summer!

Route Map at Basset Creek

Building Pressure Washing Start Date Prepping & Painting Start Date
1 Wednesday, 8/28 Tuesday, 9/3
2 Wednesday, 8/28 Tuesday, 9/3
3 Wednesday, 8/28 Tuesday, 9/3
4 Friday, 9/13 Thursday, 9/19
5 Friday, 9/13 Thursday, 9/19
6 Monday, 9/30 Thursday, 10/3
7 Wednesday, 9/25 Monday, 9/30
8 Wednesday, 9/25 Monday, 10/14
9 Monday, 9/30 Monday, 10/14

Monday, October 21st: Good morning! 

The crew wrapped up over the weekend and we are all set at Basset Creek. Your buildings look lovely and we’ve enjoyed sprucing them up. It has been our pleasure working with and for your this summer/fall and we hope you have a great rest of the year!

Wednesday, October 16th: Hello and good afternoon! 

The crew is back at it and they are painting at Buildings 8 and 9 today. They are still hoping for closing out the project on Friday or early next week. 

Ladders up to paint the gable trim.

Prepping and painting along the front of Building 9.

Painting trim around the garage doors.

Painting on the front elevation of Building 8.

Tuesday, October 15th: Greetings! 

Brief update today — the crew continued their prep on Buildings 8 and 9 and will begin painting as the weather allows. Today the substrates were a little too wet. We’re hoping with dry weather the rest of today they can begin painting tomorrow. Thanks!

Monday, October 14th: Good morning! 

We’ve resumed our prep and painting after last week’s seemingly endless rain and wintry mix on Saturday. 

They are prepping and painting on Buildings 8 and 9 today and are projecting to wrap up by the end of the week – given favorable weather. Thanks! 

Caulking and priming the final 2 buildings.

Prep day for Buildings 8 and 9.

Ladders up to prep and caulk on the rear elevation.

Friday, October 11th: Hello and TGIF! 

It’s a bit too wet for our crew to be onsite and resume their painting. We’ve got our fingers crossed that by Monday we’re back in business. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 10th: Good morning! 

It seems the weather has turned… rain delay for the crews today. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 9th: Greetings!

We are soaking up every last moment of this sunshine! The crew is continuing their prepping and painting at buildings 6 and 7.

Prepping on the front of Building 7.

Ladders up at Building 6.

Painting on the rear of Building 6.

Tuesday, October 8th: Good afternoon! 

It’s another beautiful fall day and we will cherish these moments… as it looks like some snow may be in the forecast!!

The crew is currently prepping and painting at Buildings 6 and 7.

Falling hard for these fall colors!

Monday, October 7th: Good morning! 

We hope you all had a great weekend! We are certainly happy to be back onsite on this beautiful day, especially after last week’s rain. 

The crew is prep and painting at Buildings 5, 6, and 7.

Prepping and painting at the front elevation.

Ladders up to paint the trim.

Friday, October 4th: Good afternoon and happy Friday! 

The crew is back onsite and continuing to prep on Building 6 and 7 — they’ll soon begin painting as well, they’re anticipating on Monday, 10/7. Thanks and have a great weekend! 

Prepping on the rear elevation.

Wednesday, October 2nd: Greetings! 

We’ve still got some pretty wet surfaces. We’ll be holding off on prep and painting for today. Thanks for your patience!

Monday, September 30th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is cruising along at Basset Creek. They are prepping at Building 7 today as well as pressure washing the remaining 2 buildings – 6 and 9. Thanks! 

Prep work on Building 7.

Prepping and washing the final two buildings.

Pressure washing Building 9.

Friday, September 27th: Hello and TGIF!

The crew is continuing to prep and paint at Building #5. 

Building 5 – prep and painting on the rear elevation.

Thursday, September 26th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is finishing up their pressure washing on Building 8 today as well as painting at Building 5. We’ve intentionally skipped over Building 6 as we are accommodating a homeowner request. We also have some carpenters onsite that are repairing some rot in areas throughout the association. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 25th: Greetings! 

The crew is starting their prepping and painting at Building #5 today, wrapping up on #3, and pressure washing Buildings 7 and 8. We’re continuing to make our way through the buildings and hope to be onto 7 later this week. Thanks! 

It’s all about perspective!

Putting on the finishing touches.

Wrapping up on Building 3.

Painting along the rear elevation.

Monday, September 23rd: Good afternoon!

We hope you all had a great weekend! The crew is prepping and painting at Buildings 3 and 4, and they anticipate to move onto 5 mid week. We’ll also be pressure washing Buildings 7 & 8 on Wednesday, 9/25. Thanks! 

Thursday, September 19th: Greetings! 

After yesterday’s rain delay, the crew is happily back onsite. They are finishing up the remaining areas on Buildings 1 and 2 and are also prepping on 3 and 5. We are awaiting the color finalization for building 3, so they may jump to 4 to begin painting. Thanks! 

Building is ready for prep and covering.

Covering trim areas, taping off windows— prep day!

Prep in progress for Building 4.

