Western Row Condominiums – St. Paul

Western Row Condominiums – St. Paul


Welcome to your project blog for the painting project at Western Row Condos in St. Paul. We are looking forward to getting started and working with you!

Welcome Video

Monday, April 30th: Hello and happy Monday everyone! This weekend was one for the books with temperatures almost up to 70 degrees and the sun shining! Let’s hope we’ve turned a corner and winter is officially behind us. 

We’ve been all smiles because of the weather and now you have even more reason to smile because the crew is wrapping up your project today. They’re finishing their prep and painting in the stairwells and then ‘that’s all folks!’ 

We want to say thank you for your cooperation during this project. It has been our pleasure working with and for your to spruce up your hallway walls, ceilings and stairwells. We hope you enjoy your bright accent alcoves! 

Have a great rest of the year!

Painting our way around the door frame.

Wall prep and repair before painting.

Friday, April 27th: Greetings and Happy Friday! The weekend forecase is looking great – temperatures in the 50s-60s and sunshine! We hope you all get a chance to get outside and enjoy it!

The crew is painting in the stairwells and we want residents to be aware of the wet paint and to alternatively use the elevator or opposite stairwell. Thanks for your cooperation and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 26th: Hello!

We’ve been following our Timberwolves and sadly last night was their last game for the season. Though the team’s early exit from the playoffs isn’t ideal, the team is proud of not only their participation, but also their performace. Now the team will evaluate potential trades and movement of players to keep momentum and drive for next year!

The crew is prepping and painting in the stairwells. They’re also projecting to finish the project on Monday or Tuesday of next week. 

Brightening up the stairwells.

From top to bottom, your stairwell gets a fresh coat of paint.

Wednesday, April 25th: Good afternoon and happy Wednesday! 

Another spring day and another floor complete at Western Row. The crew is wrapping up the 1st floor and will then move to the North stairwell to begin prepping and covering before painting. 

Finding ‘Refuge’ in this calming accent color @ Western Row.

Look at the ‘pipes’ in this corner and we’re not talking about Antonio.

Obed tapes off the railing in the North Stairwell.

Tuesday, April 24th: Good afternoon residents of Western Row! Unfortunately the Twolves couldn’t pull off a win last night. Now, they’re headed to Houston to play Game 4- which they’ll need to win to stay in the Playoffs. 

The crew at Western Row has completed the 2nd floor and has now moved down to the 1st floor. We’re anticipating the crew will be wrapping up early next week.

Clean up on Aisle 2. That’s a wrap on the 2nd floor!

Taping off and covering the carpet on the 1st floor.

Monday, April 23rd: Good morning and happy Monday! It seems we’ve turned a page and hopefully even started a new chapter, Spring! This weekend’s weather was just gorgeous and we hope you got a chance to enjoy it! Minneapolis is buzzing as the Timberwolves are playing at home for game 4 in Round 1 of the playoffs. Let’s keep this ‘W’s coming! 

It’s Monday and the crew is back to the grind at Western Row. They’ve completed the 4th floor and are now working on the 3rd floor with ceiling prep and painting as well as beginning their prep on the 2nd floor. 

 Wall patching and prep work.

Multi-tasking at it’s finest: sheetrock mud, tools, and tape.

Taping edges, fixtures, and lights – oh my!

Friday, April 20th: Hello and TGIF! 

So it wasn’t just a dream – the warm weather and sunshine are sticking around and we couldn’t be happier!

Obed rolls on the hallway paint.

We got no troubles, life is bubbles… “Under(the)seas” – taking notes from the Little Mermaid.

The crew has finished the ceilings on the 4th floor and they are now prepping and painting the hallway walls and door alcove accents. This floor’s color is Underseas, which with this warm weather makes us think of the beach.

Thursday, April 19th: Hello and happy project start day! The crew is off and running at Western Row and we’re pretty sure they’ve been humming “Here comes the sun.” The sunshine has sure put a smile on all of our faces and we’re hopeful spring is near!

The crew is starting on the 4th floor with prep work and spraying the ceilings. They’re also completing repair work to the walls on all of the floors as well as doing a mock up of the chosen accent colors for the door alcoves. One door alcove on each floor will be painted so residents can have a ‘sneak peak’ at the colors.

Your crew- Jose, Obed, Alfredo, and Elmer

Refuge- 1st Floor accents

Brandywine- 2nd Floor accents

Wall Street- 3rd Floor accents

Underseas- 4th Floor accents 

 Showing off the ‘Wall Street’ accent color on the 3rd floor.

Wednesday, April 18th: Good morning residents of Western Row and welcome to your project blog for the spring painting project at your condo! Your project entails the prepping and painting of the 1st -4th floor hallway walls and ceilings as well as the prep and painting of the stairwell walls and ceilings.

We’ll be getting the project started tomorrow, Thursday 4/19. We’ll begin with prep work- taping and covering as well as repairs to the ceilings and walls in advance of the painting. We’re projecting the project to take about 2 weeks to complete. 

This project page will be updated with project progress, pictures, and any other pertinent information to the project. Thank you again for having us and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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