Cranberry Meadows Court Homes – Maple Grove

Cranberry Meadows Court Homes – Maple Grove

Door Painting Complete

Greetings residents of Cranberry Meadows and welcome to your project blog!

Friday, July 26th
8am 1 spot available
9am   FULL
10am 2 spots available
11am 3 spots available
12pm 3 spots available
1pm 2 spots available
2pm 3 spots available
3pm 3 spots available
4pm 3 spots available
5pm 3 spots available


Saturday, July 27th
8am 3 spots availabe
9am FULL
10am 2 spots available
11am 2 spots available
12pm 2 spots available
1pm 3 spots available
2pm 3 spots available
3pm 3 spots available
4pm 3 spots available

Monday, July 29th: Good afternoon! 

Thank you to everyone that opened their door to be painted Friday and Saturday as well as those who made appointments! We appreciate your cooperation as we prepped and painted your front doors- thank you!

Ever preps and tapes off the window frame before painting the door.

First, prep; Then, paint.

Friday, July 26th: Hello and TGIF! 

Prep and painting of your front doors is underway! Thank you to those of you opening doors so our crew can paint your door while in the open positon and also for making appointments for painting. 

We’ll be back onsite tomorrow starting at 8am to paint the remaining doors – thanks! There is still time to make an appointment. You can comment below with time requested and address or call our office- 763-559-5296 ex1. Thanks!

Ever preps and paints one of your resident doors.

Tackling another door — in Rainstorm Blue!

Monday, July 22nd: Hello residents of Cranberry Meadows! 

We’ll soon be onsite to prep and paint your residence doors which will need homeowner participation as we prefer to paint the doors in the open position. Crew members will be knocking on your unit doors and if you are available, please open the door to have us paint. We’ll be onsite on Friday, 7/26 from 8am – 5pm and Saturday, 7/27 from 9am – 4pm.

Once the doors are painted, they will need to be left open for a minimum of two hours after completion to allow sufficient dry time.

You can also schedule your door painting for a specific time on the dates offered. You may do so by leaving a comment here on the blog in the ‘Leave a Comment’ section below with your unit number and date/time requested, email Dana: or call our office: 763-559-5296.

Please reference the schedule posted above as availability will be updated frequently as appointments are made. There will be three slots available on the hour for the times listed. 

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Nick Roell

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296


Questions? Ask the Blue Tape Guy

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Fax: 763-557-9597
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