Wickford Village II, Brooklyn Park

Wickford Village II, Brooklyn Park


Greetings and Welcome to the official project page for the upcoming deck staining project at Wickford Village II. We are thrilled to be onsite working for you!

This is the route we will be traveling at Wickford II, beginning @ 5170 and weaving our way and ending at 5105. The pressure washing and staining will be completed in the same sequence.

Wednesday, June 13th: Hello! The weather is finally cooperating and we are getting your decks stained. The crew will make their way through the remainder of the decks today. Again, we appreciate your patience as we had to hold off due to the weather. We can’t wait for your to get your furniture back onto your decks and enjoy the rest of the summer!

One of the completed decks.

Brushing on the stain!

Monday, June 11th: Greetings residents of Wickford Village. We have some ominous weather brewing to our West, which unfortunately will put the halt on the deck staining for today. We’d like to apologize for this delay as we know you are eager to get the project complete and to start using your decks. We just need to have dry surfaces for optimal adhesion and with the on and off again rain this has set back your project. Also, if you’re seeing white fibers on your decks, these appear when the decks haven’t been stained in awhile and are from our pressure washing to clean and prep your decks. Thank you again for your understanding with the weather delay and we’ll be back as soon as we’re able!

Friday, June 8th: Hello and TGIF! 

We want to convey our sincere apologies in the delay of your project. With the unfortunate mechanical issues on the water trailer, which should have aided in the timeliness of washing your decks was compromised. United Rentals did act quickly to overnight parts for the water trailer, but the project was set back without another water access point onsite. As of this morning, all of the decks have been washed and we will resume our staining and complete your project on Monday, June 11th, weather permitting. If you’d like to put your deck furniture on for the weekend, please do and then kindly remove once we begin staining. 

Thank you again for your understanding and have a great weekend!

All the decks have been washed and we’ll be back on Monday to stain.

Thursday, June 7th: Good morning residents of Wickford Village. 

We’ve had quite a doozy of a few days with water trailers and bad luck… but sometimes there just isn’t anything you can do. We try our best to keep to schedule and get projects completed in timely fashion, but we are rolling with the punches. 

The crew is back onsite today to complete the remaining 21 decks and will also begin staining the decks that had been washed already. 

We are anticipating to complete the project by Monday with weather being the biggest factor. Thank you again for your patience as we navigate the curveballs being thrown our way!

We’ve sprung a leak! That is not where we want to see water flowing!

And we are back in action.

Tuesday, June 6th: Hello! We’ve had a few hiccups in our prep steps, with our water trailer specifically. Our crew has made the most of the situation and knocked on doors to use homeowner water access to wash their decks and this is much appreciated!! We are back onsite today to finish washing the remaining decks and ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.’ We want to make sure the decks have ample time to dry out before we return to begin staining them. Stay tuned here on the blog and we’ll keep you apprised of when the staining will begin.

Wash, repeat.

Cleaning up the deck surfaces for staining.

Monday, June 4th: Good morning residents of Wickford Village! 

We are scheduled to begin pressure washing your decks today, however, there is a water trailer malfunction and we have a tech headed onsite now to remedy the issue. But in the meantime, the crew will be knocking on doors to ask if we may use your water access to wash your deck. This will aid to combat any delays in the project as we get started today. Thanks!

Friday, June 1st: Well, just like that it’s June! No, that’s not a misprint! Like the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun getting ready to prep and stain decks!  

Perhaps you’ve found your way to our humble little blog by way of blue notices posted onsite alerting you of our pending arrival. 

We kindly request that in advance of our arrival, you remove personal items off your deck so that we can pressure wash (and eventually stain) your decks without obstruction. You may notice a water trailer parked onsite before Monday and that is on purpose. Water access is not readily available there so utilization of this resource just simplifles the process. 

After the decks have been washed (this should be completed on Monday), they will need some time to dry. We will be returning on Thursday, June 7th to begin staining your deck floors and if the weather cooperates, should be completed by June 9th. 

Stay tuned right here for any project updates. 

See everybody on Monday!

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