Liberty on Bluff Creek – Chanhassen

Liberty on Bluff Creek- Chanhassen

Deck Staining Complete

Greeting and welcome to the official blog for your deck staining project @ Liberty on Bluff Creek in Chanhassen!

Route Map @ Liberty on Bluff Creek

Monday, June 19th: Good afternoon residents of Liberty at Bluff Creek! We hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy Father’s Day! 

Great news- the deck staining project is complete! Thank you so much for your participation and cooperation to move items off of your deck while we washed and then stained them. We hope you enjoy your freshly stained decks and have a great rest of the summer!

Friday evening uodate: It seems as though our route map above and the route the crew took did not match up. Our apologies for any confusin regarding when your deck will be stained. As of today, most decks in 3, 4, and 5 should be stained and the crew will be onsite tomorrow to take care of sections 1 & 2 and any other remaining decks. Thanks!

Friday, June 16th: TGIF! We made it to the weekend. If you’re looking for something fun and free, City Pages put out a list aptly named “Freeloader Friday” with events happening around the Twin Cities this weekend! Also, it’s the weekend of Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth- good luck to all the runners!!

Another day and there are more decks to stain @ Liberty on Bluff Creek!

Santiago paints the deck edges.

Shades on, ear buds in, the sun is shining, and life is good!

Thursday, June 15th: And we’re back onsite! 

The crew is working to complete about a third of the 90-something decks a day and hoping to finish on Saturday. This will be made easier if the weather can cooperate. The crew started on decks off of Colonial and Plymouth Lanes and then moved north onto Commonwealth Blvd. From the map above, we’ll move in numerical order to each designated section on the map.

Omar is alwasy smiling — how could not on this gorgeous day?

Manuel might think he’s a Golden State Warrior who just won the NBA Championship!

Wednesday, June 14th: Hello Liberty at Bluff Creek! So they rain has put a hold on the deck staining project for today. As we’ve said before, we want the decks to be completely dry before we apply the stain. We’re hoping that if rain holds off today that we’ll be back onsite tomorrow. We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop. Also, a route map of the staining will be added to the blog later today. Thanks!

Monday, June 12th:  Good afternoon residents of Liberty at Bluff Creek! We hope you all stayed safe and sound during those nasty storms that rolled through town yesterday. 

We have a new back-to-back reigning Stanley Cup Champion – the Pittsburgh Penguins! Last night’s game was back and forth with many, many shots on goal and they went almost 3 periods without a score. It was in the last few minutes that Pittsburgh got the puck to bounce in after a shot on goal. The Predators couldn’t align their players to score in the final minute and Pittsburgh ended up scoring into an empty net.  And now the 2016-2017 season has come to a close…we await on the NBA Finals results as Golden State (3-1) plays at home against Cleveland. 

With all of the rain we had yesterday, the crew is only pressure washing the remaining decks today. We want to make sure the deck substrates have had ample time to dry out before we begin the staining process.

Saturday, June 10th: Happy Saturday! We hope you’re all staying cool in this heat!

Quick update on the deck pressure washing; the crew will finish washing several of the decks on Monday 6/12. So if you’ve noticed the crew hasn’t made their way to your deck, no worries- they’ll be back on Monday to complete it.

Thanks and have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, June 9th: Happy Friday! James Corden is always up to something and that something is usually pretty funny. He recently put together a surprise for Tom Cruise while he was in London. Corden pitched the idea of ‘Tom’s Cruise on The River Thames Cordon.’ This included puns of all kinds relating to all things Tom Cruise and James himself while aboard the “cruise” ship. The duo even karaoke’d to ‘Lovin’ Feeling’ from Top Gun! Check out the video to get your Friday started off with some fun! 

Your project is off and running and the crew is onsite pressure washing decks. Don’t worry if they haven’t made it to your deck yet, they’ll be onsite tomorrow as well to wrap up all of the washing.

Tuesday, June 6th: Welcome to your project blog for the deck staining project beginning on Friday June 9th! On Friday and Saturday we’ll be pressure washing your decks in preparation for staining. There are 93 decks set to be washed and stained during this summer’s project. We kindly ask that homeowners remove all belongings from their decks prior to the pressure washing and through the course of the staining. Once the substrates have dried, we’ll be back onsite to complete the staining and finishing of the deck floors on Monday, June 12th. 

*Update- The notice you received referenced having access to an outdoor water spigot. This is not necessary; we’ll be using a water trailer onsite to pressure wash your decks. Please disregard that portion of the notice. Thank you! 

Stay tuned right here on the blog for progress updates, pictures, and any changes to the schedule if they come up! 

We’ll see you on Friday!

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