Bridle Pass – Forest Lake

Bridle Pass – Forest Lake

Thursday, July 30th – Project COMPLETED

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Bridle Pass in Forest Lake. We are thrilled you found us! 

Thursday, July 30th: It’s amazing what you can get done with little cooperation from the weather. The crew is wrapping up your shutters by day’s end today and we want to thank everybody for having us! Our job supervisor will be performing a walk-through soon to designate any areas for touchups. Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, July 28th: Rain Delay.

Monday, July 27th: After some very well deserved R and R over the weekend, the crew is back onsite at Bridle Pass. By last Friday, the crew had completed a total of 6 Buildings and right now we are projecting a completion date of late Tuesday or early Wednesday. There IS rain in the forecast for Monday night, so we will just have to wait and see what the weather does in the next 24 hours. Of course, we will update you accordingly.

Painters by day…crooners by night! The guys have spent plenty of time “Up on the Roof” at Bridle Pass over the last several days! 

Wednesday, July 22nd: Shutter painting is underway at Bridle Pass and work has been completed on two buildings. As you I’m sure you can see firsthand, the results are astounding (and easy on the ol’ pocketbook). 

We’ll see you back onsite tomorrow. Looks like rain on Friday so we’ll see how things and keep you posted of any weather delays. 

What a difference some paint makes. The shutters are really popping again at Bridle Pass! 

Tuesday, July 21st: Greetings residents of Bridle Pass in Forest Lake! Perhaps you’ve found your way to our humble little blog by way of painting notices posted onsite! If that is the case, welcome! The blog is a great way to stay fully apprised of the project progress, and it also gives you the opportunity to reach out to us directly with any questions!

As conveyed on the notices, this year we’ve been hired by the association to paint 384 shutters throughout the property and projects like this are VERY COMMON for our company, as the repainting cost is far less expensive than replacement cost and in our experience, it provides every bit as much longevity. 

As you can see, some of the fading on the shutters at Bridle Pass is substantial. Not for long!!!! 

We look forward to working with/for and outside of ladders scattered throughout the property, it should mininally disruptive to your day to day schedules and routines. See you tomorrow!

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Project Manager
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