Brantwood – Blaine

Brantwood – Blaine

Tuesday, June 16th – East Side of Goodhue Street IN PROGRESS

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Brandtwood in Blaine. Color us thrilled to be onsite with you. 

This is the route the crew will be following at Brantwood.

Tuesday, June 16th: The fellas are just making the turn onto Goodhue Street and they have approximately 7 buildings left of door frames, and about 12 buildings remain for louver painting. We also notices that when we were painting, Units 11181, 11134, 11204, 11279, and 11214 need their patio door kickplates replaced. We will be in contact with your manager Tina to coordinate repairs as needed. Thanks everybody!

Our crack field team went old school with their documentation of kick plates that need replacement out at Brantwood 

Monday, June 15th: June is halfway over, and the painting project at Brantwood is about 70% complete. The crew is making their way South down Hastings St NE, then they will turn back up Goodhue Street and we are projecting a completion date of 6/17 or 6/18, weather permitting of course. 

Friday, June 12th: After all the hype around the big summer storm that was headed our way, it was relatively mild and the fellas are back out at Brantwood working away. They are making their way North up Hastings Street NE and the will likely get as far as 11275, and possibly to 11281. 

Lito rolls out one of the pillars at Brantwood. Next time, we’ll see if we can get a smile out of him!!! 

Thursday, June 11th: No painting at Brantwood due to rainy conditions.

Wednesday, June 10th: Balta and the boys in white are right on schedule at Brantwood after having completed another 5 buildings today. With the probability of rain @ 100% on Thursday, we will not be onsite to continue the project. We will be watching the weather intently to determine when we can return. Thanks everybody! 

Tuesday, June 9th: After a full day of prepping yesterday, the crew has now doubled back to 11280 to begin painting the areas that have been prepped.  Right now we are projecting that the crew will complete about 5 buildings per day so if the weather cooperates, we should wrap things up around 6/17. However, rain is threatening the latter part of the week so please stay tuned right here on the blog for scheduling updates.

Lito paints one of the kickplates @ Brantwood.

Monday, June 8th: Happy Monday residents of Brantwood and thank you for so graciously welcoming us onsite to perform your painting project this year. With the thermometer hovering around 80, conditions are absolutely perfect to get things underway and we could’t be more excited! Of course, the first step to any successful painting project is careful and thorough prep and you’ve probably noticed that scraping, priming, and caulking is underway beginning at 11280 Goodhue Street and the crew will weave around eventually completing the included areas at 11285.

Balta caulks one of the seams at 11280 Goodhue. This step prevents moisture from getting behind the wood substrates. 

Thursday, June 4th: Greetings residents of Brandtwood. Perhaps you’ve found your way to our humble little blog by way of a smattering of blue notices posted throughout your association. Welcome! Right now, we are planning to get the painting project underway on Monday, June 8th and among the areas we will be completing are your front door frames, your front entry pillars, patio kickplates, and front garage louvers. Stay tuned right here for project updates. See you Monday!

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