Phalen 2 Crossing – St. Paul

Phalen 2 Crossing – St. Paul

Wednesday, July 15th – PROJECT COMPLETE

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the deck staining project at Phalen 2 Crossing in St. Paul. We are so glad you found us!

Wednesday, July 15th: As forecasted, the crew wrapped up at Phalen Crossing today and my oh my, what a difference. Victor performed the initial walk-through and relayed to HQ that everything was looking pretty darn spiffy. Of course, we’ll want to see for ourselves, and expect to see one of us out there sometime in the next few days to perform the final walk through. We want to reiterate our immense gratitude for having us and we look forward to servicing your paint needs in the future. Enjoy your summer!

Francisco and William complete one of the pergolas at Phalen Crossing!

Tuesday, July 14th: The crew has shifted gears to the pergolas and if the weather cooperates, we should be wrapping up tomorrow (Wednesday) by day’s end. Of course, we don’t deem any project complete unitl YOU, the client, says so, so in addition to the areas designated for touchups already, we will be performing a walk-through where will mark any additional items. We want to thank everybody (again!) for their incredible cooperation throughout the entire project. Because of you, the project has been a great success! Stay cool and enjoy the evening!

Monday, July 13th: With a delayed start this morning because of the rain on Sunday night, the crew still managed to make some pretty good progress at Phalen today, managing to get all the rear stoops on the north end of the property completed. Essentially, all that remains are the all the pergolas throughout the property, and if the weather cooperates, they should be completed by the end of the day on Wednesday. Then, you’ll be all set to to just enjoy the rest of the summer!

Saturday, July 11th: After another gorgeous day yesterday, Victor, Franciso and the boys managed to put a serious dent in the project, completing all the rear decks on Barclay St. We are projecting a completion date of next Wednesday if the weather continues to cooperate. After the deck are completed, we will be performing miscellaneous touchups to siding areas throughout the association, mainly to areas near rooflines where paint is peeling. As for today, the guys are taking some well deserved R and R.

The fellas work diligently on the rear decks on Barclay St.

Thursday, July 9th: With some great weather and hard work, the crew has made awesome progress at Phalen Crossing. All the decks on E. Magnolia (front and back ) have been completed and they are making their way North up Barclay Street. By day’s end tomorrow, the crew should be darn near done with all the areas on Barclay Street and will be making the turn towards the rear pergolas and stoops on the very north side of the association.

A sight to behold…a row of beautifully stained new decks @ Phalen.

Wednesday, July 8th: With pressure washing completed around midday today, the water trailer is now offsite and the guys have begun staining the decks that were washed earlier in the week. Thanks to the residents that have reached out with concerns over the safety of the barnswallows. We have impressed upon the crew the necessiity for caution, especially during the pressure washing phase of the project.

One of the freshly stained decks at Phalen Crossing 2!

Tuesday, July 7th: Pressure washing continues at Phalen 2 Crossing and we are projecting that phase of the project to be completed by midday Wednesday. You’ll probably notice that the guys have also been using a deck detergent “SW Revive” to lighten and brighten the decking areas in advance of the application of stain so that the finish is as uniform as possible. Staining will begin tomorrow and we want to once again thank everybody who was gracious enough to clear your decks. After your deck has been stained, it is advisable to let the decks dry for approximately 24 hours, or unitl the surfaces are not tacky to the touch.

Pressure washing is a critical first step in any staining project, particularly with wood substrates as weathered as those at Phalen 2.

Monday, July 6th: Perhaps you’ve noticed by now that the crew was onsite putting in a full day of pressure washing. Thanks to all the residents that were kind enough to remove items from their decks to allow the crew to work. If we get another solid day of work in tomorrow, the pressure washing phase will be complete and we will begin staining the included areas, which include your rear decks, front decks, rear deck steps, and pergolas throughout. 

See you tomorrow!

Friday, July 3rd: Greetings everybody and happy holiday weekend! We’ll see you Monday! 

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