Beachside 2 – 5th Addition

Beachside 2 – 5th Addition

Monday, August 17th: Project complete! Pending final inspection

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Beachside. We are thrilled to be back onsite with you! 

Monday, August 17th:  Our job supervisor, Jesse, performed his final inspection over the weekend and we now are awaiting a final walkthrough with the associaiton board and/ or property manager.  

Thanks for having us onsite again this year!  We look forward to our next visit!  

Wednesday, August 12th: With only 14 total decks left to complete (4 entry stairs & 10 private decks) the crew is hoping to finish the project today.  It might be a long day but when we get optimal weather conditions like today, we want to take advantage of it! 

Mario (shown above) is giving one of the entry decks the white glove aka white rag treatment. We instruct all of our painters to carry a rag with them at all times in case of any accidental paint splatter.

The votes are in and Gilrardo (above) wore it best! He is also the master technician staining many of the front entry decks.

Tuesday, August 11th:  The crew finished up all but two decks on Pompano yesterday.  We will need to get custom matches for those two remaining decks and our job supervisor will have time to complete that today.  

We are starting at 5504 Sanibel and working our way north over the next 1.5 day!   

Monday, August 10th: After a washout on Thursday, Friday & Saturday the crew is back onsite today staining decks on Pompano.  

We hope to finish all the decks on Pompano today and start the staining on Sanibel tomorrow.  The staining on Sanibel will likely take two days.  

All that being said, we hope to wrap up the project by Thursday AM!

Action shots from today & to lighten up the mood as we all return back to monday a game of…….

 “Who wore it best?!?!”  

Gilrardo (Above) is seen here pairing Louis Vuitton knee pads with a Prada paint brush and classy Sherwin Williams paint t-shirt. A timeless look while staining decking on the carpet!

Jose (see above) is our choice for “Best Dressed” – Jose is rocking a very limited edition Roell Painting hat coupled with his Chanel shoes & Armani paint brush. We think he is so chi, chi, chi chi!!

Friday, August 7th: Heavy rains overnight have impeded our progress again today!  We hope to return tomorrow to keep staining on Pompano but there is another chance of rain tonight and early Saturday morning.  

We have about a day and half of work left for the crew once we are able to apply the stain to dry surfaces.  Thanks for your patience and hope to see your bright, sunny decks and faces tomorrow!

Update #2 – Thursday, August 6th: We have been trying to get Mother Nature on our payroll for many years but she continues to blow off our “Best & Final” offer.  Subsequently, she brought a rogue rain cloud through Beachside in the 9 am hour today and it soaked all the decks.  

The crew is going to pull off for the remainder of the day to allow the decks to dry.  It is possible that if the predicted 2-4″ of rain fall overnight that we will not be back till Monday.  

We will keep you posted once figure what the weather will bring to us for the rest of the day!  Thanks.  

Thursday, August 6th:  The crew made great progress yesterday with the staining.  We ended up finishing all the entry decks & private decks on Bimini.  

The plan for today is to continue staining decks on Pompano.  We are being mindful of the storms moving in from South Dakota and if rain looks imminent, we will try and stop about two hours prior to the rain arriving Minnetonka. 

Manuel (above), an eight year vet of the company, cuts in the deck with precision.

Gilrado works on finishing the entry landing – this deck is almost complete!!!

A freshly stained deck is an absolute vision of beauty!

Wednesday, August 5th: Mario and Omar kept pressure washing yesterday but there was more ahead of us then expected.  The crew needs to finish pressure washing 12 front stoops & 6 decks today.

Omar pressure washing a front stoop!

Mario working hard to get one of the private decks clean!

Additionally, the staining will start today – woot woot!  We plan on following

Monday, August 3rd: Although we were slightly delayed this morning with an unfortunate flat tire by our pressure washing crew. We rebounded nicely and ended up pressure washing 23 decks today!  The crew is hoping to finish the pressure washing tomorrow and we will begin staining on Wednesday! 

Omar, pictured above, not only regards himself as the pressure washing king of Roell Painting but also as the “Chief Operating Poet”. We still aren’t sure if he is writing painting Haiku’s or a daily love letter to the Honda pressure washer he utilizes many days during the week.

By contrast, Mario fancies himself as the painter with the most intense stare of all of our painters. As all can see by the picture above, I think Mario has his work cut out for him with the staring contest today with this homeowner’s deck!

We will be back first thing tomorrow morning unless another rusty nails decides otherwise.  Thanks all!  

Saturday, August 1st: Greetings resident of Beachside 2/5th Addition in Minnetonka. Perhaps you’ve found your way to the blog by way of blue notices posted onsite. If that’s the case, welcome! 

This year, we’ve been contracted by the board to pressure wash and restain 49 front stoops at your association. Additionally, individual homeowners were given the option to contract us, if they so chose, to pressure wash and stain your rear private deck. We had a total of 21 respondents and we are excited to get the project underway starting on Monday, August 3rd. 

You can follow the progress of the project right here on the blog, but we anticipate being onsite for about 1-2 weeks, depending on how the weather cooperates. 

Thanks everybody!

Nick Roell

Project Manager
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