Cahill of Edina- Painting and Carpentry Touch-ups

Cahill of Edina- Painting and Carpentry Touch-ups

Project Complete

Welcome to the official blog for the Paint and Carpentry Touch-up project at Cahill of Edina. We are excited to be back onsite with you!

Wednesday, September 28th: We’re at Building 7472 today completing some painting and touch ups.

Wilmer and Alvaro ensure the sprayer is ready to go.

Tuesday, September 27th: The Roell Painting crew is working on various touch ups throughout the property. We’re hoping to finish up our project by the end of the week.

Painting touch ups in progress.

Monday, September 26th: Good morning residents of Cahill. We hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Our crew is continuing their carpentry repairs and also completing some pressure washing today on Building #5.

Cesar and Alvaro complete various carpentry on building surfaces.

Thursday, September 22nd: Good morning! We hope you all survived the crazy rain we had last night and are safe. Our crew is fighting Mother Nature until she decides to throw some more rain our way. They’re working on carpentry in a few spots.

Cesar fights the rain to get some carpentry work done.

Tuesday, September 20th: Good morning residents of Cahill. Our crew is onsite today and has started the various painting and carpentry projects throughout the property.

Team Roell onsite to complete various painting and carpentry projects.

Tuesday, September 13th: Hello again residents of Cahill. What an honor to be back onsite with you this year!

As we get things underway this year, a quick thank you to Ted and Heather for being so helpful in facilitating this project. We anticipate the project taking 3-4 weeks to complete. During those weeks, we’ll be completing some miscellaneous carpentry repairs and paint touch-ups. Building #6 is where we will start and then we’ll make our way counter clockwise around the association and end at Building #1. We plan to spend a few days at each building depending on the scope of work needed to be completed. 

As in previous projects, we will be providing homeowners with frequent project updates here on the blog. So stay tuned and we’ll keep you fully apprised of all the happenings at Cahill of Edina. 

Thanks so much and we’re excited to get things started next week!

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