Tuesday, September 17th: Good morning! 

The crew resumed their prep and painting of Building #1 yesterday and will move onto #2 today. We’ll post photos as we get them from the crew. Thanks! 

Painting on the front elevation of Building 2.

Blue skies and ladders up and away.

Friday, September 13th: Friday the 13th, a full moon, and a Border Battle weekend for our Vikings and Packers — oh my!

The crew is pressure washing Buildings 4 and 5 today and will return on Monday to resume their prep and painting. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Pressure Washing in action!

Thursday, September 12th: Good morning! 

We’ve got ourselves another rain delay. The forecast looks on and off rain for the remainder of the day, but clear tomorrow. We’ll update the blog if the surfaces will be dry enough for us to be onsite tomorrow – maybe mid day. The crew will complete their pressure washing tomorrow on Buildings 4 & 5 as the weather has dictated our scheduling. Thanks! 

A little laugh to brighten this gloomy day.

Wednesday, September 11th: Good morning residents of Basset Creek. 

Today we are taking a pause in honor and remembrance of those lost on 9/11 and we pay tribute to the heroes that day brought forth. We will never forget.

The crew will be pressure washing Buildings 4 and 5 today. They’ll return as weather allows to resume their prep and painting at Building 2. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 10th: Greetings! 

We’ll be pressure washing Buildings #4 and #5 on Wednesday, 9/11. Please remove any fragile or small items from the outside of your home to allow for safe an unobstructed access while washing- thank you! Washing these buildings will take 1-2 days/building. Then once the substrates have dried, we’ll return to begin prepping and painting the select included trim surfaces. 

The crew is almost done with Building 1 and will then move to Building 2, which is already prepped and finally onto 3. Continue to check back as we’ll update the projected finishing schedule as often as we can. Thanks! 

Friday, September 6th: Good morning! 

The crew has prepped Buildings 1, 2, and 3 and will begin their painting at Building 1 today. We’ll post some photos from the crew as we get them in. Thanks!

Painting at the front elevation of Building 1.

All hands or brushes on deck.

Prepping and painting along the side elevation of Building 1.

Wednesday, September 4th: Greetings! 

The crew is continuing their prep work on Buildings 1 and 2. Then onto painting!

Prepping on the front elevation of Building 2.

Prep and covering, prep and covering.

Tuesday, September 3rd: Good afternoon and Happy September! 

We hope you all had a great weekend and relaxing Labor Day! 

The crew is back onsite and beginning to prep the 1st Building. Once prepped, they’ll begin painting the included areas – thanks! 

Covering the soffits.

Lots of paper and tape on prep days.

Taping off and covering the front peaks.

Friday, August 30th: Hello and TGIF! 

Those roads we drive on the way to the offices and homes we work and live in…somebody built ’em. May we take a moment to reflect  on the principles of hard work that make this country great! As we celebrate Labor Day, we’d like to take a moment to recognize our diligent and hard working crews. Oh, and eat some food on a stick too. Happy Labor Day every one!

The crew has returned to pressure wash the remainder of Buildings 1, 2, and 3. We anticipate to return on Tuesday, 9/3 to begin prepping and painting at Building 1. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Beautiful day for some pressure washing!

Basset Creek is getting all cleaned up before we start painting.

Wednesday, August 28th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is off and running at Basset Creek with pressure washing! 

There she is!

The crew is onsite and washing Buildings 1, 2, and 3.

Pressure washing and readying the buildings for painting.

Monday, August 26th: Greetings! 

The crew will be onsite on Wednesday to begin pressure washing Buildings 1, 2, and 3. This will take them through the end of the week and then they’ll return on Tuesday, 8/3 to begin prepping and painting on Building #1. Thank you so much for having us and we’re looking forward to being onsite over the next month or so!

Friday, August 23rd: Good afternoon! 

We’ll be posting notices shortly to provide details of the upcoming painting project at Basset Creek. The majority of your project will consist of pressure washing the select areas and then prep and painting the trim areas. These areas include your window trim, garage door and front door patio door frames, entry pillars, deck support posts, skirt boards, and a few other trim areas. 

We’ll be posting more specific details as we get them finalized. We’ll be updating the project blog with frequent progress updates, photos, and any weather delays should they come up. We will also post a route map and projected finishing schedule. 

Thanks so much and we look forward to being onsite!


Ben Abel

Production Manager
Ph: 612-701-3056



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  • Jack Hubbard


    Nice blog!
    When will you be washing bldg #4?


    • Dana


      Hi Jack – Thank you! We’ve recently switched platforms and are really digging this new site! We’ve washed Buildings 1 – 3 and will soon begin our prep and painting, starting at Building 1. We’ll post more notices in advance of washing more buildings. So you can keep an eye out for the notice or continue to check the project blog as we’ll update it with scheduling information as well. Thanks!


    • Dana


      Hi Jack – We are posting notices as well, but I wanted to send a message as well. We’ll be washing Buildings 4 and 5 on Wednesday, 9/11. Thanks!


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