Woods Edge – Circle Pines

Woods Edge – Circle Pines

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming deck staining project at Woods Edge in Circle Pines. We are thrilled to be onsite!

Phase;  Pressure Washing Start Date Staining Start Date
Phase I Monday, August 24th; COMPLETE Wednesday, 9/2; Complete
Phase II Monday, August 31st; COMPLETE Monday, 9/14; Complete
Phase III Tuesday, September 8th Thursday, 9/17
Phase IV Monday & Tuesday 9/14 – 9/15 Friday, 9/18 or Saturday, 9/19
Phase V Wednesday & Thursday 9/16 – 9/17 Tuesday, 9/22

Wednesday, September 23rd: Good morning! 

The crew is going to be finishing up the staining in Phase 5 today. There are 2 buildings remaining and then we’ll be doing a check to make sure all areas are complete and up to par. Thanks so much for your patience and participation on this journey of a project to wash, prep, and stain decks at your 20 Buildings! 

Monday, September 21st: Good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a great weekend. The crew is onsite and ready to prep and stain at Buildings 14, 15, and 16 today. They’ll begin in Phase 5 tomorrow. We’re hoping for another clear weather week to get the decks all wrapped up this week!

Prep and sanding.

Staining in progress in Phase 4.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Friday, September 18th: Good morning! 

It’s great what a week without rain can do! 

The crew had made a lot of progress this week with finishing the washing in Phase 4 and 5. 

Phase 1, Phase 2 are complete with the staining. 

The crew will finish Phase 3, Buildings 11 and 12 finished today. 

They will start to stain in Phase 4 today as well; Building 13 will be completed today or tomorrow. Building 14 will start on Monday, 9/21.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 17th: Greetings! 

The crew will be finishing up the last decks in Phase 5 today for pressure washing. They are going to be starting to stain at Building 10. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 16th: Good morning! 

We wanted to share our video from the beginning of the project. It has further details regarding the ‘furring’ of the wood when we are pressure washing. This may happen to decks that are newly replaced and have no protective coating on them. The crew will be back to take care of these areas of debris and also sand prior to the staining. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

We’ll be starting to wash Phase 5 today – Buildings 17 and 18. They will be staining at Building 8 today. 

Tuesday, September 15th: Good afternoon! 

The crew stained Buildings 5 and 6 in Phase 2 yesterday and got through washing Buildings 13 and 14. Today they’ll wash 15 and 16 and stain Building 7 and maybe start 8. 

Staining the decking above your garages.

Sanding the posts and deck skirts.

Monday, September 14th: Good morning! 

We are onsite AND staining today! The crew is starting the stain the decking in Phase 2 today. They are also pressure washing in Phase 4. 

We’re crossing our fingers and toes for clear weather this week to get back on track and staining a majority of your decking. 


Goodbye to the dirt and debris.

Spraying the deck boards in Phase 4.

Spraying the solution to really loosen up the dirt.

Friday, September 11th: Greetings! 

What a week… and a wet week at that. Unfortunately crew was not able to start staining any of the decking in Phase 3 this week. We are posting notices in Phase 4 and Phase 5 to start pressure washing next week Monday through Thursday. We want to make sure the washing is completed early enough and then we can just cruise on the staining. If you are in these Phases please have your deck cleared in advance of our washing.

Please continue to check the blog as we’ll have the most current information here regarding scheduling, delays, etc. Thanks so much and we really appreciate your cooperation and patience as we get your decking completed as quickly as we can … while being considerate of the weather restrictions. 

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, September 8th: Good afternoon!

The crew is getting started pressure washing the deck in Phase 3. They are tentatively set to start staining in Phase 2 on Thursday or Friday, depending on tomorrow’s weather. 

We’ve updated the map above with building numbers to so we can share updates of buildings completed. Thanks!

Kicking off the day in Phase 3.

Washing the deck floor boards.

Washing the rear decks in Phase 3.

Friday, September 4th: Greetings! 

The crew is finishing up the final building in Phase I for staining today. They’ll begin to stain in Phase II starting on Tuesday, 9/8. This will allow you to use your decks for the holiday weekend. If you’re in Phase II we kindly ask you remove contents of your deck starting on Tuesday. Thank you! 

We will also begin washing the decking in Phase 3 on Tuesday, 9/8. Kindly remove items from your decking to allow unobstructed access for washing. The staining for Phase 3 is tentatively set to begin on Monday, 9/14. Thank you and have a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, September 3rd: Good afternoon! 

The crew has finished the staining at the most North Building in Phase 1 and today they’ll be staining at most South Buildings and the final one they’ll complete tomorrow. 

Sanding the deck skirts.

Staining along the deck skirts.

Ladders up to stain your rear decks.

Wednesday, September 2nd: Greetings! 

The staining has started in Phase 1. We’ll report how many units/buildings they completed. 

Staining is in progress for Phase I.

Sweeping and cleaning up the deck floors prior to staining.

Sanding down the deck floors.


Tuesday, September 1st: Good afternoon! 

The crew is continuing to pressure wash the decking in Phase 2 today. They’ll start to stain Phase 1 tomorrow. Thanks!

Washing deck posts and skirts.

Washing deck posts and deck skirts.

Washing the rear decking.

Monday, August 31st: Good morning! 

With the overnight rain we are going to push back the deck staining for Phase I to Wednesday, September 2nd. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 26th: Greetings! 

The crew is onsite and will be rewashing the areas in Phase I — there wasn’t enough of the gray tone coming out. We’ll be washing them today and then plan to start staining on Monday, 8/31. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 25th: Good afternoon! 

The pressure washing is complete and the crew will return to begin staining on Friday, August 28th – as long as the weather stays dry. 

We will likely be washing Phase II early next week, but will post notices in advance of this washing. Thanks! 

Monday, August 24th: Greetings!

The crew is kicking off your project today. They are starting off at Phase I with pressure washing the rear and entry decking. We’ll let you know how many decks they get through washing as it may go into tomorrow. Thanks!

Using the solution to aid in the cleaning process.

Washing decking in Phase I.

Washing the rear decks.

Thursday, August 20th: Good afternoon! 

Hello and welcome to your project blog for the deck staining project at Woods Edge. We are looking forward to being onsite with you! 

The crew will be kicking off on Monday, August 24th with pressure washing of the included decking areas – front and rear decking: deck floors, skirts, support posts, treads, risers, and headers. For the washing, we kindly request that you remove all personal items from your deck to allow unobstructed access to the decking while washing. 

We’ll soon post a route map details the route the crew will take when both washing and staining. We will also post a tentative finishing schedule to reference when planning for the crew to be at your deck. 

You can continue to follow the project progress here as we’ll post frequent updates, share photos, and alert you of any weather delays should they come up. Thanks and we’ll see you onsite on Tuesday! 

Nick Roell

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296

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  • Teren


    Perhaps I missed it, but is there a timeline for how long we should wait between staining and putting the stuff back on the decks? Thanks!


    • Dana


      Hi Teren- no worries. We recommend at least 24 hours before returning items to your deck. Thanks! Dana


  • Joe Dorn


    I’m in Phase I of the project at 7550 Woods Edge Blvd. Is the staining complete or is a sealant applied before I can move furniture back on the decks?
    Joe Dorn


    • Dana


      Hi Joe – you can return the contents to your deck. The staining is complete, we are not applying any type of sealant. Thanks!


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