Boulder Village – Lakeville

Boulder Village – Lakeville

Wednesday, October 28th – RAIN DELAY


Wednesday, October 28th: With the deluge of rain that’s descended upon the Twin Cities, progress is halted at Boulder Village. However, the fellas did take advantage of conditions earlier this week and put a pretty good dent in the project. As of 1:45 on Wednesday, we are projecting about 3 days left of work, and among the areas that remain unfinished are the majority of kickplates, service doors, and several garage door frames. While tomorrow’s temperatures are hovering just above painting temps, the mercury appears to be steadily rising over the weekend and into the early part of next week. This will give us just the wiggle room we need to finish the project with time to spare. 

Thanks for checking in and we will see you back onsite tomorrow. 

The mantra of any good painter…”Tape and Scrape. Tape and Scrape.”

The fellas break out their long sleeves and hoods under their standard issue painter’s whites! 

Friday, October 23rd: Obviously, the rain has halted work at Boulder Ridge but as of Friday morning, the fellas have completed all the foundation block designated for painting and approximately 1/2 of the garage door frames/front door frames. We remain cautiously optimistic that we can wrap up work there next week. 

Tuesday, October 20th: Things are in full swing at Boulder Ridge and the weather, for the most part, looks promising all week long. The guys are taking advantage of the favorable conditions and are working on painting the concrete foundation block on the 34 homes designated for completion. With temps forecasted to stay above 50 degrees the entire week, work will continue unless Mother Nature dictates otherwise (Friday looks like rain). 

We’re “takin’ what the weather’s givin’ cuz we’re workin’ for a livin!”


Monday, October 12th: Greetings residents of Boulder Ridge in Lakeville! We hope this message finds you well! As exterior painting season comes to a close, we are ecstatic that we get to bookend our year with you! From meetings that transpired way back in late winter/early spring, we are thrilled that we’ve finally arrived at an executable project plan. This is in large part due to the efforts of your great manager Beth, and of course, your board member Lynn King, who have worked tirelessly alongside us to establish the scope and timeline. 

Among the areas being completed are: 42 rear patio kickplates, 5 service doors/frames, 32 garage door frames, 32 front door frames (and sidelights where applicable) on Iredale Path, and concrete block foundation walls on the side elevation of 34 homes.

In looking at the forecast, we are optimistic that Mother Nature will cooperate and the project will be completed before year’s end. However, she’s  [Mother Nature] has been known to have a mind of her own so we’ll just have to cross our fingers and work diligently until such time we cannot. 

Stay tuned right here for frequent updates as the project progress. Thanks…see you tomorrow!

Nick Roell

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296


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