Private Residence, Delano

Private Residence, Delano

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for this residential enamel and painting project! We are thrilled to be taking you through the project progress.

Friday, March 13th: Hello!

And here are a few more after the crew has completed their touch ups:

Blue Tape chicken pox.

The kitchen touch ups are complete.

Hale Navy on the kitchen island and pantry doors for a pop of color.

Dining room is complete.

White Dove on the mantle.

Light and bright in the living room.

We’ve made it to Friday and the crew is working to this morning on touch ups and clean up. These photos are at about 99% complete as we are still finishing touch up on select areas. Thanks! 

The panty doors and island bold in blue.

Hale Navy makes its mark!

A peak into the kitchen.

Love how light and bright the living room is with the white fireplace and lighter wall color.

Thursday, March 12: Good morning! 

The crew is done spraying the enamel and will start to put the hinges back onto the doors and then reinstall them onto the boxes. They are continuing and will finish up the wall painting today as well. And with the end of any project comes clean up – removing paper, tape, and plastic and making sure areas are vacuumed up. They are projecting to finish up today, but there could be a few hours of touch ups and cleaning for tomorrow. 

Check out Jesse’s onsite video tour of the progress:

Wednesday, March 11th: Greetings!

Because it snowed last night does that mean the ‘winter blues’ are back? 

Blue is the name of the game in Delano today, but for different reasons. The crew is spraying the 1st coat of Hale Navy and we are here for it! It’s going to give the kitchen a chic feel with the white perimeter cabinets and bold blue of the island. Looking forward to seeing the finished photos! 

We are ready for this bold pop of color!

Spraying the island doors.

Hale Navy going on the cabinet drawers.

Who remembers that song ‘I’m Blue?”

White cabinet doors are ready for the 2nd coat of enamel.

Tuesday, March 10th: Good afternoon! 

The crew has finished their bondo and sanding of the cabinets, built in, and pantry area and has also sprayed the first coat of enamel onto these areas as well. 

Bondo has been applied and now the crew will begin to sand it down smooth.

A view from the top.

Sanding down the bondo.

Let the spraying commence!

‘Roell’ing out the wall paint.

Cue the ‘ooos’ and ‘ahhs!’

The first coat of enamel is complete.

Light and bright in the kitchen!

Monday, March 9th: Greetings! 

Let’s recap the crew’s progress from the weekend. They completed their prep work – covering floors and cabinet openings, ceiling, and any doorways to areas we are not working in. They also sprayed primer on the kitchen cabinets, living room fireplace and built in, and pantry doors. 

Now that the primer is sprayed, today they can begin using bondo to fill in the visible wood grains in the wood surfaces. After the bondo is applied and dry, they will sand it down to a smooth surface so we can spray the enamel on top. We complete this process after the primer and then between the 1st and 2nd enamel coats to yield that smooth finish. 

Covering the inside of the cabinets, ceilings, and floors.

Furniture is moved the middle and we are covering the floor, furniture, and areas we are not painting.

Bare bones and cabinet boxes to be sprayed.

Wall prep and patching.

The primer is sprayed.

Primer in the living room – check.

Filling in the wood grains and sanding it smooth.

Working to achieve that smooth finish.

Bondo on the cabinet drawers.

Friday, March 6th: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew is off and running in Delano this morning! They are starting with prep work – lots of paper, plastic, and tape on prep days.

We’re looking forward to seeing this home refresh with a lighter and brighter color palette on the walls as well as an update to the kitchen cabinets, island, and pantry. Stay tuned! 

Ladders, plastic, and paper – oh my!

Who’s ready for a refresh to the living room?

Starting off the day with some prep and covering!

The kitchen island and pantry are getting a pop of color!

Decisions, decisions.

The dining room ‘before.’

Thursday, March 5th: Good afternoon! 

Welcome to the project blog for this residential kitchen cabinet enamel and wall painting project. Here we’ll be documenting the project progress with daily updates and photos. 

We’ll be taking 1-2 days to remove cabinet doors and drawers and label them to easily return them at the end of the project. We will also be covering floors, counter tops, sinks, taping off walls, windows, and frames. For prep days, we’ll be utilizing lots of plastic, paper, tape, and rosin paper. 

You can continue the project progress here on the blog as we’ll document the project from prep to clean up and everything in between. 

Thanks for following along!





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