Timbres at Elm Creek- Maple Grove

Timbres @ Elm Creek- Maple Grove

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Timbres @ Elm Creek- Maple Grove.

Thursday, October 6th: Good afternoon residents of Elm Creek. We hope you’re having a great week thus far! We’ve completed our work at your condo buildings- various surfaces on your decks, pergolas, pillars, door frames, etc. We wanted to say thank you for being such gracious hosts. It has been a pleasure sprucing up your buildings. We hope you have a great rest of the year!

Thursday, September 29th: Hello residents of Timbres at Elm Creek. Our project is nearing completion and we hope to be done by the week’s end.

Monday, September 26th: We hope you all had a great weekend. The Roell Painting crew is continuing their work on the pergolas and various deck structures.

Manuel carefully tapes the deck pillars.

Friday, September 23rd: Happy Friday folks! Things are moving along at Timbres now that the rain has cleared and things have dried up a bit.

Team Roell is hard at work.

Thursday, September 22nd: Good afternoon Timbres at Elm Creek. We hope you all survived the crazy rain we had last night and are safe. The project is underway and our crew is working on the pergoloas and deck structures. As you can imagine, with all the rain things are pretty wet. We won’t be able to get as much done as anticipated when the weather just doesn’t cooperate. When things dry up a bit, we’ll be back on track.

Wednesday, September 14th:  Perhaps you’ve found your way to our blog via blue notices posted on your buildings, welcome! We will be completing work on the Terrace Condos, more specifically your pergolas, deck skirts, and support pillars. We’ll also be painting the door frames on the service doors of your decks. We anticipate our work will take 1-2 weeks, depending on what Mother Nature decides to throw our way. 

We’ll begin pressure washing on Monday 9/19 and we kindly ask that you move items on your deck as needed to allow for safe and unobstructed access to your pergolas. There is no need to remove all items from your deck, just away from pergolas. 

Stay tuned right here on the blog for project updates, pictures, and if any changes to the schedule come up. Thank you and we look forward to getting things started next week!

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