Cahill of Edina HOA – Garage Repairs

Cahill of Edina HOA – Garage Repairs

Garage coping/Expansion Joint Scheduling Now Available

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for project @ Cahill in Edina. We are thrilled to be with you again!

Tuesday, July 5th: Good morning residents of Cahill! We hope this message finds you well and basking in the glory of having celebrated our nation’s 240th Birthday! 

As the notices you received have indicated, we will begin performing garage repairs on Thursday, July 14th which will require access to your garage. We will be starting at the north end of the property (7400) and making our way counter clockwise over a four day period to complete the repairs. 

Some of you have reached out to schedule a specific time (thank you!) and as of 7:15 AM on Monday 7/5, those times are as follows:

Thursday July 14th
9:00 AM 7414 Cahill Road 7436 Cahill Road 7418 Cahill Road  
11:00 AM  7432 Cahill Road  7438 Cahill Road    
1:00 PM        
3:00 PM        


Friday July 15th
9:00 AM        
11:00 AM        
1:00 PM  7434 Cahill Road      
3:00 PM        


Saturday July 16th
9:00 AM 7448 Cahill Road      
11:00 AM        
1:00 PM        
3:00 PM        

Monday, May 9th:

The crew arrived this morning to keep working on the deck railing finishing but was cut short due to rain this afternoon.  

Currently 5 of the 7 buildings are completed and we hope to finish the remainder as soon as the weather allows. 

In the meantime, we will have carpenters onsite tomorrow working through some additional repairs that were just approved by the HOA board.

Thursday, May 5th: 

The painting continues out at Cahill of Edina.    The crew is finishing up the third building this evening.  We will start painting the fourth building tomorrow morning.

The tentative plan is that we will finish up with all buildings by mid week next week!!!  

Lastly, some deck repairs will be performed starting tomorrow and will also wrap up by next week.   

Tuesday, May 3rd:

Thank you to all the fine folks on the volunteer association board for getting us an approved color.   We know how thankless your job and appreciate all the long hours that are put in.   

The crew will begin painting at hte first building today!   

Monday, May 2nd: 

The crew arrived and began scraping any loose and peeling paint.  They also began sanding the top handrail to ensure this is smooth.   We are awaiting an approved color from the association board but will likely get that today so painting will commence tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 27th:  Hopefully the saying “April showers bring May flowers” rings true in 2016 because lord knows we are getting plenty of rain as of late! But we, the eternal optimists at Roell Painting are not discouraged and we  will patiently wait for Mother Nature to cooperate. 

With rain currently falling @ 4:15 PM on Wednesday and rain in the forecast for tomorrow, it’s looking like painting won’t likely commence until next week, weather permitting. 

Stay tuned right here for weather updates. Below you will find a map/key of the route we will be following when things get underway! As you can see below, the guys will be starting @ 7404 at the North side of the property and making their way counter clockwise. We anticipate the painting to take approximately 2 weeks, with a big “WEATHER PERMITTING” caveat.

Wednesday, April 20th:  

Pressure washing continues today!   

Tuesday, April 19th:

Today the initial stage of the project kicked off with the crew pressure washing select areas of the decking.    Our scope of work this year includes finishing of the railings, spindles, deck skirt and deck posts only.    

The associaiton will be working with another vendor to pressure wash the deck floors later in the spring.


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